Exciting Times for Bing and Yahoo!

By now you have probably seen the exciting news about our agreement with Yahoo!. We are totally fired up to be partnering with such a great set of folks, and look forward to seeing what we can achieve for customers by working together to bring a strong #2 into the search space.  This is great news for Bing and is a great accelerator to the work we are already doing.  The scale Bing will get through this agreement will enable us to learn, experiment and innovate faster for consumers and advertisers.

The result will be more relevant search results and advertising, which is great for everyone. Working with Yahoo! we will be able to do so much to advance the search experience, and we cannot wait to see the partnership come to life.

For more info you can check out Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz’s blog post, visit our joint website or check out this twitpic of some of the festivities today.

Adam Sohn, Director, Bing

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  1. Quality Directory

    Finally the near monopoly will stop! The Choice Value Innovation article is very detailed. It's a great deal and I love it so much.

    So, this makes Yahoo Search more or less a Meta search engine that mines its data from Bing?

  2. photogster

    Congrats Bing!!!

  3. ronlaughton

    Congrats Bing!

    My sites rank well in Yahoo and Google, but modestly in Bing. Will Bing shut down the loopholes others are exploiting?

  4. Anonymous

    I hope it really does help Bing. On the other hand, I'm worried if these users will simply switch to another search engine, because they don't like Microsoft for some asinine reason, and would never want to touch Bing. But at least I'm thinking the Bing team is hard at work already, improving their search technology and incorporating more features as the deal moves on.

    I'm guessing the only real noticiable change for users is Yahoo! Search is being replaced by Bing Search for at least 10 years?

    Good luck. Keep improving!

  5. himanshu_swaraj

    Congratulations Bing! You deserve to be No. 1.

  6. jackin

    That's really a great- great news! Congrats Bing! Now hope Bing will be no. 1!All the best!

  7. Anonymous

    Congratulations Bing! Keep improving!

  8. chidambaram1987

    Thanks for the fantastic news given ,and congrats once again

  9. Anonymous

    another monopol?

  10. Anonymous

    Very exciting news loved live serch now called bing!!!!  If only this deal meant i could have a flickr account through my live account without the need of a yahoo mail, Keep up the good work guys don't let google slip through!!!!

  11. Anonymous

    Keep growing Bing n Microsoft……

  12. Anonymous

    Its great that even some core google community is discussing this deal ( Ref : googlewavecommunity.com/…/viewtopic.php ). Yahoo has a long list of followers already and the recent Bing is also doing good. I used to check all the three (GYB) bcoz different result set. Bing’s result set was more or less similar to Google whereas Yahoo offers some different and more authoritative source of information. Now the fear is I’ll lose one set !!! But if the Big G monopoly is challenged I’ll be happy. In this respect I’d like to mention that if Yahoo+Bing try to be our (small developers) friend then they’ll do good in long term. Product like small biz website pack from a giant like Yahoo is not at all welcome. Google is more of a friend here with Google Apps n all. At the end of a day its not really how good result set you offer (of course not a failure like Cuil), its how friendly U r to small developers like us.

    A Fact : Small developers do not talk much about Bing though it offers good result. Do U know why ? Its bcoz Microsoft is a money machine and does not offer anything for free… even an Adsense competitor !!!


  13. Anonymous

    I think this is a very exciting move for the entire search industry. I'm sure this will lead into more ventures between the two giants.

  14. Anonymous

    I have been watching this intently. I hope it brings the goods as expected by all

  15. doctorgossip


  16. Anonymous

    Congrats! Live. Sorry! Bing. Google not happy with this.

  17. invader-dib

    Awesome, guys!  I can't wait to see what's in store for Bing and Yahoo.

  18. Anonymous

    Good to see real competition has started in the search world. As search engine users, we'll get lots of benefits and as SEO business owners, we'll have to look at new horizons, but at the end of the day the importance of search will be significantly known to lots of web users.

  19. pynegreg

    If you look really hard at what makes the other guy's #1, you will see that they place the searcher above the quest for the almighty dollar knowing full well that the money will follow. The first thing returned in a search should be a relevant result not an advert.

  20. Anonymous

    Congratulations Bing! Now the real competition will start. I am eager to watch what we (the Web Users)are going to get by this agreement.

  21. Anonymous

    Congrats! Live. Sorry! Bing. Google not happy with this.

  22. Anonymous

    Well quickly frankly I have always hoped that Bing would always take off as our results have always been very good on Bing over the years (MSN/Live/Bing). We have never needed assistance on anything and it just worked. All of our indexed site have and still are doing really well.

    However, recently we have had an issue with Bing and indexing. Like most we run through all of the settings, recommendation, makes changes etc and a few weeks later nothing. Okay so we put a question out on the forum, numerous standard stupid comments later (read FAQ, Bing Webmaster .. blah blah blah) still nothing. So we email re-inclusion (as about the only people you can email from Bing) in an attempt to get the site indexed or resolve the issue.

    We simply couldn't believe the lack of results (10 emails latter and still ongoing) Bing support is so bad that I have decided (yes, it is as bad as Yahoo's) to drop Bing from my list of SEO related work.

    When MS gets its act together and sort's out its support, make sure it provides useful information and assistance I may return, until then that is me finished with Bing/Yahoo.

  23. Anonymous

    Bing and Yahoo getting together, what more could you ask for.

  24. notun9

    Its true that this deal brings bing a strong #2 position (yahoo and MS together) but it would be interesting to watch the % of the search market share that bing will GAIN against google .

  25. Anonymous


  26. miles2go

    Whole world is excited about it. Every one waiting for the outcome. Congrats for the great deal of all time. Sharing informations and techniques of to giant is not easy. Perhaps no one will want to share espicaily big guns like MS and Yahoo.

  27. Reuel

    Congratulations Bing & Yahoo!

    I like BING so I am setting all the PCs I sell or service to have Bing as default search and home page.

    Giving up Google for BING is like giving up a "B/W TV" for a "color TV" – I tell my customers.

  28. Anonymous

    Great news, can't wait to see how everything goes!

  29. Anonymous

    I am very interested in seeing how this plays out. I hope Google is challenged. Personally, I would like someone to produce the perfect search engine, because there still isn't one yet….Clean it up, let's get r done….

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