Instant Translation in Bing

One of the things we’re focused on with Bing is bringing the answer you’re looking for to the top of your search result to save you the time of wading through a sea of blue links. Whether it’s getting the answer to a conversion or checking on your flight status, instant answers get you the information you want, quickly. Today, we’re excited to announce the newest instant answer in Bing, the translation instant answer. If you’re looking to impress your friends around the globe, you can now buff up on some common phrases in various languages using the translator instant answer in Bing.


Here is a brief look at how it works. Type in the phrase you’d like to translate and to what language. For example: “happy birthday in French.” And voila!



Visit the Microsoft Translator team blog to see more great examples, including the translation instant answer for Spanish speaking markets. Let us know what other search tasks you’d like to see simplified by Bing.



Theo Vachovsky


Instant Answers Product Manager, Bing

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