Live Search autosuggestions come to Firefox

We’re happy to report that we’ve officially integrated Live Search into Firefox by popular demand.

The Live Search add-on for Firefox gives you auto-suggestions from Live Search right in the browser while you’re typing your query. For example, start to type “Bruce Springsteen” into the Live Search box, and you’re shown relevant suggestions. The list of suggestions refreshes as you continue typing or when you change the query. You can click the suggestion that best matches what you were searching for to speed you to your results. The add-on is available in the following markets: Australia (AU), Canada (CA), India (IN), Ireland (IE), New Zealand (NZ), Philippines (PH), South Africa (ZA), United Kingdom (UK), and United States (US).

The Live Search add-on for Firefox is available to install at It’s based on the Open Search standard and uses the JSON interface supported by Firefox to retrieve autosuggestions.

Image of Live Search autosuggestions in Firefox

Enjoy speedier, easier searching, and let us know what you think!

Beatrice Oltean, Program Manager, Live Search
Debapriya Ray, Live Search, Senior Product Manager

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  1. Anonymous

    Keep up the good work.  I really think Live Search is reaching the tipping point where it may be able to take share from other search engines.  At this point, I think Live Search requires a few more killer points of differentiation (i.e. data visualization from publically available databases) and some great marketing to really tell the story of why people should try Live Search.

    Again, great work…keep it up!!

  2. Anonymous

    Do you plan a french version (FR) for this add-on ?

  3. Anonymous

    Finally, I can use Live Search in Firefox.

    How come an add-in is required? Yahoo and Google don’t require plugins.

  4. Anonymous

    Glad to see someone’s actually around to talk.  I already was made aware of:

    All Cashback issues are being handled by the Cashback customer service team. Their contact information is listed in the corresponding posts.  You can find additional answers on their support site at Or you can fill out the necessary information on the online form and someone will be in touch with you.

    in another thread.  However, other than the obligatory someone will be back to you email (but never does), the cashback problems continue to mount without the company being responsible enough to address them.  Are there other avenues of contact?  How in the world do you expect to grow your market share if you continue to alienate an ever growing segment of what was your customer base?  Word of mouth is starting to get pretty heavy on the negs, and is near as I can discern it has everything to do with (the lack of) customer service.

  5. Anonymous

    @LiamK – Sorry to hear you are still having response issues. If you want to provide the ticket number that was sent back to you when you submitted your request on the support site above I will try to forward to the appropriate team.

  6. Anonymous

    This search plugin would not install for me until I manually removed livecom.png and livecom.src from "C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxsearchplugins".  I had an old version of the search plugin installed and removing it via the UI did not do the trick.

  7. Anonymous

    @Phil – We are evaluating other markets where we can ship this feature

  8. Anonymous

    @Sam -You don’t need add-ons for Yahoo and Google as they are distributed with Firefox, where as Live Search is not

  9. Anonymous

    @James – When you select Manage Search Engines from the drop down beside the Firefox search box, you get the Manage Search Engines List window. You can then remove the old version from that window.

  10. Anonymous

    hello if someone is monitering this board could you let the people over at the live search mobile board know they’re really ticking people off and sending alot of people to google by refusing to respond to their board.  thank you

  11. Anonymous

    hello if someone is monitering this board could you let the people over at the live search mobile board know they’re really ticking people off and sending alot of people to google by refusing to respond to their board.  thank you

  12. Anonymous


    Please do not repeat what google does

    its useless,

    if google works fine, why do we have to test yours

    however feature request can u add something like this

    i call it word map, this somehow wrong example, but u should get idea

    food –> country

           –> pasta –> pizza –> cheese


    say search in word map

    i can navigate to any other query that correlated with


    it can be on ui with picture

    so when user mouse over other query, they another query that related


    any other ui for quick selection,

    no2, not something like that comboBox

    its more like a grid, then when u can select it with number or the first letter


  13. Anonymous

    Good stuff. Thanks and greetings!

  14. Anonymous

    So all comments on this board is done my microsoft employees. OK. look guys.. your Live Search is crap as compared to Google. Firefox come default with Google and even some website which forces to use IE , I change live search to Google default.. we dont need your live search crap, please donate that live search budget money to Linux.. so humanity can see microsoft in positive light.

  15. Anonymous


    I also have been having problems with the Cashback program.  I have been waiting now for 5 months and still not received the Cashback.  Some how my account was deleted and their is no way to log into that account and click the Cashback icon so Microsoft can deposit the money into my Paypal account.  I even have all the original emails sent me and the Ebay files that show as proof I used the Cashback program.  If anyone knows a telephone number I can call I would appreciate.  Thanks

  16. Anonymous

    @John McHugh – This blog is not intended to be a cashback customer support site. However like I mentioned before if you want to provide the ticket number that was sent back to you when you submitted your request on the cashback support site I will try to forward to the appropriate team. Otherwise I have no way of helping you.

  17. Anonymous

    …This blog is not intended to be a cashback customer support site…

    That’s the problem – Your Cashback Customer Support Site isn’t one as well.  MS has a huge PR problem with the Cashback Paypal failure issue and ignoring it isn’t going to make it go away or entice me to use your search tool.

  18. Anonymous

    …This blog is not intended to be a cashback customer support site…

    There’s an issue right there.  Apparently, even going through MS Employees you can’t actually talk to the cashback customer service team. I’ve been waiting for almost a month for a reply, as the one that is automatically sent out says to reply with additional information, but when you DO reply, it says you have sent mail to an unmonitored mailbox.  You call or chat with MS and they say that is the only way to get in contact with that team and if you say anything about their problems they SUGGEST contacting their legal address.  How is that for a backfire?

    People see an advertised value, go through with the program, the program doesn’t work and the way that MS seems to be handling it is to ignore the problem and hope it goes away.  Based on the operator telling me to get in touch with the legal department, I’m guessing that there are more than a few around that are lawyering up, which is just sad.

    Here’s a few numbers for whomever the poor MS Employee that (I’m sure nicely, but now is regretting it :) ) offered to help:




    Here’s the total irony to this.  The same day I did the first request, I also turned in a regional craigslist pirate/scammer into (long story, but it’s certainly not just selling a PC with a pirated copy of windows).  A real non-automated response time of….  2 hours. Several follow ups since.

    Live cashback?  Operator told me average response time to customer inquiry according to the terms of service was 60-90 days.  

  19. Anonymous

    @Toby – Thanks for your feedback and for being an advocate for Microsoft on other platforms. I have submitted your service numbers to the cashback customer service team and they will be following up with you. I am sorry it took so long to get this addressed. Thanks again! Kristin

  20. Anonymous

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  21. Anonymous

    After the patch it worked just fine.

  22. Anonymous

    Woke up today to access my usual web page forums to find myself confronted by this new live search auto suggestions thing. Now i cannot view my favorite website. I did not ask for this nor can i remove it.

    Please tell how i can totally remove this waste from my computer. And get back to how Firefox use to work!

    I’ve searched but cannot find anything that tells me how.

    As you seem to be the ones responsible, I’m sure you can help.

  23. Anonymous

    I’d recommend trying to get the other ‘’ search engine removed – I had this old one installed, and I couldn’t install the new one because they’ve got the same name.

    Here’s the URL on the Mozilla addons site:

    (it’s the default URL you go to when you click "get more search engines" in Firefox)

  24. Anonymous

    I used firefox so thanks for this information

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