Answering your questions with Bing and Wolfram Alpha

Have your kids ever asked you a question for a school paper or homework that you wish you knew?  Have you given an answer that you “think” you remember from your days in school, knowing that the information you were about to give might be very outdated? Now, with the latest release of new Bing answers through our collaboration with Wolfram|Alpha, you can get access to more types of answers quickly and confidently.

For example, maybe your child is doing a report on France and they need to find the country’s GDP or the capital, go to Bing and type in “gdp of France” or “what is the capital of France” or how about those science homework questions that you think you know but you just need to make sure, like what is the  boiling point of water? You can also use Bing to instantly compare geographical information, like comparing the current population in India to that of China or even how their literacy rates compare. Bing and Wolfram | Alpha make finding the answers to these common questions that much easier by proving this information to you right in the search results.



Another helpful new answer with this release is dates. I know on more than one occasion I am trying to plan my family schedule and need to know what date a holiday will fall on in the future.  Now, you can type into the Bing search box a query like “When is Thanksgiving next year” or even just the word “Christmas” to get the actual day of the week that it will take place.


The next time you are confronted with the task of knowing or finding the answer to help with homework or even if you are just looking for the next time you need to cook the holiday dinner give Bing a try. The team is continuously adding new data and answers from Wolfram|Alpha to help get you the information you are looking for faster.

Kristin Meldahl – Bing

Natalia Burina – Bing

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