“Home Sweet Homepage”

Due to the great response to our first homepage photo contest, we are super excited to launch Bing’s Home Sweet Homepage photo contest!

Our first photo contest had more than 10,000 entries and upwards of half a million votes. The winning photo came from Jeremy Somers of Australia and was recently featured in a national television campaign in the United States.

(Please visit the site to view this video)

Jeremy’s win made national news in Australia, was featured on blogs and brought a lot of exposure to his work.

Although we can’t make any promises about the amount of exposure and community love that the winner of this photo contest will get, we can say that the winning image will be featured on the Bing homepage in early January. So grab your cameras and get ready to start shooting!

The theme of this contest is “hometown pride.” It’s an opportunity for you to take photos that demonstrate the beauty of the places you live in and call home. The goal of the daily images on the Bing homepage is to inspire a sense of exploration and delight through a single stunning image that draws you in to the search adventure. So we’re looking for photos of your hometowns that do just that; draw people in and make them want to learn more and feel the pride you have for your town.

All of the details and information for the contest can be found on our Bing Facebook page (to go live at 9:00AM). The winner will be decided by a combination of popular votes in the first round, editorial selection before the finals, and by popular vote in the finals. The winner will be announced on December 21, with the winning photo appearing on the homepage on January 6, 2010.

We were so impressed with the last round of submissions we can’t wait to see what you capture this time!

Kristin Meldahl – Bing


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