Bing Announces Winners of Angry Birds Sweepstakes

Congratulations to the winners of the Angry Birds Sweepstakes! On April 6th, we offered @bing followers a chance to win an Angry Birds plush toy. To enter, they needed to tweet an answer to any of the four trivia questions related to our Angry Birds video series. In the videos, the evil green pigs use Bing for Mobile to help them plot to steal the eggs, while the Angry Birds use the features to trick the pigs and get their eggs back. The trivia questions asked which Bing for Mobile feature, such as Maps or Deals, the characters used in the videos. The Twitter followers had message @bing with their answer along with the #bingangrybirdsgiveaway hashtag and they were put in the running to obtain an adorable furious fowl.


The 25 lucky winners are:

  1. @Shellbelle1972
  2. @ChristyMayPhend
  3. @Hyph_En
  4. @lindydnil
  5. @bigvincec
  6. @jbstg424
  7. @csharpfritz
  8. @techSage
  9. @GreenEyeBob
  10. @tamrajh
  11. @NatrlBournStarr
  12. @marcham93
  13. @mvtully
  14. @valsparksabc
  15. @ErickHollar
  16. @Patty0616
  17. @jdenwar
  18. @conqui25
  19. @baerwb
  20. @jdnorthwest
  21. @sizzlyshell
  22. @nybabu
  23. @ScottRicks
  24. @iamSYNA
  25. @mailmandave11

For those of you who didn’t win, we appreciate your efforts. Keep following. We’ve got some really cool things planned next.

– The Bing Team