Dhani Jones and Bing Travel - Inspiring Great Travel Decisions

Dhani Jones – NFL superstar, author of “The Sportsman: Unexpected Lessons from an Around-the-World Sports Odyssey” and former host of the Travel Channel’s “Dhani Tackles the Globe” – is no stranger to planning the perfect vacation.  Dhani has pretty much seen it all when it comes to travel, and he recently partnered with Bing Travel to provide his tips, recommendations and personal stories on traveling the world. 

Dhani AB 2

From his top 10 favorite destinations to his travel wish list, Dhani relates his passion for exploration:

Inspired by Dhani’s travels? You can go too! We asked Dhani to share his favorite Bing Travel tools that can help you make your travel dreams into a reality:

  • Stop searching and start finding: “I love saving time by doing one search on Bing to uncover the best travel deals around versus having to go to several different sites to get the same information.”
  • Find the best ticket price: “Bing’s Price Predictor is a great tool. It tells me if my airfare is likely to go up or down and gives me advice on if I should wait to get a better deal or to book now and snap it up before its gone. I also get flight deals from Bing sent directly to my Facebook feed so that I don’t miss a deal.”
  • Get a great hotel for the money: “It’s always a win when you can stay at nice hotels for a steal. Bing’s hotel rate indicator looks at past rates for that hotel and lets me know the best deals around.
  • Ask your friends: “I connected Bing to my Facebook account so that when I do research on new destinations, I can easily see which of my friends live in a city I want to visit and see which shows, restaurants, spas and adventures my friends have “liked”.

”Now all you need to do is spin the globe and figure out where you want to start. Happy travels!”

– Dhani Jones

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