Lights, Camera, Sundance

Snow, sunshine, a good film or two and good company…does that sound like a good time to you?  Well it did to us, so we packed our bags (ok…Stefan and a few others packed their bags) and headed down to Park City, Utah to attend the Sundance Film festival.

The Bing team will be down there showing the attendees how they can use Bing to navigate through Park City using Bing Maps, learn about the hottest films, and plan their festival activities. The team is also excited to catch the showing of the documentary about the life of Dr. Bing on Monday.

You can catch some of the activities on TV on E! and online on MSN and Hulu. There will be special episodes of “The Daily 10” filmed from the Bing Bar at Sundance that will air throughout the weekend and one thing that I know Stefan is excited about is G4’s (Attack of the Show) Olivia Munn will also be reporting from the Bing Bar.

If you are there and want to know where you can meet up with the team from Bing, make sure you are following them on their twitter handle for the event @bingevents and if you are stuck (left behind…thanks Stefan) at home in some drab not so winter not so spring weather you can also follow them for all the play by play from the ground,  tune into MSN and Hulu for great video coverage, and you can also check out interviews, photos and updates on the Bing Sundance Facebook tab.

Like Stefan told me…I will practically feel like I am there with all of the different ways I can follow the action with Bing and MSN.

Kristin Meldahl – From my desk in Bellevue

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