Extending Your MSN Search Toolbar

Hello Everyone!

After a lot of hard work from the people here and our partners you can now see local Weather reports in the MSN Search Toolbar. Just download our brand-new Weather Add-in and you’ll be able to view a three day forecast at a glance with one click.  It’s the first of many toolbar add-ins that will help you customize your toolbar experience.

You can also download the first partner services to utilize the public Windows Desktop Search Query API from our Applications and Utilities pageViapoint allows you to save and display your search results. FolderShare offers the ability to access your PC files via a web browser.

We’ve also added more ifilters that extend the ability of Windows Desktop Search to access all of your documents. Now both the OpenOffice and StarOffice suites have ifilters. See all of them in our Desktop Search Add-ins page.

If you have a great Add-in, or an idea for one and the will to program, please contact us.  We are always looking to highlight the great products from the Windows Desktop Search community. 

We hope that you all find all of the add-ins as useful as we do!

Chris Butler, Program Manager