Monthly Search Experiences: Machine learning object recognition, Spotlight news, and more

At Bing, we’re always hard at work to deliver new, intelligent experiences that help you quickly find quality answers to your questions. We’re excited to announce a few features this month that help you accomplish this.

Enhanced image search

We recently released Bing Visual Search, which lets you search for images similar to an object you manually selected from another Bing image (e.g. a purse shown in an image of your favorite celebrity). Since then we’ve taken the functionality one step further; now Bing automatically recognizes objects and selects them for you, so you don’t have to manually draw boxes. You can then browse for similar-looking results in Related Products and Related Images. See it in action below:

Another recent visual search experience we’re excited about is the ability to recognize public figures. When you’re browsing pictures of celebrities or other high-profile individuals, Bing will show a box on their face that displays the individual’s name when clicked. Check it out below:

News updates

In today’s world there are many news sources and angles to every story, and we want to make sure we’re helping you find the most up to date and well-rounded information. Now when you search for certain ongoing news topics, you’ll get a one-stop-shop of the latest top news headlines as well as diverse suggestions for previous trending articles to get a more complete picture of how that topic developed over time.

Hurricane Harvey 2017

We’ve also worked to display publisher logos right on the Bing news results, so you can at a glance see the source for a headline and short description.

Hurricane Irma

Sports and entertainment

The NFL kicked off this month and we’ve returned with weekly predictions, as well as team overviews and league standings, to help you save time getting up to speed on the week’s games.

NFL web search

We will also showcase the Emmy Awards with a carousel that highlights nominees and winners for both this and last year’s Emmys.

We hope you’re as excited by these releases as we are; we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback at User Voice!

- The Bing Team

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