Watch Before You Click: Smart Motion Preview

Ever clicked on a video link only to discover that video wasn’t what you were looking for? We have. That’s why we introduced Smart Motion Preview which allows you to preview a video before travelling to the site.

How does it work? Smart Motion Previews give you the equivalent of a movie trailer for video results. When we crawl videos, we create short previews (never more than 30 seconds, made up of a few very short clips) that reflect what our video crawling technology thinks are the most relevant parts. We look at the audio levels for instance to see a big play in a sports video (based on the applause from a monster dunk, for example).

What’s cool about the technology is that it helps you decide if it is a video you want to go watch. This makes it easier to sort through the clutter of all those results and help you get to what you are looking for. It’s also something you will not find with the other guys.

Check out this video highlighting Smart Motion Preview:

– The Bing Team

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