Updated Bing App for Windows Phone

We’re happy to announce two new features to the Bing app for Windows phones. The first is a redesign to the home page. We changed the navigation to give people faster access to common searches, such as Movies and Traffic.


 The second feature is turn-by-turn navigation for Windows 6.x phones, powered by Bing Maps. We took advantage of the Microsoft Tellme team’s expertise in voice applications to deliver an amazingly lifelike voice experience for the turn-by-turn navigation. If you have a Windows phones on Sprint, T-Mobile, or AT&T you can use the voice guided navigation.

Now when getting directions with Bing, you’ll see a new “Navigate” button. By selecting it, Bing will calculate your route, and guide you as you drive. You can select the fastest or shortest route, choose to avoid traffic and/or tolls, get a map or a list of directions, and see arrows and hear alerts to know which way to turn next.  

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The navigation feature is compatible with the phones below. If you have one of these and are in the U.S., check your phone for the update or go to m.bing.com.

Windows phone

HTC Fuze

HTC Pure


HTC Tilt 2

HTC Touch Diamond 2

HTC Touch HD

HTC Touch Pro

HTC Touch Pro 2

Motorola Q9c

Samsung Jack

Samsung Omnia II

Samsung Propel

T-Mobile Dash 3G

 Justin Jed – Bing for Mobile

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  1. eddy_grubb

    Are you sure this works on HTC Touch HD? I still get the old 2009 versio whenever I download from m.bing.com/download.  It's getting very frustrating always being told there is a new version out, when infact there isn't for all users.

  2. bouka55

    Navigation is a very good addition, will save people from having to buy those navigation apps. Am personally waiting for Windows Phone 7 later this year, apps should be even better on the new platform!  

  3. TekDragon

    I just installed this on my Touch Pro 2 and just got a notification saying, "Your device is not officially supported for this version, but should work as expected. We are working to expand device support in the future." Also, I tried out the movie finder portion of the application and it only showed me five different movies rather than all of the ones that are currently showing in my town. There was a link for more on MSN, but that only took me to info on A Nightmare on Elm Street. It should display all available shows as the previous version did. I do like how it looks however.

  4. stephen_wardell

    and when will UK get the new version with the new features?

  5. hobbes


  6. BingSaint

    Go Bing! Just downloaded it to my Sprint Touch Pro 2! It rocks! I wanted to get an Android phone just because of Google Navigator, but in Bing plays its cards right, I may not need to!

  7. gcianc

    Totally pathetic that Microsoft RESTRICED "turn-by-turn to a button to launch "verizon navigator".

  8. parsonsproject93

    I'm pretty sure Microsoft didn't have much of a choice on whether or not to add turn by turn to Verizon.  Verizon probably told Microsoft couldn't add it to the app since it would kill all existing business with the Verizon Navigator.

  9. northernpenguin

    Utterly useless application in Canada.

    I've been waiting for Live Maps, then Bing to return search results that are relevant to Canadians.

    If I go to the full Bing site, I can get search results meaningful to me – like the closest Tim Hortons.

    This applcation doesn't even allow me to switch temperature to Celsius and distances to Kilometers, so I don't understand its results even when I'm over on the USA side of the border.

    Your competition has added Voice Search (Google Maps 4) to my Windows Phone. I can get local search results and street directions easily with their application. Why would I want to buy a Windows Phone in Canada? Why? You guys sold me a phone, but the services to use it with the OS maker's tools won't be available any time soon.

    My current Windows phone is my 5th generation PPC/PocketPC/Windows Mobile device and I'm having a hell of a time justifying OS for my next device.

    I mean, seriously – how much work is it to add Miles/Kilometers to a config menu in the app? Why is it that Google can write an app that's location based and provides local search results worldwide for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows devices in less time than it takes Microsoft to write a client that supports more than 4 countries?

  10. derekhans

    Doesn't seem to want to find My Location on my Sprint Touch Pro 2.  Disappointing.

  11. meatgel

    I miss the quick list of gas prices from the old app. I love Bing … I'm just saying ….

  12. ayazook

    @eddy_grubb – Bing supports your device. Try the link at m.bing.com for the new app.

    @tekdragon – Bing supports your device. Let us know if you encounter any issues with navigation.

    @gcianc – try uninstalling the old Bing app (delete the Bing folder), then install the new app from m.bing.com. It should work fine on your device.

    @stephen_wardell – we’re working on expanding features to other regions, but no firm dates yet.

  13. ndipaolo5

    This is AWESOME!  Thanks for adding this to Bing, I've been waiting for this feature on my HD2!  I've checked out the video demo of it on PocketNow.com and it looks amazing.  I've already downloaded to my phone and can't wait to test it on my way home.  

  14. zibbie

    I have a Tilt2.  And I still get the Beta version.  I uninstalled the previous version.  No new Menu on the front page.  And no navigation.

    Further, in the Beta version, it could never keep the moving object (car or walker) centered in the map.  And so it got to be useless.  I grew tired of always moving the map, so that I was in the center of the map.

    The video looks stunning on PocketNow.  But it won't run that way on my Tilt2, with an updated ROM.

  15. TheCyberKnight

    My phone is an Acer E101 WM6.5 phone. I installed the application and it works fine for every feature. Meanwhile, I am being kicked out with a "device not supported" message. Why is that?

    Everything is working fine. The new application even resolves the issue with the previous one where it would kill the microphone (even for phone calls) once started. There is no way I can go to the previous (and ugly) version.

    Please revise this "no run" list. I strongly want to get back to the Bing app and discontinue the Google Mobile one.

  16. mwdavis84

    Tried it out on my HD2. Really like it. I had a Droid before – this beats Google Maps navigation in some ways, such as route options and a better voiceover.

    One thing I don't like is the overlay declaring an upcoming turn. I assume this was added because the map is 2D, not 3D user-perspective. However, I find it annoying. Being able to disable this would be a huge plus in my eyes.

  17. Qknight68

    Sorry zibbie, it runs flawlessly on my Tilt2 with stock ROM.  If you let your beta version run for a few minutes, it should prompt you to upgrade to the new version automatically.  There's also a menu option called "New Version Available" or something like that.

    I do notice that the "Show on Map" integration with WM's Contacts program seems to be missing.  With previous versions of Bing, I could look up a contact, press Show on Map and Bing would launch and find the contacts address.  I miss that feature quite a lot, hope it makes a return soon.

  18. crball

    HTC Pro and mostly working except no background photo…

    And it couldn't find a store that Bing could find.  Weird.

  19. aaron_rodriguez

    Looks nice.  I hope with a future update a streetside option is enabled with turn overlays similar to the google nav system.

    This is a nice start and looking forward to see what enhancements happen for windows phone 7.

  20. bleeman

    I downloaded it directly from m.bing.com to my HTC Tilt 2 and I received the "…encountered a problem…" message and was asked to send to Microsoft.  I did and then power cycled my phone and it was installed and is working great.  I played with the navigate option on my ride home from work tonight and it did a great job.  I even changed my route midstream and it made an "alert sound" and then said "Rerouting" and gave me a new route based on my changes.  A really nice app.  Thanks!

  21. david 3rd

    The app runs on my device, but I get the message "device not supported" and then shuts down.  WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS MICROSOFT? Warn us that it is not officially supported, but let us RUN the app.  Are you intent on making everyone angry?

  22. pljwebb

    Loyal UK users seem to be forgotten over at Bing HQ. Hello, we’re still here. Any chance of being included any time soon?

  23. pmarini0

    Unfortunately, turn-by-turn navigation is deactivated if you’re not in US.

    “All or part of your route is not in the United States. We are sorry, but navigation is not available outside the United States.”


  24. NuShrike

    Works okay, when it doesn't put my T-Mobile HD2 into infinite loop.  Have HD2 set up to use external GPS by Bluetooth, and works fine with Garmin or Google Maps.

    With this new Bing, it pops up the Widcomm BT confirmation for connecting to external comm port, I select my preset comm, and Select soft-key, and then pause, and BT confirmation pop-up comes back again.

    This has not been a problem with any other GPS app so Bing must be screwing with the Dialog accept as BT communications never initiates.  Switching to COMM4 instead of GPS Intermediate Driver inside Bing doesn't solve anything.  I have to start up some other GPS app, or one I wrote myself, before I can start up Bing up safely.  I'm going to have to write a wrapper app at this rate.

    Map tile redraw is a bit slower than Google Maps, but voice guided Nav is nice plus over GMaps.  Doesn't recognize my voice request for ramen, but then neither does GMaps.

  25. Wurstsalat

    Great news for the us ppl….the thing that sucks on bing and many other products from ms (some parts of windows phone, zune and so on), ppl outside the us get nothing.

  26. Michael McMullen

    I've just bought a new Windows Mobile last weekend, so I decided to install the latest Google Maps and Bing apps and compare them.  Here are my results:

    For Google Maps, typing in an address or location always found what I was looking for.  Voice recognition was very good and usually found the correct place on the first go, and did find every address I tried after at most three attempts.  It was also fast, from speaking the address to seeing it on the map was always only about one or two seconds.  Distances were given in metre's and kilometre's.  The UI isn't quite so nice, some of the elements are a bit small and not so finger friendly (I have an HTC HD2, so no stylus).  No voice navigation on Windows Mobile.

    Bing Maps search results weren't so great.  Even typing in the exact address, Bing couldn't find my work place (I don't think it could even find the suburb).  It often suggested addresses in America despite me being in Australia.  For one search it had a mix of results in America and results in Australia (as close as a few hundred metre's away) but it had the American results first.  I couldn't get the voice recognition to give me any Australian results at all, and it took longer than Google to search.  Distances were given in miles and I couldn't find any way to change that.  No voice navigation because I'm not in America.  Bing certainly looks nicer than Google Maps, and is more finger friendly, so at least it has that going for it…

    In conclusion, Bing might be ok for people in the US, but it has a long way to go to be able to compete with Google internationally.  Useful results are a lot more important than a nice UI.

  27. zibbie

    Well it took a full 30 minutes in the Beta version to get the update.

    This software ROCKS.  No Questions about it.  Finally Turn by Turn.  And the voice is great as well.

    Can the voice be routed to a bluetooth headset?  that way listening to the car radio can still occur.

    I used it on the way home as well, and the rerouting feature is something incredible.  It really is.

    I'm finally Glad to have Bing 2.0

  28. josephtbradley

    I love the way the Bing app for BB works, but it always takes 3 – 4 times longer than the Google Maps app to detect my GPS location. Can you guys please fix this in the next update? I'm using the 8900 and have run OS 4.6 and 5.0 with the same results. Thanks!

  29. Chris Lynch

    So, when will the Bing application be supported on the HP Glisten?  It launches, but then says that my phone is not supported and exits.  I am stuck using Google Maps.

  30. smikleson

    Thanks for adding Movies back to the main navigation! Still some improvements to be made though: The old Live Search app was faster.. the new app's slowness while showing the 'searching' screen is particularly interruptive.

    The old app had search for Gas Prices! DOn't leave this all to Mapquest just because Google doesn't have it!

    I can tell the Bing team is commited to improvements though. My recommendations for Windows Phone 7: Remember Image Search, and bring the improvements of Silverlight to Bing (plus the Map Apps from the desktop)

  31. afstefan

    "With previous versions of Bing, I could look up a contact, press Show on Map and Bing would launch and find the contacts address.  I miss that feature quite a lot, hope it makes a return soon."

    I agree completely with the above comment.

    Also I am glad to see that searching for a contact was added back into the app but why not just use the regular contacts list.. I have easily over 700 contacts in my address book and when I go to search for a contact it takes for ever. Maybe even just add a search contacts feature.

  32. afstefan

    clarifying my previous statment… when I choose to look for a cotnact in the app now it takes forever for it to react. I think it is because it is trying to reformat all my contacts into the finger friendly but annoying multipage setup. I understand having it broken into multiple pages, or else it would really take forever to load, but why not just use the regular contacts page.

  33. Stryker

    I'm not sure why the list of supported devices is so short BUT don't be deterred if your phone isn't on the list.

    I have an LG EXPO and the Bing app works PERFECTLY fine.

    So Microsoft/Bing, you might want to add that to your compatible devices list.

    When I first ran the latest release of Bing prior to THIS update, it did say I had a compatibility issue but regardless, the application ran flawlessly.

  34. Qknight68

    afstefan said: "when I choose to look for a cotnact in the app now it takes forever for it to react. I think it is because it is trying to reformat all my contacts into the finger friendly but annoying multipage setup."

    Glad you mentioned that… it is annoying, and slow.  We would be much better off just getting the regular WM contact list rather than this reformatted on.  I'm not even sure it looks as good, and the multi-page presentation of the contacts is a real pain.

  35. historygeek10

    I see great promise, but there are some features that need to be worked on to make me want to keep using this new version over the one I downloaded in September of 2009 for my HTC Touch Pro 2.

    Gas Prices: why aren't they included like they used to be?

    Movies: well, it IS better, but I tend to want to see what is playing at a specific theater. I do not have a movie in mind and then see where I can watch it, usually. The old BING allowed both types of searches.

    Contacts: The new Bing is FINALLY able to provide directions to an address in my contact list, just like the old one could. HOWEVER, I am not able to 'show on map' the contact address, which I can with the old Bing app.

    Loss of 'birds-eye view' feature in maps [compared to old Bing].

    The Local replaces 'categories', and I think that was well done. If I touch the wrong category I can go back to the master list. On the old one I had to go back to the home page to start over.

    The mid-April version was a definite 'FAIL' for me as it didn't access the contacts. Well, I like the new one, but I will be using the old BING until I can at least 'show on map' the contact address, like I can on the old one.

    THEN I may or may not switch. If they work out the search method for movies to allow me to see the closest theaters and then show the movies playing at each one, like the old Bing did, then I will be a convert forever.

    Oh, after re-booting Bing I get a 'beta' sign on the logo as it boots up.

    Promising. Please, MS Bing Team, address these concerns!

  36. gihan84

    No htc touch diamond support?

  37. Eludium Q36

    After reading many of these comments, I think I'll skip this update. I don't like that people are complaining about lost functionality and I already have Sprint Navigation which does turn by turn so there's not much added value with this, at least until the lost-functionality complaints are remedied – if ever.

  38. djbillkatt75

    I have to agree with the "supported phone" list "feature" complaints. The app seems to be working fine on my Tilt (original). However, after a certain period of time it kicks me out. That is just infuriating.

    I've been a DIE HARD WinMo user. I've been keeping a close eye on Android. I've even used a port on the Tilt for Android from xda.

    This is the final straw. I'm switching to Android.

    Sad that some poor programmer really had to implement that "supported" feature. When all they really needed to do was let it crash. Instead of kicking you out, why not just disable error reporting for unsupported phones. I can hear the project manager, "I know it is a silly requirement. Stop thinking and just implement it." :)

    I'd love to hear a valid reason from Microsoft why the Tilt isn't supported.

  39. blessed1

    It works for a little bit on my Samsung Intrepid, then decides it shouldn't and shuts down. Why no love for the samsung intrepid ever???

  40. sunspotzsz

    为什么不能在htc incredible上用呢?

  41. therivler1

    I get the "device not supported" issue on Samsung Intrepid (sprint).

    I get this error with the previous version as well.

    Seems silly that on a WinMo 6.5 phone, I have to use the bing 5.0 version.

  42. stoughill

    Turn-by-turn is great. Glad they brought back contact integration but … The Movies tab is just not good. Bring back local Theaters tab. That is what I have to believe most users want. Is what is playing at a theater near me and what time. I don't want to have to open another app (browser on msn.com) to get that. I used old Bing app all the time to search local movies. Bring that feature back please.

  43. mattygit

    I like the new application quite a lot.  My problem is the audio quality.  When I have it connected in stereo to my blue-tooth automobile device it sounds quite muddy and fuzzy.

  44. Mohammed Zayed

    I tried it, my feedback is the following:

    – It doesn't support multi-touch capabilities.  

    – Not multi-lingual as if the only language on earth is English.

    – Built only and only for United States.

  45. longo

    Can you please bring back the "gas prices" feature?  I used that all the time.  With the summer driving season quickly approaching, having access to the lowest local gas prices is important!


  46. gasuz

    added to my HTC Tilt..works great…

  47. MarcBate

    No problems getting it to run on my AT&T Tilt 2.   I love that it says the names of streets and puts that full-screen notice that you need to take an upcoming exit when you're on a highway.   Those are two of the things missing most when running my TomTom app on Windows Mobile.  Hopefully Bing will 'borrow' from TomTom's feature set in future versions, e.g. route planning, 3d view, custom map styles/colors, etc.

  48. MarcBate

    zibbie – I removed my old Bing from system > remove programs, then downloaded the *.CAB from this page, and chose to install it to the storage card, and it worked, and i still ended up with both old and new versions of Bing working, so not sure if the uninstall step was even necessary.

  49. earllyan

    Very nice…

  50. Justin Jed - Bing Mobile Product Manager

    Here are some updated to a few of your posts.  Thanks for all of your feedback. – JJ

    @zibbie, @gihan84 – Bing supports your Tilt2 and Touch Diamond. You can verify the version from the home page using Help > About.  You should see something like Bing Mobile Version 5.1.2010.5040.  If it’s different than that, go to m.bing.com/download to get the newest version.

    @TheCyberKnight, @david 3rd, @chris lynch, @brandon boatman, @djbillkat75 – We are looking into an issue that allows Bing to be installed on your unsupported device. For the best search experience, visit m.bing.com.

    @derekhans – With a clear view of the sky, GPS should work just fine on your Sprint Touch Pro 2. We are continuing to build our cell tower location database so we can provide location no matter where you are.

    @mwdavis84 – You can easily dismiss the upcoming turn arrow by touching anywhere on the screen or by the Hide soft key.

    @stryker – Thanks for letting us know that Bing works well on your LG Expo. Devices running Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5 with a DPI of 128 and higher are generally supported.

    @HistoryGeek – We’re aware that some devices still show a “beta” sign. We’ll fix this in the next release.

    @nushrike – External GPS is not supported for this release. The navigation feature requires devices to have a built-in GPS.

    @smikleson, @afstefan, @historygeek10 – We hear you about contacts and gas prices, and we’ll take that into consideration for upcoming releases.

    @historygeek10 – We found that Bird’s Eye view didn’t work well with the navigation feature, which was the focus of this release. Aerial view is still available.

    @Mohammed Zayed – Yes, our first version of navigation is English language, U.S. only. The HD2 is the only Windows device today that supports multi-touch. As more devices hit the market, we’ll look into adding multi-touch support.

    @Mattygit – Streaming over Bluetooth is not officially supported but should work.  The audio is optimized for your device speaker.

    @gasuz, @marcbate, @earl, @aaron_rodriguez – Thanks for your comments. We’re glad you like it!

  51. resilva

    Very happy with this great new app, finally what I have been looking for and no more google maps or should I say android maps, on my windows mobile powered phone.

    I have an LG INCITE running Windows Mobile 6.5.3 and originally downloaded this app from the Windows Marketplace.  After using the app for about 2-3 minutes I receive the "Device not associated, download last version" message.

    Having discovered turn by turn voice direction nirvana I wasn't about to stop my quest to get this app to work.

    So I downloaded the .CAB file from the m.bing.com site at static.appserver.m.bing.net/…/Bing.CAB and clicked on "Download Bing for Windows Mobile 6.1 or 6.5"

    The .CAB file automatically uninstalled the Marketplace installed Bing and replaced it with the same version 5.1.2010.5040  

    Now with the hopes this new Bing app had found a happy home on my LG INCITE I began to use the app with every feature working perfectly, and just like waking up from the dream of being a lottery winner I get the "Device not associated, download last version" message again.

    Having the feeling this is not a hardware software issue and knowing my LG INCITE boast better specs than the anemically compatible Motorola Q9c, Samsung Jack I decided to find a workaround.  

    Well all I can say is that after a small search over at xda-developers.com and a word change from true to false I haven't felt this excited since a childhood christmas morning.  

    On a serious note though I really shouldn't and nor should anyone else have to go through all this to get an app that you guys worked so hard on to work.  It's a free app in the Marketplace and you're going to get a lot of unhappy people that are going to use this as the final straw to switch over to a different powered OS phone.  I know I almost did.

    P.S. You can add the LG INCITE to your server update list as supported, trust me your app works perfectly on an INCITE.

  52. jwgizmo

    Wahhhh, Wahhh, Wahh. Most of you need to go back to the bottle and drink your milk you sound like a bunch of babies. IT'S FREE… Yes you want more, and it will come give them a break. I loaded it on my HD2, it looks nice, but have not traveled with it yet. Thanks, JJ for the feedback. I would like to see gas prices, and some other features like changing voice, and the ability to change on screen navigation features like distance to go, arrival time etc. Other than that, I like it LOTS. Thank you for the software.

  53. docmump

    Strange thing happened last night. While using Bing I typed in a friend's address, Bing found the address, Bing would show the address in the map, Bing would also show directions to the address, But Bing would not navigate to the address.

    Anybody had this issue. What do you think?

  54. docmump


  55. givelord

    This is a very informative post for Bing phone users.

  56. TheCyberKnight


    We don't want you to look into an issue that allowed us to install the Bing app. We want it to be allowed to run.

    The application WORKS PERFECTLY on my phone until you remotely detect my model and kick me out.

    Going back to the previous Bing app is also NOT an option since it consistently kills the microphone on this phone, which is very dangerous since preventing any further phone call (I submitted twice a report for this problem long ago). The new Bing application DOES NOT exhibit this behavior.

    Instead of simply kicking users out, you could instead advise of any known problems with specific devices and let the user accept or not to run it.

    I've been using the Bing app since it was released and I don't understand why I should be excluded because of my phone model that, on top of this, is a new Windows Mobile 6.5 device.

  57. mpchen7

    I upgraded to the new Bing Mobile and very disappointed, and now looking for the old version which had these key features I really like: once you found a biz, you can "save to contact" and also call using the number listed. can anyone let me knwo where I can find the old version of Bing Mobile?

  58. JSchlueter

    I love it on my Verizon TP2.  I wish it worked on the Samsung Omnia but the resolution isn't supported.  Any plan on retrofitting an awesome application for weaker resolutions?  I'd love for my wife to finally ditch VZ Navigator.

    A small feature I like in the Google Maps application is the satellite count up in the corner.  Adding something like that giving a hint at signal strength and quality would be helpful in tree-y and big building-y areas.

    Keep up the great work!  Integrate it somehow with my contacts and collections on the Bing Maps application.  A Windows Mobile phone is not complete without this.

  59. jeremyawalters

    I am using a LG Incite with WinMo 6.1.  When I attempt to install the new version of Bing mobile, I get an error message reading: "Sorry, the resolution on this device is not supported, please visit m.bing.com for the best search experience."  This obviously has not been an issue for other Incite users that have posted successful use.  How can I correct this issue or at least get an older version of bing back?  Thanks for anyone's help!

  60. Jan Mathias


    thank you for the app. It works (with the limitatons for being out of country) great on my German HD2. Couple of things:

    On my old Nokia N95 I had a directions (not turn-by-turn) app that aloowed me to *download an store* maps for offline or roaming use. I loved that I could have some rudimentary navigation/directions service without the phone going online. For someone like m who frequently travels internationally,this would be awesome to have.

    Also, have you ever considered adding the option to add ICAO/NATO spelling recognition to the speech search? The speech query is rather useless for people with a heavy accent or when spelling in English vs. American (i.e. if 'Z' is spelled "zett" instead of "zee").  

    And, just for the record, yes, I would very much appreaciate international navigation, too, not least because the Bing (desktop) navigation even gives me some better routes than my expensive in-car unit does.

  61. novintabligh

    Thanks, I like the second feature (turn-by-turn navigation for Windows 6.x phones)

  62. rjclk

    I like the older version!  Do you know where I can download the previous version?

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