Bing Home Page Photo Contest Finals! GO VOTE!!

We are in the final round of voting for the Bing Home Page Photo Contest!  Thousands of amazing photos have been submitted and voted for, which has made it very difficult to limit ourselves to only 8 finalists.  During the selection process we looked for photos that would draw people in, tell a story and make you want to find out more. And of course, they had to work within the confines of the page and that adhere to the official guidelines. Thank you to everyone that has participated this far!  It has been amazing to see all of the creativity and talent of the community.

Here are the amazing 8 finalists, one of which will make it to the Bing Home page on August 3rd:










The winner will be determined by the total number of votes. Go see, vote for, and share your favorite photo! Voting will close end of day, July 26th. The winner will be announced on July 27th and all of the top photos and photographers will be featured on our Facebook page. The winning photo will be showcased on the Bing Homepage on August 3rd for one whole day!  

We can’t wait to see which one you’ll choose! GO VOTE!
Elif Ertem – Bing

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  1. no2moro

    The lightning-strike photo is especially impressive, if it was a captured as a naturually occurring phenomenum and not a photo-edited composite.  I like it.

  2. emcl21

    Very nice Pictures !!!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Wow there all brilliant

  4. David Law

    I agree with no2moro if it's not  Photoshop job that's a great picture.

    After that I like the waves crashing on rocks.


  5. Quality Directory

    Maybe, I will submit a photo in the next contest. But I will hurry to Facebook and vote. It's a good way to get the community involved and have a say.

  6. Anonymous

    All Are Amazing Photos !!!

  7. kati_sweet24

    Thanks for your nice pictures

  8. jackin

    All are amazing pictures and it confusing which one to select but i vote for the cool bridge with innocent bird sitting too far and enjoying looking brigde.

  9. Blackpool UK

    those are brilliant pictures, i choose last image as looks very natural scenery of buildings and sky.

  10. Anonymous

    Nice pictures…

  11. miles2go

    Wonderful image by Jeremy Somers, won the contest for his pic. Congrats.

  12. Anonymous

    Wow the ocean wins easy. That is raw natural power and energy. How can you beat that. Hands down winner.

  13. Anonymous

    Those are all amazing photos!

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