Almost like being there

I first started working on the homepage during the Summer Olympics in Beijing. We had just launched the image on the homepage and 10 days later jumped to updating the picture twice a day. It was a chaotic time, but truly some of the most fun I’ve ever had at a job!

With the Vancouver Olympics fast approaching, the homepage team decided to change up our regular programming a bit to bring the excitement of the Olympics to you. Starting this weekend, we’ll update the homepage with images from the events three times a day. And while we’ll show some winners, this won’t be the standard parade of medalists. We’re out to show the great moments from the games: the alpine skier from Ghana, the debut of Ski Cross as an Olympic event, anything to do with curling—all with the stunning imagery that you’ve come to expect on the Bing homepage.

As always, we’ll have the hotspots giving you lots of fun facts about the images. And if you just want to see the caption for a photo, point your mouse on the copyright symbol. For more info about fully exploring the homepage, see Welcome Home.

And for a full recap of all the Olympics features Bing has to offer, see Bing and MSN: your Olympics hub.


Stephanie Horstmanshof

Editorial lead


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