Type less, search images faster

We know you love to discover images on your mobile devices. Our goal for Bing’s image search is to help you be inspired, learn more, and quickly find great images on any device. Today, we’re excited to introduce a fast, easy new way to search for images on iPhone and Android devices.

The best news about Bing’s new image search? No typing required to discover more. Typing on mobile phones is hard. Typos are common and are a pain to fix on small screens. This is particularly painful for image searchers, who tend to refine and expand their searches a lot. How do we make searching easier without typing? We’re happy to take on that challenge.

We’ve made several major changes to image search on mobile devices:

  • Your search terms are “bubbled” in the search box into intelligent groups.
  • Want to explore more? Pivot your search around each entity by just tapping on any of the bubbles to expand your search to new topics.
  • Want to refine your search? We’ve included smart suggestion bubbles below the search box. No typing needed – just tap to add!
  • Went down the wrong path? No problem – just tap the X next to each bubble to delete it.

Touch Query

This experience is available in Bing’s English language markets in mobile browsers on Android and iPhone devices.

We want to hear from you! What is your favorite way to search? How you would like us to improve it and where should we take it next? Share your thoughts with us at Bing Listens or on Twitter with #TypeLessSearchFaster.

Happy exploring!

– The Bing Image Search Team