Bing Gets a New Look

Bing is getting a new look. Starting today you will notice a fresh, de-cluttered experience designed to help you find the results you want faster. Over the past few months, we’ve run dozens of experiments to determine how you read our pages to deliver the link you’re looking for. Based on that feedback, we’ve tuned the site to make the entire page easier to scan, removing unnecessary distractions, and making the overall experience more predictable and useful. This refreshed design helps you do more with search—and gives us a canvas for bringing future innovation to you.

The results themselves are cleaner. Removing the “left rail” and minimizing the header raises the level of consistency and predictability while making it easier to scan the page and quickly find the information you want.   Increasing the space between lines improves readability and optimizes the page for touch devices.  Putting all our result annotations and social data in one consistent spot makes the page easier to use and understand. 

The new experience is more than skin-deep. You will also notice faster page-load times and improved relevance under the hood. After all, our goal is to help people spend less time searching and more time doing. And changing how we look is the next big step in doing just that.


Bing dubley



We’re not finished. Today, we’re also testing out some new ideas for the homepage, including a larger version of the popular daily image. If you happen upon the homepage changes, please let us know what you think.

Sally Salas

Principal Group Program Manager

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  1. Poobalam

    WOW, big readability improvement, i love it.

    The "ALL CAPS" in typography, which looks very balanced from design perspective, however the readability getting little lost.  If you can fix the ALL CAPS on "WEB, IMAGES, VIDEOS, MAPS, FINANCE, NEWS, MORE" to normal "Web, Images, Video, Maps, Finance, News" it would help lot.

    Great Work Bing Team.

  2. lobha

    Where is "NARROW BY DATE" in the new desing?

  3. sokheang

    Too much white space on the right, and too little space on the left. It looks unbalanced. It's also too simple, and too paled.

  4. nektar

    For the users who are blind this look is a step backwards as some of the links are not properly labeled for accessibility. For example, at the top of the page there is a link that says "Explore the Bing Homepage". Regardless the fact that this link makes no sense, what do you mean by "Explore", do you mean "Go to" perhaps? regardless of this fact, imeediately below it there is another link which has no accessible label. If you try to read it using the Jaws screen reader, you get a series of junk, a series of mixed letters and numbers. Then further down on the Bing header there is the Bing Rewards link. Again this link is not properly labeled which to a blind user makes it sound like the number 21 or the number 4. So, instead of "Bing rewards", a blind user hears "21". This is because in the HTML source you forgot to label it. The most annoying part is that below each search result now there is a new link which I don't know what it does. I think it reveals the "Cached page" link. Anyway, this new link has the label "#". So, when you cursor onto it using the screen reader you hear "#". And that "#" thing is below every search result.

    What is this a redesign or bad engineering?

  5. dantandaman

    I miss the previews for the webpages :(

  6. Pureinfotech

    Great work guys, but I would really like if there was an option to center in the screen all my search results. It is a little bit uncomfortable when you are searching in a big screen.


  7. markuslaff

    Great work cleaning up the results! Very focused and much easier to read.

    Now… can you remove the ugly borders on the comments section here? 😉

  8. byanyothername99

    I'm sorry, but I strongly dislike the "new look" of the Bing results page.

    Trying to reduce clutter is a fine goal and all, but this most recent change is a terrible attempt to achieve that goal. It's so bad in fact that I was hoping it was a mistake due to some sort of CSS error but apparently that isn't the case.

    My first thought when I saw the change was it looked like from 5 years ago. There are several reasons why I've preferred Bing over Google and one of those reasons wasn't because I liked the look of Google…

    I find it hard to even use this new look for simple searches because it is such an eye sore, and I'm not exaggerating or being facetious, it actually hurts my eyes to look at the page (and the pure white background sure isn't helping either).

    It seems as though you've given up functionality for a terrible looking basic page of links. Where are the link page previews? contextual tabs? Why is search history hidden away behind a settings page? Removing these are all sets (leaps?) back, and what's worst is the page has lost it's brand identity.

    I'm actually struggling to see any benefit with this change; the closest I could find is that "related" searches is moved over to the right, but now they are cluttered with Ads, making it harder to see the content I actually want to see.

    What happened to the beautiful HTML5 version of Bing? Those demos were wonderful and brilliant, why were they never added? (Yes, I know that video was added to the home page…) This one: and

    Those demos are far better than whatever this "new look" is trying to do.

    Hopefully this mistake of a change can be fixed and improved into something of actual value, as for whatever less clutter was created a lot more was lost.

    P.S. As a parting note, I am a developer for Windows Phone and I am a huge fan of the Metro design language, as well as someone who whole-heartedly believes in the Metro design principles. One of my favorite parts of the principles is "Fierce reduction of unnecessary elements" which I describe myself as being "accurately concise".

    When I look at this new look I can't help but think this was someones attempt to "fiercely reduces elements" but I believe this missed out on the important "unnecessary part." It's not difficult to simply remove items and elements, but when you do you run the risk of losing the original context that was there, or to put it another way, when summarizing it is easy to lose meaning if you aren't concise. By removing all the elements to just a page of links, yes you end up with less clutter, but you end up with less content, less context, and less meaning.

    The challenge is to reduce clutter but retain as much context and meaning as possible, which I don't believe you have achieved with this new change. It is more difficult to create something concise and accurate but the reward for suceeding is greatly worth it.

    This new look also fails a lot of the other Metro design principles even though I can see where someone was "trying" to follow them.

    This is all to say that the old design could have used an update, but this new look fails to succeed in bring "improvement" to Bing.

    Sorry. : /

  9. mdtauk

    The new layouts could do with more of the bing orange colour for highlights and accent.  The buttons for instance!

    Also some larger typography for heirarchy and perhaps some increased linespacing/line-height for the entries.

    Going a bit deeper the weather for example has yet to be metro-fied.

  10. slain valhallan

    Looks great, but two problems.  The cached page button- I don't like that I have to click that drop-down arrow to use it, it should pop-out automatically or be seen below by the link.  

    Also, the "more" button- I'd prefer to see all the options when I put my mouse over the "more" button and not to have to click on it just to see all the options.  

    other than that, awesome job!

  11. Spiffus

    Meh.  I went away from Google for a reason.  There are some nice changes, but I miss the Hotmail link at the very top, along with the other items across that top bar, like Shopping.  I'm sure I'll get used to the new interface, since I have no choice, but I think y'all left out some of the nifties that we liked about Bing.

    Still better than Google, though. :)

  12. robiboschi

    I can't seem to see the new version of nor on Is the new version of the page gone live?

  13. bingping

    I like it, but somewhat miss page previews, too.

  14. jmclaren41

    JUDE12, 05/03/12                 Absolutely awesome ! The new BING is incredible!

  15. mohanty.d

    New design looks good but

    Why you removed NARROW BY DATE ? Why page preview not available any more ?

    Please bring in search by image like google .

  16. upendra

    It`s a Awesome Change of Bing Search Engine. users can make search with more reliability .

  17. Jguiss

    Welcome to the new style !

  18. mathewmilani

    narrow by date is essential. i dont like finding info from a website that was made 4 years ago. was looking forward to html5 version but this is a step in the wrong direction. Not happy about it but im going back to google

  19. xarzyCommunity

    I appreciate the efforts of the teams who worked on this new look. But sad to say it lacks glare. Although the appearance is minimalistic but the overall appeal is eye-soaring. I just don't know if in the future you'll be putting eye grabbing combination of colors. I hope its results is more relevant than the previous one.

  20. BlueWillow

    I tried Bing before but didn't keep using it because I couldn't filter my searches by date. I just switched to Bing two days ago after finding out that I could filter by date and other criteria. Now, everything has changed again, and I can't figure out how to filter by date or do advanced searching. Hello? Why would you remove features?????? Am I missing something. If so, your new design is not intuitive! Are you trying to gain users or lose them? I HATE THE NEW DESIGN!

  21. srprimeaux

    The new look is extremely limiting. Where are the options to narrow searches according to specific criteria? The HTML5 Bing was a step forward. This is a step backwards. If you wish to compete with other search engines and their experiences, this is not the way to go about doing it. I love Bing and want to see it succeed, but this is not a good way to go about doing that.

  22. Jusfitu

    Wow! Had me wondering if something was going haywire there or something. But after reading this ‘Search Blog’ I can understand what is developing. Creating a new canvass for future innovation is always a good thing. And sometimes the same old thing time and time again becomes stagnated. Can’t wait to see what will develop out of this evolution process for ’Search’.

  23. gelo

    Garbage, why would you remove narrow by date? I prefer my search tool to be results oriented, not just pretty.

  24. JohnCz

    While I think it was a good idea the simplified look was taken too far.  With these changes I'm finding it difficult to switch between related "News" or "Financial" results.  That is because if I do a web search first for a term, the "News" or "Financial" menus are not always displayed.  Now I'm forced to go to "more" and then select the Bing area I want to switch into.  To make matters worse, all of the Bing areas are not visible in the "more" screen without clicking on the expanded list view.  You really should make use of a grouped dropdown list imo.  The only Microsoft site that I could find an example of what I'm talking about is (blogs menu)…but I've seen even better implementations elsewhere.  Also I miss the expanded website info & preview that was part of the prior version.

  25. JohnCz

    Btw, does Bing have an "advanced" search screen?

  26. yukiko

    Hi Bing team, I like to hear that you refresh and optimize the look and feel of the bing search. I like the way you created the settins page, that looks really great (…/general).

    The new search-result page looks a bit too much optimized. I think you should place the advanced search options (narrow by date, …) to the left (like at the settings page), center the whole page (on larger screens it is actually a bit left aligned) and what I miss is the identification of bing .. something "bing typical" … the "bing style" … the powerful branding, that makes bing special :) Hope you can add something like this! Thanks for your effort, keep on pushing!

  27. jmslau

    Love the new look! It's much cleaner and less cluttered than the old look. I was trying to use Bing as my default search engine but was turned off by all the clutter before. Now I am happy!

    Please bring back narrow by date dials on the main search results page. It is super useful and it needs to be on the search results page!

  28. Aloisius

    Why do searches now pop up in a new window instead of the same window? I set Bing to my homepage. I have a home button if I want to visit it and I can command-click it to open bing in a new window. I don't need a new window for all my search results. Make it stop please.

  29. xxspirit4musicxx

    I  liked  the  old  one ….

  30. CiGi8318

    Wouldn't it be nice to put our own wallpaper on there, to make it less boring!  =P Design it Bing Style

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