Schema, Sitemaps and ‘staches: What do they have in common?

You’re thinking I’ve lost my mind.  There’s no way there could possibly be a common element between and moustaches.  There’s no way facial hair and sitemaps could comingle.  “He’s gone stark, ‘shaving’ mad!”

Well guess again folks.  It’s 2011, we’re an advanced, tech-savvy industry and we’ve just discovered a way to mix moustaches, money and your <last modified> statements!

Starting on November 1st, join us as we raise money for Movember.  That’s right.  For the entire month, Matt Cutts and I (Duane Forrester) will do our best to grow impressive moustaches, rivaling the likes of Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck.  We’ll be trying to nudge both Nietzsche and Ned Flanders from your mind’s eye.  We’ll even attempt to lay the smack-down on Salvador Dali and Yosemite Sam!

To be fair, we’ll actually be trying to simply not end up looking like a couple of teenagers trying to snag a dance on Friday night at the high school gym… 😉

Mo info can be found here, and if you want to support our team (Search for the Cure) – even join the team – report for duty here!

We’ll be rocking the tag #seostache on Twitter. 

Rules are simple:

  1. moustaches only

  2. start clean shaven

  3. 30 days

So come and join in the fun while we work together to raise funds to help fight prostate cancer and other cancers afflicting men.  And ladies, we welcome you to join the cause.  We won’t win this fight without support from everyone!

For all the details around Movember,
hit their FAQs.

Special thanks goes to
Michael Halvorsen for starting this conversation back in June and for following up to encourage us to take action.  Nice work Mike!

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