Guess who's back?

Hello World. 


I’ve been quiet for some time now, and I have no good excuses with so much going on in Desktop Search Space (well there was that month in the Bahamas…I wish!).  Google went final with their Desktop Search and unveiled a nifty plug-in community space on their site.  Yahoo partnered with X1 to release a desktop search tool under their brand and recently updated it to include indexing of their IM conversations and online contacts.  Finally, Ask Jeeves was acquired, bought bloglines and is considering partnering with Mozilla Foundation to turn their Desktop Search App into an open source project!  Desktop Search is definitely going to be an exciting space to watch for the rest of 2005.  Very exciting and cool stuff!


So, I’m not quite ready to talk about what we are going to unleash next, but I can say I’m pretty amazed and very proud of it.  What blows my socks off is that while we are baking our next release people are saying amazingly nice things about our beta release and doing wonderfully cool stuff with the deskbar.  Plus, the information on the Wiki just keeps expanding, maturing, and is pretty awesome to participate in.  Just the other day, a PM on my team posted some pretty comprehensive information about ifilters that she collected while surfing the web. 


A question for y’all out there – anything I can post that would be of interest to you?  I’m going to try to post a little more frequently (don’t tell the boss!) and would love to try to tackle some of the questions or interest points out there.  I don’t know much, but I’ll try my best! 


Bubba Murarka, Program Manager


PS Happy April fools day…pull a prank on someone you know and love.  I pulled the best one on my folks…i was born today!  :)