The Avatar Award Competition: In NYC with James Cameron, Richard Greene and Bing

The human ability to clearly articulate our ideas with conviction, fortitude and authenticity is something that should be developed and nurtured in our young people. Indeed one of Bing’s core missions is to provide a level of clarity on the web and help people find what they asked but also help them discover things that might be related and helpful to more fully informing them on the topic.

We want to foster this love of exploration and learning as well as the ability to articulate one’s beliefs in the leaders of tomorrow. To that end, Bing is working with world-renowned public  speaker Richard Greene and Avatar director James Cameron to host the “Words that Shook the World” competition.  The competition occurs in New York City on April 17 and is open to New York City high school students who register at Over $12,000 in scholarships are available to the students who deliver the best 2-3 minute speeches on “An Environmental Lesson I Learned from Avatar and How to Apply it in My Community, New York City, America and/or the World”. In addition to the competition, attendees will see a special screening of some of the highlights of Avatar and hear from James Cameron, learn public speaking secrets from Richard Greene, and will learn how Bing can help them become better informed and confident about their ideas.

The Words That Shook The World high school public speaking competitions are dedicated to finding and cultivating the next great speakers and leaders for America and are based on Richard Greene’s book Words That Shook The World: 100 Years of Unforgettable Speeches and Events. Bing is proud to be a supporter of the competition as we recognize that reality of tomorrow starts with the dreams and passions of the kids today.

Hope to see you all in New York!

Stefan Weitz

Director, Bing

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