Live Search is only a Phone Call Away

We launched Live Search 411 (1-800-CALL-411 or 1-800-225-5411) in October 2007, and since then have been rolling out new features that have helped our users in all kinds of ways. There’s Business Search to find that restaurant where your friends are waiting for you. There’s Driving Directions for turn-by-turn directions to guide you there. There are Sports and Stock Quotes so you’re always prepared with a quip about the latest game and the Dow. Add Weather reports, Movie showtimes, Cheap Gas prices, and Travel resources, and you’ll never be without an umbrella, late for the matinee, stuck without fuel, or lost.


Now we’re happy to announce the latest addition to our 411 family: Traffic powered by INRIX, a leading provider of traffic information. If you’re a mobile phone user, you can dial 1-800-CALL-411 and ask for Traffic to get real-time traffic reports in your vicinity or along a route. You can even personalize your experience by saving your start and end points, and then next time saying, “Home to work.” In addition to hearing about traffic incidents and slowdowns, you’ll get an estimated drive time so you can plan accordingly.


The best part about Live Search 411 is that you can call and search from any phone and ask for what you want just by saying it (no typing required). Who knew that the time you spend in the car could be so valuable?


Yvonne Chou, Senior Program Manager Lead, Live Search 411

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