Introducing Visually Rich and Highly Informative Weather Answers

Weather forecasts determine what we wear, when and where we take vacations, and can even affect our moods. Winter is an especially critical time for checking weather reports, especially if you’re the type that likes to hit the slopes. That’s why Bing has just released two new experiences designed to help you navigate every day weather, as well as check the latest snow fall on your favorite ski resort.
Enhanced Weather Experience
We refreshed the weather experience on Bing to help you plan your days using visually rich forecast information. Now, when you search for the weather in your city (for example, New York), Bing provides an animated experience using real-time forecasts. You can view the forecast by the hour using the interactive slider. Move the slider and the background animation and forecast data update to match the time of day, helping you to plan your day with confidence.
For major cities across the world, you’ll see the cityscapes in the background that adjust based on the time of day. You can see the Eiffel Tower light up Paris at night, or the sun glint off the Chicago River.  For other cities across the world we provide a color based gradient that indicates the weather conditions throughout the day. And we’ll continue to provide alerts during extreme weather conditions. 
To find weather information, type questions on Bing using natural language such as, “will it rain tomorrow” or “how is the weather this Friday?” You can even ask Bing follow-up questions. If you ask, “how is the weather in Seattle?” followed by “how about tomorrow?” Bing understands you are asking about tomorrow’s weather information for Seattle. It’s all about adapting to the way people speak, making it easier for you to get the information you need, quickly. 
how cold is this weekend in New York  how is the weather in Burbank
Ski Resort Snow Reports
If you ski or snowboard, you’re likely used to checking mountain resort conditions in advance of your trip. This means searching for the resort, going to the site, and clicking on several links. To help you get information on your favorite ski resort more quickly, Bing now provides the latest snow conditions and snow forecasts for ski resorts in the United States. Just search for a ski resort  and you’ll discover the snow surface condition, snow depth, past and predicted snow fall, weather forecast, links to live web cams, when available,  and latest status of the lifts and trails in the ski resort. 
stevens pass ski conditionsstevens pass

We hope these new weather experiences help you jump start your day or plan the perfect snow getaway. We’d love to hear your ideas for even more ways we can enhance Bing. To share your ideas, go to Bing Listens.

-The Bing Team