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We continue to get a lot of great feedback about the stunning imagery on the homepage. We read your comments carefully and it seems that some folks aren’t finding everything the homepage has to offer. So I’m here with answers to some common questions about the page.

Ever wanted to know more about the pictures?

If you want to explore the day’s image, mouse over it until you find a hotspot:


Hotspots are like Easter eggs. If you hunt, you’ll find four of them every day. Each gives you a chance to find out more about the image: what the picture is of, where it was taken, and even some interesting trivia that we’ve dug up. It’s a little edutainment for your day!

Want just the facts?

If you’re in more of a hurry and just want to know where the picture was taken, mouse over the copyright symbol in the lower-right corner to see a quick caption about the image, as well as the photographer’s name and agency.


Did you miss one?

If you missed the previous day’s image (or just want to see it again) click the arrows next to the copyright symbol to scroll through the past 7 days of homepages. You can interact with each page just as you could when it originally appeared.


Stephanie Horstmanshof
Bing Editorial Lead


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  1. Skyblazer7

    The homepage, for me, with its stylish subtly implemented functionality is one of Bing's most outstanding features and a major reason that I continue to return and explore. Thank you folks for being here.


  2. Anonymous

    A search engine should be about one thing:  SEARCH.

    When I come to an SE, I have one goal in mind and that is to find something.  I already know what the thing is.  Suggestions on how to search for it are helpful (ie, "auto-suggestions/auto-complete).  But much more than that is a distraction, and a distraction is ocunter productive.

    I really don't have time to explore.  I'm not here to "explore".  I don't have time to flutter all over the page looking for "easter eggs".

    Keep it plain, simple, and focused.  For one thing, the spartan appearance of Google (and let's face it, that's what you are aiming at), google's spartan appearance give me the distinct feeling that Google is all about *one thing*: SEARCHING.

    I know that's prolly not entirely true – google is also, after all, pushing ads.  But you get the distinct feeling when you arrive at Google that Google is focused on that one thing I mentioned, and that alone is a "psychological" comfort.

    Also, here's an opportunity for you to capitalize on one of Google's recent mis-steps.

    Google USED to provide "hit counts" in it's Auto-Complete suggestions.  This was TREMENDOUSLY helpful to me and, given the feedback/complaints they had when they removed it, so it was also for many others.

    The hit counts help me decide where I am most likely to find what I am looking for.  Consider: If I am searching for info about Bill Gate's life story, and I search for "Bill Gates"…  If I see there are 400,000 hits on "Bill Gates Biography", and only 50,000 on "Bill Gates Life Story", I know where to focus my attention and where I am most likely to succeed.

    Google removed this feature, and I suspect they did so over advertiser complaints.  People are being steered away from one site because of it's lower "presence".  Sucks to be the "merchant" in such a case, but if you are interested in helping me find the right info, not driving traffic to pre-determined sites, then your focus should be on helping ME, the searcher, not the advertiser.

    I understand that ad placement drives revenue, but you also need to know that you should focus on the searching public if you want to attract traffic.

  3. Anonymous

    This Kirby guy is probably the exact opposite of most users.

    Almost everyone I have introduced to Bing has loved not

    only how much more intuitive and user friendly it is than

    Google, but the fact it actually has an appealing interface

    and interesting backdrop. Keep up the good work Microsoft and

    don't pay attention to stiffs like that guy.

  4. Anonymous

    Yea. Good work bing peeps. This Kirby guy is moronic. Shoo troll.

  5. fugazithehaxoar

    Yea I agree with iraya, Kirby is a troll. Love it hate it, you can see some serious effort at pleasing the users with the new UI/Backgrounds. And guess what, people like. People like it a lot. Next time take the rant back to your blog where you can whine all day about algo changes and "psychological comfort". If you don't like Bing, cool. If you "don't have time to explore" then you don't have time to post that long of a comment here.

  6. Anonymous

    Nice, I like the Bing Homepage Images and the Hotspots. Its like "What have you discovered today…?" with those Hotspots. But these Hotspots are not enabled for all markets as still they are in beta.

    Also if one wants to save the image, just right click on image and 'Save Background As..'. There's option for 'Set as background' on your desktop.(In IE only) Earlier people had to use a 3rd party app or some trick to save these images.

    If one does not want the images , but plain background , just do : http://www.bing.com/?rb=0

    If you want the images back : http://www.bing.com/?rb=1

    I also request Bing to continue to post relevant pictures on Special occasions, which its been doing.

    And what's the sequence of posting the images on different markets? Which one gets first? I noticed Aus, GB, France gets first and then other countries. On what basis is this done?

  7. Anonymous

    The images are brilliant… except if you live in unimportant places like South Africa where we just get a rather less exciting stock photo from Corbis, no hotspots and no previous function. sniff.

    bing is growing on me. if only you guys could replace the Windows Live team and fix that up….

  8. pudsey9

    Yes, The images are brilliant…

  9. Anonymous

    I must admit that those homepage shots are spectacular. Probably some of the best photos I have seen online.

  10. Anonymous

    I would like to have an option to get rid of the annoying pictures.

  11. Anonymous

    lol kirby, you are too busy and is distracted by the image but have ample time to write a two page comment on something you'd ignore :)

  12. Anonymous

    thedp, you are at the right place. Please scroll up.

  13. Bryan Palmer

    The best thing about it is the speed these images DL at… If not it would be simply annoying. The network you guys are on rocks!

  14. panther45

    I was particularly pleased to see my hometown Melbourne on there.

  15. Anonymous

    I will be watching for the hot spots on the pictures each day now!

  16. gmosx

    I love the images, in fact I visit the homepage every day to enjoy the new photo.

    One complain, I cannot install silverlight easily, and it is a pity that I cannot browse earlier images. There is absolutely no reason to require silverlight for this feature.

  17. Anonymous

    just a silly bug i found in the comments (and you guys don't have a general feedback form!):

    the pager at the bottom of the comments list has the wrong labels.  comments seem to be ordered oldest to newest, but the pager has you click "older" to go to the next page (what are actually newer comments).

    it's a small thing, but thought you should know!  keep up the good work overall, i like the homepage pictures!

  18. Javs

    As we can see Bing's new features attract every netizen. Especially the images in the homepage that differs for the country specific searches give a lot more info about the places that are related to that country. The whole informative package and the similar places and their info are appealing. The navigation that is provided by the boxes being displayed is to be appreciated. Also the similar results in the navigation at the side pane is surely going to be a huge factor that makes it stand ahead of its competitors.

  19. Anonymous

    I think the images are fantastic and I come here each day just to see the new ones.  As a search engine it is good, but I am not sure I really know how to use it to its full potential.  How is it intutiative? How is it better than other search engines?  I don't see this yet.

  20. Anonymous

    You fixed the pager labels!  Thank you!

    There's another reason to like Bing, they listen to feedback (though I still think you sould add a general feedback form for feedback on things other than search results)

  21. Anonymous

    In today's Bing Homepage, its not showing the arrows for checking the 7 days archive to see previous days images. Has this feature removed? Please bring it back.

  22. Anonymous

    I agree with the majority on here! In fact, I have set the Bing home page as my home page, just so I can 'hover over' and find out more about the picture!

    What's wrong with making your search engine more interesting to users? Or more attractive? It doesn't have to be just a boring box to type in!

    The thing that I would love the Bing team to do, is make a Bing theme for Windows 7 made up of say 7 or 8 of the most popular pictures used from around the world. That would be cool!

  23. Anonymous

    the homepage is brilliant. it's my default homepage for the browser as well.

  24. Anonymous

    I dont like Bing i still prefer Google

    Bing (Microsoft and Yahoo) are trying to push Google

    out and take over.

    I think what Microsoft and Yahoo are doing is unfair, mean and inconsiderate.

    Go Google!

  25. Anonymous

    great blog

  26. Anonymous

    i also miss the back/forward buttons on the images

  27. Anonymous

    The arrows to view previous pictures are no longer there. Why not? I appreciated this feature as I am not at a computer every day but don't want to miss out on either the photography or the information found with the easter eggs!  Please bring them back!!

  28. giju

    this homepage thing is the best ever.  In office, everyday we discuss this.  Adds so much to our knowledge.  Waiting for you to start this on the India page too.  Many who dont know the option of going to the U.S. page miss out on this.

  29. Anonymous

    I installed Silverlight, just so I could see the image from Bing's home page yesterday. I still don't have the arrows next to the copyright to go back seven days.

    I agree that the Bing home page has pretty photos, but it would be nice if I didn't have to install something just to get what I consider something fairly basic.

    Oh, and then, the first click I linked on from Bing's own search to install Silverlight, was a dead end.

  30. Anonymous

    simply gr8

  31. Anonymous

    What happened to the previous images button?

  32. Anonymous

    I switched to bing after I made some comparison against google. I like to have a new picture/story every day to explore, I like to see what is most popular in the world in that day, I like to see a nice picture .. it gives me a worm feeling that bing is closer to the soul .. and I really hate that insane .. infinite white from Google…

    every time someone comes to my desk and asks me to search for something … the next second they ask me "what`s that? u don`t use Google ???" . extremely surprised… and then i explain them the differences … really easily by searching for different keywords on bing and google in separate tabs to see the difference…

    Everyone could see that Bing is more than Google . is like the next step…

    Google had it for years and they didn`t do anything because there was no need .. no competitor .. now it has one … and Bing is the first step towards a smart search engine

    I also use http://www.wolframalpha.com  is not like google or bing .. is more like a tool for professionals

    gg bing and keep up the good work

  33. Anonymous

    hey .. put back the "back/forth" buttons and silverlight stuff

  34. Anonymous

    I like bing home page pics… They are very distinct and cool…

  35. Anonymous

    My arrows next to the copyright symbol have disappeared; what do I do?

  36. Anonymous

    only seven days?


  37. Anonymous

    I joined bing the day it went live. In today's stressful world, I look forward to a moment of peace every morning when I turn on my computer. The images and colors on the bing homepage give me a moment of tranquility each and every day. Keep up the great work !

  38. Anonymous

    LUV it! Keep it coming. I enjoy a new one each day and try and figure out where each image is taken from before I mouse over for the answers! Now I BING it instead of Googleing it. :-)

  39. Anonymous

    I totally agree that Bing has brilliant photos! I enjoy not only the result, but the anticipation of what kind of new photo I'll see every day. There's too many distractions on Google. The search results, search field, and links to other Google features seem to run together on the page. Bing has a very clean, simple interface. It shows the core links that you need on the left and focus items that are of interest on the bottom. Unlike Google, that crams everything together on one page, Bing makes it easy to spot what you're looking for. Due to the position of the search field it's easy to find it, especially as it's white on a colored background. In fact, the links on the left could be even a little lower on the screen to allow more room between them and the search field. I like Google for doing other things but Bing is now my primary search engine with Google coming in second, of course, as opposed to other search engines.  Good Job !!

  40. Anonymous

    Bing's background image is very nice. I use it for my PC wallpaper.

    Tanx Bing Team.

  41. Anonymous

    The images are the main reason I use bing.  Obviously  the search function is important, but to me, the images are what keep me coming back

  42. Anonymous

    Bing's daily picture is awesome – here at work a bunch of us get on first thing and ask each other did we see the bing picture of the day and if its a location we all try to guess where its at with out looking at the hints – Bing rocks!!

  43. Anonymous

    The images that are showing on Bing home page are really spectacular and suberb quality!

  44. Anonymous

    I like Bing. In fact, I love it. I don't know what Kirby's real issue is, but if all he wants to do is search, then he can just open Bing, type in a search phrase, click a button a peruse the results. That's NO DIFFERENT than Google.

    I like the fact that Bing provides a little something extra, but one does not have to take advantage of it.

    The only problem I have with the strking images is that I would like to use some of them as my wallpaper, but they really don't scale well (my resolution is 1920 x 1200 on a 24" monitor) for that. They get a little blurry. I suppose I can take the time to resample them, but it'd be nice if I didn't have to.

    Still, overall, I pretty much use Bing exclusively now, and rarely use Google.

  45. Anonymous

    I LOVE BING. When I'd first "discovered" it, I was excited to see what the next day would bring: What the next exciting picture would be, and the information it might offer. I find it absolutely wonderful to wake up too before I get started on my day! It is very nice, and we appreciate the feel it brings. "THE BOTTOM LINE"… BING!

  46. Anonymous

    I love how our friend 'Kirby' doesn't have time to flutter around his home page, yet he has time to write a ridiculous diatribe about search engine functionality.

    Go Bing!

  47. Anonymous

    Bing is like a brand new horizon of search engine to me. I'm loving it….:-)

  48. Anonymous

    I love Bing and try to go every day whether I need to or not!  :-)  Please congratulate the photographers, SW engineers, and search engine creators.

    I used to love to click the arrows to see previous pages again or if I missed one.  Now I don't find any arrows to go back to a previous day's image.

  49. Anonymous

    For someone in a hurry (Kirby L. Wallace) you sure have a lot to say, get over it. Bing a a good earch engine with some extra features

  50. Anonymous

    I love the home page photographs and the arrow feature which lets one click back to see previous pictures. But I see that the arrow feature is no longer there! What happened to it and WHEN WILL IT BE BACK????

    I also like the site preview which one gets for a search. I use that to assess a site to decide if that is a site that will provide what I'm searching for.

  51. Anonymous

    I switched to Bing the day it came out.  Love the cashback feature!

    But, you mention in this blog post about the "Arrows" of seeing previous images.

    That was removed recently.  And, I really miss it!  Where/how can we view past homepage images now?

  52. Anonymous

    My children are grown and gone but I regularly recommend this page to parents of school age kids. The images are intriguing and will, perhaps, encourage them to explore and learn.

  53. Anonymous

    Your front page made me decide without hesitation to switch from google to bing.  no-questions-asked-this-is-what-i-want-now type of thing.  i look forward to see each photo and to "hunt" for the info pieces. :-)

    thanks for "bing" so innovative :-)

  54. Anonymous

    Love bing and the home page image, however it seems to not let us view the past 7 days anymore?

  55. Anonymous

    To Kirby an poeple alike I'll say, you get distracted if you want, you use the hotspots if you want, the same way that you can click the google name to know why the logo looks different anytime they change it. The image DOESNT AFFECT ANY SEARCHING FUNCTION or SPEED and is a marvelous thing becuase they are stunning and pretty compeling.  Sometimes they actually inspire me in the morning when they remind me how beautiful our planet and human art is, from seeing the cuttest panda to an amazing nature spot or a sculpture or a great building.  Great work Bing!!

  56. Anonymous

    Yeah, where are the arrows to check the past 7 days?  I wanted to show my wife the carhedge image and I couldn't. It is a great feature please do not take it away.

  57. Anonymous

    I love Bing mainly because I get to see an amazing new photo everyday. I never know what's going to pop up. Thanks for the additional info on the "easter eggs"! I was wondering how I can find out more about these locations!

  58. Anonymous

    My family enjoys finding out what the Bing picture of the  day is. Thanks for the great interface design. Keep up the great work.

  59. Anonymous

    Love It!  Have a friend in Oz that emails me to tell me what the next days pic will be!  Like the added information too.  Have not had a great amount of time to explore, but what I have seen is impressive.  Kirby just wants a forum to rant………

  60. Anonymous

    I adore Bing and have completely converted over from that other search engine, which shall remain nameless.

  61. Anonymous

    I like the homepage pictures of Bing. I regularly explore the homepage, which gives me lot of incite into the places of interest in general. I made the habit of further collecting the related images of the pictures of homepage through search of Bing and store them in my computer. This has almost become a hobby for me. I am using these collected pictures as desktop background.

  62. joelslack

    I like the pictures.  I hope Bing will produce a desktop theme that updates my wallpaper daily with the bing images..

  63. Anonymous

    I love the home page images. They are stunning. I wish they were enabled for me to use as my desktop wallpaper.

    Anyway to do this?

  64. Anonymous

    get rid of the need for Silverlight installation. No one needs more software !

  65. Anonymous

    I don't see the previous days' picture – there is no scroll bar as of this Monday.

  66. Anonymous

    Beautiful images, but where is the arrows under the copyright symbol?

  67. Anonymous

    Remember the Microsoft Active Desktop that was avaialble in Windows XP? I think Microsoft was ahead of itself then, as search was not as popular as it is today.

    But the combination of Active Desktop with Bing as the NEW Active Desktop would be great! I change my desktop everytime a new image comes out that I like and Bing is actually my home page.

    So can you make a desktop plug in so I dont have to change backgrounds all the time and I can do my search from my desktop? Or is there a howto guide to doing this.

    Let me know.

  68. Anonymous

    kirby is crazy… probably a google employee

  69. Anonymous

    How about allowing the news section to be customized?

    otherwise bing is awesome

  70. Anonymous

    Hi.  Love the UI.  What happended to the arrows for previous?  They seem to have disappeared..?!

  71. Anonymous

    I don't get any "arrows" next to the copyright image anymore! Why is that? I want to see the previous days images and I cannot!

  72. Anonymous

    I just love the pictures.  The images are really stunning and they generally prompt me to do further research.  When I search for more information on these places, I never find such great images.  I come to Bing every day to see what the new image will be.  Please keep up the good work.

  73. Anonymous

    Hi, nice post.

    I have a problem displaying bing.com with the silverlight background. It does not use silverlight altough I have win 7/silverlight 3 installed. Any idea? Nothing in both firefox and IE8. I have bing set to en-US.

  74. Anonymous

    I think they took off the arrows to view previous days images.  Big mistake Microsoft.  Why would you do that??

  75. Anonymous

    As from yesterday I've stopped getting the left and right arrows to go through previous images. It's so disappointing.

  76. Anonymous

    Love the homepage – simple, clean layout, makes you want to check out where or what the next day's photo is about. Awesome idea to make users come back.

    Also love when searching video that you can mouse over and get a preview…totally wicked cool! Love Bing!

    By the way, kirby l. wallace, go back to your unix console…

  77. Anonymous

    What arrows opposite the copyright symbols.  They have not been there for several days now.

  78. Anonymous

    Homepage images are fun and attractive; however, the first question that comes to mind is not answered. If it is, it's not easily found. Where is this place? Please notice the location of the image or the title of the image at the bottom in a very noticeable place.

    Thank you.

  79. Anonymous

    The pictures keep me coming back everyday! I love bing!

  80. Anonymous

    The quintessential home page.

  81. Anonymous

    The homepage images rock! Keep up the good work.

    Any reason the option to toggle through the last 7 images has been removed?

  82. Anonymous

    I'm disappointed that Bing has stopped viewing older background images. Is there a place we can get to see older images – I just LOVE all the well selected images!

  83. Anonymous

    Bing is realy boring i think that we are used to using Google, so bing is really forigen to me and so i just wont use it. Iv'e tried to but it is realy difficult and complicated. I now don't like Microsoft, Yahoo and Bill Gates because what their doing is unjust as i said before their trying to push Google out of the net. In conclusion i still use Google.

    Go Google!

  84. Anonymous

    The arrows are gone!

    Did you remove the ability to scroll through the past 7 days of homepages?

  85. Anonymous

    So, Kirby, how long have you worked for Google?

  86. Anonymous

    I used to see the arrows and catch up on the pictures I missed but now the arrows seem to be missing. I thought it was cuz I wrote how much I liked to go back and catch up on the missing pages so they took that feature out. Now I wonder what I need to do to get the arrows back.

  87. Anonymous

    The thing I like about Bing is, the homepage. The homepage is different every day which I like as to other search engines can sometimes be the same. The second thing I like about it is there always is meaning to the picture that is up and I like hovering my mouse over top the picture until it shows facts about the page and where it is located. Some of the pictures Bing puts up makes me want to travel there and see the true beauty of the architecture and landscaping of some of the amazing buildings and such in these pictures. Oh yea and the fact that the search engine itself is pretty much amazing in the fact that it almost always knows what I'm looking for the first time I try to search it. I will forever stay with Microsoft. Long live PC's!

  88. Anonymous

    I really like what I've seen so far with Bing. I prefer its nice photos to the bare bones of Google. Essentially what Kirby is complaining about is that Bing isn't Google. Well, duh. I haven't had any impediment in finding what I want because there's an image there.

  89. Anonymous

    7, if you find Bing "complicated" then I can't image how you'll use a really complicated program. Like Kirby, you are complaining that Bing isn't like Google. Also, as for "unjust," Bill Gates is the world's biggest charitable contributer. He's given BILLIONS to aids research, fighting disease and education. He also harranges other billionares to give money to charity as well. What's unjust about that? I think you need to read your history.

  90. Anonymous

    Keep up the good work Bing! I love the pics.  Bing's homepage is the first thing I log into when i get to work in the morning.  I just love being edutainment!

  91. Anonymous

    ok the arrows for looking at previous day are gone, what happened to them? I wanted to see the panda from the other day.

  92. Anonymous

    ok the arrows for looking at previous day are gone, what happened to them? I wanted to see the panda from the other day.

  93. Anonymous

    the arrows to go back to previous pictures are gone, why?

  94. Anonymous

    I love the images and the search functionality is greatly improved over early versions of Windows Live.  Keep up the effort – you've already converted me from Google and are on your way to turning me into an evangelist! :)

  95. Anonymous

    Sorry if I missed something obvious, but now the "last 7 pictures" that used to be there seem to be gone.   Are they going to return?



  96. Anonymous

    I shall say UI of bing is really better than Google

  97. Anonymous

    I'm collecting each one of the pictures. I began collecting them since it still was Live Search.  I still remember the night at midnight when it made the transition to Bing. I just the refreshed the page and boom! There was Bing! At 00:02 PST. The only difference is that the Bing ones do not have the logo or water mark that Live Search used to have nor the credit of the photographer, but the they both been great pictures. I change my background picture in my lap top daily and I get complemented every time. Keep delighting our sight with breath taking pictures.


    Los Angeles

    Los Angeles

  98. alvalles777

    I'm collecting each one of the pictures. I began collecting them since Bing was still Live Search.  I still remember the night, at midnight, when Live Search made the transition to Bing. I just refreshed the page and boom! There was Bing! At 00:02 PST. The only difference is that the Bing ones (pictures) do not have the logo or water mark that Live Search used to have nor the credit of the photographer, but the they both been great pictures. I change my background picture, in my lap top, daily and I get complemented every time. Keep delighting our sight with breath taking pictures.


    Los Angeles

  99. Anonymous

    Thank you for restoring the arrows!

  100. susanai

    I have a secret love and its name is Bing. Pictures are absolutely beautiful, the search is as good and most times better than google. In fact, last week I got rid of anything google excepting 'iG'. I use Bing for everything. Cannot wait for the release of Windows 7.

  101. Anonymous

    The homepage pictures are really cool.

    One can say that those hot spots are distracting. But you are only going to explore about it only if you are interested on particular picture or area.

    So I guess it won't matter a lot.

    And also I like the feature of 'More info'

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