Bing shopping: Nearby product search

We’re excited to follow up on our recent posts on “save money tips” and “image based product search” with more shopping features. To help make the shopping process simpler during this pandemic, the new features described below help our shoppers do nearby product search with more convenience.

Tip #1: Nearby search making your shopping safe & convenient

We want to help you find out if a certain product is available before you make your way to a nearby store. With Bing search, you can search for a product you’re interested in, and see a list of nearby stores selling it in-store. We’ve also added pandemic-related information from the stores to help you take precaution during your instore purchase. Give it a try: search for a robot vacuum!

Tip #2: While shopping, filter with “Available Nearby” 

We see a growing set of Bing users start their journey on Bing Shopping – through the shopping tab. While you search for products in the Shopping tab, you can simply apply the “Available Nearby” filter to check the products you can buy near you. Try applying the nearby filter for robot vacuum on Shopping now!

Tip #3: Never miss an instore deal

While you are searching for stores near you, Bing shopping shows available in-store deals on the right side of the search results page to help you save money. Don’t forget to check this out the next time you search for a store near you!
Thanks for using Bing Shopping. We will continue to help our shoppers with better product discovery and savings from the large array of stores on our platform.