Your Election Day Companion

Today marks the end of one of the tightest presidential races in recent memory. According to a recent Bing survey, 45% of Internet searchers said they will be following the elections online as well as on TV. As polling booths close and results start rolling in from across the country, your ideal companion to keep up to the minute tabs on results for all of the races – national, state, even county – that you care about. We will be posting live results including Cook Political Report Ratings, RCP Poll Averages and a clear view of Electoral College results by state.


To help you sort through the cacophony of noise on the web, Bing Elections also assembles unique social media insights and analysis, including Klout scores, as well as discussion levels for every major elections topic popping across Twitter. For those of you who are still seeking voting inspiration, we are showcasing new videos from Chelsea Clinton and Mary Anne Huntsman who urge you to get out and let your voice be heard:

Finally, regardless of what side of political spectrum you fall on, with our “news slider” tool you can customize the news results to see what your side (or the other side) is saying in real-time.


– The Bing Team

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