School's Out – Learn Year Round with Bing

Who says learning needs to stop when the school year ends?  Not us.  We are rolling out two great ways to help you keep your brain engaged regardless of what month it is.

Now when you search Bing for subjects such as trigonometry or history we will showcase a list of popular, free online courses available on the Khan Academy site.   We’re also rolling out a new book finding feature that showcases whether a given title is available online for free or for reservation at your local library.

Let’s take a look at how this works.

Explore Free Online Courses

We’re constantly adding more items to the billions of people, places and things that make up our Bing knowledge repository.  In this case we have indexed Khan Academy courses and charted their relationship with popular subjects (e.g. humanities, geometry, trigonometry.)    All you need to do is search for a subject, if there is a corresponding set of online courses we showcase them directly in the snapshot pane.  In a few short clicks, you can immerse yourself in the finer points of organic chemistry.

organic chem


Get Reading

Now when you search for a book title on Bing, we will showcase whether that book is available at a library near year you, available for free download or display an excerpt from the book (or a combination of the three.) For example, I can search for Fault in Our Stars.   In snapshot, I can quickly see that an excerpt is available via Overdrive and it is carried in my local library.

the fault


For older titles like James Joyce’s Ulysses in many cases free eBooks are available.  If you can access online, we’ll provide a link.



Just another example of how Bing helps you search less and do more.

Happy learning.

–          The Bing Team


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