Bing Japan Launch Fireworks

You may have noticed that Bing’s Tuesday homepage was a tribute to a celebration in Japan. We were celebrating as Bing Japan removed its beta tag, launched a new product feature and became a contender in the Japanese search market.


There were many new features to show the crowd but to showcase our focus on entertainment; we hit the city with Yoshimoto Entertainment Company, one of the most prominent celebrity agents in Japan. The fans lined up to attend the launch event and were able to laugh the day away! Yoshimoto’s comedians gave live, impromptu impressions of Bing while highlighting some of their favorite Bing features. The group had a great response to the new homepage, shopping and celebrity information.


So to check out the new Bing features in Japan make sure to set your location as Japan, take a look and let us know what you think. The Bing team is excited about the new product, a smarter, more visual way for Japanese consumers to make choices faster.

Alison Fisher and the Bing Japan Launch Team

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