Bing Round-up: Bing brings better help to Office; offers new ways to explore your world in Chrome and share your thoughts with Bing

Bing now powers Help search in Microsoft Office

Looking to get the most out of Word or Excel? Now Bing can help.

At Bing, we’re always looking for ways to bring you the right information when and where you need it to help you get things done. Now when you need assistance using Microsoft Office programs, like Word and Excel, Bing delivers articles and tips directly to you to help you make the most of these powerful productivity tools.

The new Help feature works with Office 2007, 2010, 2013, as well as Office Online. Look for the Help icon in the top right corner of Office applications. For Office Online, use the “tell me” box to get help (see below). You can also search on the Office Support website for help.

Getting help in client versions of Office

Getting help in client versions of Office


Getting help in Office Online

Getting help in Office Online

So what do these improvements do for you?

  • More relevant results: Office now benefits from Bing’s relevance technologies. You’ll get help articles that are even more pertinent to your search. Bing also enables Office Help to better understand your search using advanced spelling recognition and context identification so you get the information you need.
  • Fresher content: Because Bing constantly indexes the web, the most recent help articles always appear in the search results for Office Help.
  • Faster results: Bing performance optimizations enable Office Help to bring you results even faster than before.
  • Continuous improvement: As we regularly improve the functionality and accuracy of Bing search results, Office Help will benefit from these improvements automatically.

To see how Bing made Office Help better, compare Help search results using the old system and the new one, for the search “grayscale”:

Office Help results before Bing

Office Help results before Bing

Office Help results after Bing


Office Help searches are served by multiple Bing data centers around the world. In addition to fast response times, those data centers automatically balance and reroute traffic to ensure Office Help is always available.

More than 1.2 billion people use Office today. That’s 1 in 7 people on the planet and Bing is now there to help with the millions of help searches Office users do every day. With Bing now powering Office Help, you’ll always find the freshest, most relevant support and information when you need it.

Enhance your Chrome experience with the Bing daily homepage image

One of the most beloved Bing features is the beautiful daily homepage image. Now Chrome users can see the Bing homepage image every time they open a new tab in Chrome with the Bing New Tab Page extension.

Bing New Tab Page 4.6 Bing home page

After a one-click install, the extension also features the Popular Now news feed at the bottom of the homepage that surfaces the latest news and trending searches– as well as other quick access links from the Bing homepage. Download the extension today and enhance your Chrome experience.

We’re always exploring ways to help you find things faster on Bing. Please let us know what you think on Twitter @Bing.

Introducing the Bing Listens Community

Have you had an idea or suggestion for improving Bing that you wanted to share with us, but didn’t know how to get it to us? Maybe you’ve wondered if other Bing users have had the same idea. At a recent customer event, Bing fans told us they have lots of recommendations, and we listened.

We responded by creating Bing Listens. It’s a site where you can contribute your thoughts on how to make Bing better, vote on the ideas you like best, and tell both us and other users the cool and unique ways you use Bing. We are excited to hear from you, so click this link and get started. We’re listening!

Bing Listens Community

– The Bing Team

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