Winter is coming this summer to Bing

It’s been a year since the Season 6 finale of Game of Thrones and we here at Bing are eager and ready for season 7. The show’s popularity is a worldwide phenomenon, and there’s proof in the data; Game of Thrones is the most searched show on Bing, generating millions of search queries over the past year. This season, Bing will help you discover the world of Westeros, the cast and characters, a recap of last season, news, trending content, videos, and more.

Game of Thrones season 6 recap

Our character carousel allows you to find all the characters from the season. Clicking on your favorite will show you a brief summary of that character’s background and main storylines. You can also search for top videos and a family tree to get a grasp of who’s related to who. Our search engine results will include the latest news and trending Twitter conversations so you’re always up to date.

jon snow game of thrones query

After you’re done refreshing your knowledge on all things Game of Thrones, quiz yourself on season 6 to test your memory and vote in our poll on who you think will win the Iron Throne.

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-The Bing Team

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