Live Search Mobile update for Windows Mobile

For those of you using Windows Mobile phones, we have great news. This week we’re releasing an update to our Live Search Mobile app for Windows Mobile. With this release, we’ve added some features that make it easier to find local businesses and to get maps and directions on your mobile phone.

For starters, no more fumbling around with your phone trying to enter your exact location. Location detection helps you automatically find your location even if you’re not on a GPS-enabled phone.

 Image of Live Search Mobile

We also know that entering text on a mobile phone can be a pain. That’s why we first introduced voice input in previous releases. With this release we’ve also added predictive query input to help speed up your searches. That’s a fancy way of saying that after entering a few letters, you can browse through previous searches as well as some suggested ones.

Image of Live Search Mobile 

Ever wanted a more detailed view on a specific map? We’ve added an additional perspective in our mapping called “Bird’s Eye.” This view gives you a 3D-like view to help you identify places of interest.

Also, if you’re not running the latest version of Windows Mobile, don’t worry. We have you covered. We’ve built in support for Windows Mobile 5 phones to make sure that you can use these new features as well.

Give it a try and let us know what you think. Go to on your mobile phone to download the app. For more information about Live Search Mobile and the other platforms we support, check us out from your PC at

Jeremy Beasley, Product manager, Live Search mobile

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  1. Anonymous

    When will there be a version for the southern hemisphere? especially one that includes Australia and New Zealand.

  2. Anonymous

    Will there be an update to Live Search for Blackberry Phones anytime soon, especially a version that works on the Blackberry Storm?

  3. Anonymous

    When can BlackBerry users expect the new release?

  4. Anonymous

    How does the "locate me" feature work?  I have a Samsung Omnia from Verizon without unlocked GPS so it would be nice if this functionality worked.  When I try to access it, I get an error message noting that they cannot locate my position (even approximately).  

    Please help…

  5. Anonymous

    i also have an omnia and i get that error message…


  6. Anonymous

    i’ve got a motorola q9c verizon locked GPS, the locate me option is greyed out. any fix?

  7. Anonymous

    @Glen Roberts: We currently have no plans to release this app in Australia and New Zealand but this could change.

    @Hani, @Anatha: We are considering updates to our Blackberry app in the near future.

    @Mike Dyenson: Mike, the "locate me" feature does not currently work on your phone due to your provider not enabling GPS on all of their devices.

    @Aleis: Aleis, if you are also on Verizon network, the "locate me" feature does not work due to your provider not enabling GPS on all of their devices.

  8. Anonymous

    It would be nice to have Android support (iPhone also but that’s more of a closed market to get into).

    Can I just mention – props for letting users of unknown devices click through anyway rather than just blocking them.

  9. Anonymous

    Thanks, love the "catch-up" features (relative to what we’re used to with desktop Search). However, you shouldn’t even be mentioning 3D (that includes 3D-like) because it has nothing to do with 3D. It’s a photographic closeup you’re offering, without the image rotate that we get on the Desktop. It’s that image-rotate capability that simulates 3D, and it ain’t on the Mobile version. Anyway, thanks again for keeping it fresh.

  10. Anonymous

    I’m interested to know how you determine the location of the user. Is it based on triangulation algorithms or are you (Microsoft) having to pay the carriers to return it?

    And the next obvious question… can we tap into it and then write our own location aware apps for Windows Mobile…?

    Very cool.

  11. Anonymous

    The Locate Me thing doesn’t work well in rural areas.  Live Search places me about 10 miles away from where I actually am and also lists the wrong zip code to the city.  Sorry to reference Google, but their GoogleMaps app is within a mile or so for accuracy.

    Regardless, this has been a fantastic release of Live Search for WinMo.  Thanks!

  12. Anonymous

    I can’t enter addresses like I used to under the ‘Directions’ mode. Now when I enter a new location it starts searching for places around me and it can’t find the new address I put in! Before it was so easy, what am I doing wrong?

  13. Anonymous

    I also have an Omnia and the "locate me" feature does not work.Maybe Verizon has locked this feature?

    Need help!

  14. Anonymous

    Happy with the refresh, but I’m suprised by these omissions:

    -Better Touch-device support. Where are gestures for zooming? These should augment the d-pad zoom.

    -Voice recognition for web search. Google has it. Your app has voice recognition. I should be able to click web and then speak my search. Right now, "web" is just a link to the windows live search mobile web site. And it doesn’t even pass on the current location to the site!

    -Better VGA support. The maps still render tiny type on my VGA device (Fuze.)

    Happy with getting a refresh tho! Locate Me and predictive text is nice, but I’m always bitter when my Microsoft apps get trounced by the Google apps.

  15. Anonymous

    On my T-Mobile Dash the Locate Me feature cannot detect my location.  Is the reason the same as the Verizon problem?

    Keep the great new features coming.

  16. Anonymous

    I have a Sprint Touch Pro (HTC Raphael), does Live Search support the "Locate Me" feature for my phone?

  17. Anonymous

    I have a Blackberry Storm and wonder if I can use Live Search?  If so, will Live Search know my location?

    I also have a Samsung Omnia but it doesn’t have true GPS (just triangulation between cell phone towers) so Live Search couldn’t locate the device.

    Please reply to my e-mail as I had trouble finding this site and may not manage to get back to it.  Thanks.

  18. Anonymous

    I also cannot use the address search anymore, it just does a search similar to local business searches.

  19. Anonymous

    I was quite disapointed that it will no longer find addresses and had to revert back to the older version

  20. Anonymous

    fyi i am using the program on a moto q9h with winmo 6.1 everything else worked well the program simply cannot find any addresses in the change location screen

  21. Anonymous

    hi, i have the verizon omnia. i understand that verizon has locked down the gps. but i understand that the "locate me" feature works with cell towers. why does this not work for me?


  22. Anonymous

    Where do I get support for Mobile Live Search?  I have had this problems for months.  When selecting categories or collections, I get this error message "Sorry, we couldn’t update the category lsit. Please check your network connections".  My net connections are fine as every other funtion works.  I installed the new version and get the same error.  

    I am running on the AT&T Tilt with WM 6.1. This started happening before I upgrade to 6.1

  23. Anonymous


    jjmorgan64 or anyone else who can help: how do you revert back to the old version of live search?  I used Live Search for the first time in a while on Friday, Jan 16 and when I opened the program, it asked me to upgrade.  I did and now I hate it!  I can’t use the address feature was what I primarily used Live Search for.

    I would appreciate any suggestions on how to go back to the previous version that I had.

    Thank you

  24. Anonymous

    frank, you probrably have the cab file on your phone still if it doesn’t have a wm6 in it yor fine, it is also available from the windows live site on my phone now sorry don’t have the address.

    let me know if this doesn’t work i can always email you the file.

  25. Anonymous

    JJmorgan64, thank you for the web address.  I actually removed the wm6 version and installed wm5 but then the version is still the one I had before (3.0.3047.24749 (OEM)) and everything is year 2009, and I’m still not able to search by address.  I think my phone (HTC Mogul) still has some information saved in the cache… is there a way I can completely erase everything and start new?

    Thanks for your help!  I really appreciate your time and advice.


  26. Anonymous

    Frank that is the same version running on mine and i have all of the old interface and search abilities huhm. I did have the searches from the updated version too they were not erased so the data files were saved

    did you uninstall and reinstall or did you allow the program to uninstall it during instalation? whichever you did i would try the opposite.

    also, and i’m sure you did, make sure both were/are installed in the same place (memory or storage card)

    if that doesn’t work you can uninstall manually search for any files/folders still on your phone and erase then re install

    if that doesn’t work hopefully someone smarter than I will chime in this is supposed to be the developers site.

  27. Anonymous

    Jjmorgan64, I allowed the new version to install once it prompted me that a newer version was available.  I just clicked on yes when it asked me if it was ok to replace the old version.

    But I did manually delete most of the files associated with the windows live (except 2 files in the "Windows" folder) that I was afraid to mess with.  I then installed WM5 version.  I tried to search the address by typing in the number, street name and zip code, and still didn’t.  However, when I typed in the entire address with city and state (no zip code), it was able to pinpoint it on the map.  Not sure if WM6 is able to do this, since I’ve always searched the address using a zip code.

    I’m glad that it’s working now, though not it’s not the same as before.  Oh well.

    By the way, how do you have your GPS set up?  Do you have it configured to Com Port 4 or through Intermediate Driver?  And what is the difference between the 2?

    Thanks again.


  28. Anonymous

    for anyone interested, I’ve actually gotten the search by address to kinda work, you have to use the voice input and speak the address. For some reason this works, but just not all of the time and also is anybody having the problem of live search crashing alot?

  29. Anonymous

    Frank  i have it set to intermediate driver, but my only logic is it was the first one I tried that worked, i don’t know what the difference would be, didn’t even try the com ports once it fired up.

    lotsa help there

  30. Anonymous

    Ok what changed?

    I have just installed the new version and even though the “locate me” works great I am not able to use all my contacts that I was able to use in the last previous release.

    Additionally I did find that if I get a contact to work, that if I try to select a different contact I get a message that the contact can not be located near the name of the previous contact.

    To work around this issue I have discovered that after I have selected a contact and want to use a different one, I need to go and use the “locate me” option. Once this is done I am able to go get select a different contact, all but the ones it no longer recognizes.

    I would like to see a post that indicates that the LS team is aware of these issues and that they are working on them; otherwise you leave us to believe it is our problem.

    Thanks for a reply.

  31. Anonymous

    Thanks for your reply jjmorgan64.  I have it set to intermediate driver as well.  The funny thing, I feel the GPS is working much faster than it did with the previous version!  Good thing, right?  But I’m not sure if it’s using the GPS or using the triangulation method with the cellular towers.  I suspect the latter is true because my EXACT location is not accurate with the initial attempt with GPS.  However, when I click on "track me with GPS" in map mode, then the location is pinpoint.  Not sure what’s going there.

    And since I’ve started typing in the address with the city and state, I’ve had no problems with Live Search finding the location.  If you just just zip code with city/state, then it gives the message: "cannot locate this address near [the initial location that was inputted]"

    And is anyone still having problems with the accuracy of the driving directions in terms of the distance?!  It’s giving me very inaccurate distance estimations when I input 2 addresses.

    What’s going with this new Live Search version?


  32. Anonymous

    well inspired by frank i reintalled the new version from a fresh download. inputed the house i had to work at yesterday and nothing, couldn’t find it. punchd it in about 10 differnt ways still nothing.

    reinstalled the previous version and it found it first attempt. guess i’m sticking with the old version

  33. Anonymous

    I upgraded to the latest live search but while using GPS, fresh maps do not draw in as I move forward.  I get the start map, I drive little ways (a screen full) and then no more roads… I’m just a triangle on a white screen!

    I even had my phone replaced (Tmobile Dash) but the new phone does the same thing.  

    I can’t continue to use LiveSearch like this, am I missing something here?

  34. Anonymous

    I have been having the same problem with the latest live search app.  I upgraded and now have screen redraw problems, going back to the previous version works for me… I just can’t seem to locate it.  Samsung i760 and xv6900

  35. Anonymous

    The new version is no good. I loved the old version much better.  Directions do not work. When searching for ending location, it searches for what is close to starting location.

    I wish I had saved the old version. I am uninstalling it and back to google maps.

  36. Anonymous

    I reinstalled Live Search Version 5 but it seems like I still have Version 6 installed.  At any rate, the map is being loaded when I have "track me using GPS" activated… I have the HTC Mogul.  And like I said before, you can still search for an address, but you have to use the entire city and state, and NOT use the zip code… then it should work.  Not sure if this will work in Version 6.

    I recommend to reinstall Version 5… I think 6 may have some problems still.  Google maps is nice too but I can’t seem to get the GPS to track me like I can with Live Search.  For example, when I input 2 locations in Google Maps, and use GPS, it shows where I am but does not tell me what to do when I get to a street that I have to turn on… Has anyone figured how to do this?


  37. Anonymous

    Is anyone from the live search team looking at this thread?

    If so do you not see the issue several people are having?

    I think that LS is one of the best applications for the mobile device, I install it on every business mobile device that I setup.

    Once I demo the power they are amazed at the power and user friendly functionality of the application. The iphone crowd that I support is envious to say the least.

    However with the resent release I was first thrilled at the “locate me” option, but then my jubilation was dashed by the inability of locating addresses I either have stored or type in.

    This has caused me to revert back to the older version for now.

    The silence is deafening just a quick post from the team letting us know that the problem is being addressed is all that many are looking for. No commitment to a date of release, just acknowledgement.

    Hears hoping for a response.

  38. Anonymous

    I hope they didn’t stop reading the comments.  I am really bummed that WLS is effectively broken.

  39. Anonymous

    Looks like a lot of people are having problems with the new version. I had issues with finding an address; the screen kept switching off during navigation; and the app was pretty slow, even on a Treo 800W.

    Luckily for me, I had the cab file from the last download. I am back to v3.5. I will miss the Bird’s Eye View from the new version, but how often would I have used it!

  40. Anonymous

    Anybody else having issue with the new version retrieving cached map tiles?  I select the "Cache to Storage Card" + "Cache Size" = 128MB, yet as soon as I disconnect from wifi and / or close the application, it loses all the map views that I had previously viewed.  

    In v3.5, you could use the wifi connection to scroll around an area, select multiple zoom levels, scroll around more.  Then when you would go offline the maps that you had previously viewed would be "cached" to the memory card, and you would still be able to view them even though you did not have an active data connection.  

    The caching of maps no longer works in the new version, v4.0.  In the new version, nothing seems to be cached, when I disconnect, and open Live Search, no maps.  Kind of pointless to have an option to "Cache to Storage Card" if nothing is cached for offline viewing or future retrieval.

    I was hoping that MS would go the other direction.  To allow users to "auto cache" a city.  So if you knew you were traveling to a new city you could "auto cache" maps and particular categories ahead of time to view offline if you did not have an immediate data connection upon arrival.  

    Anybody else able to view the maps from cache without a live data connection?  I too have reverted back to v3.5 so that when I go off-line, I can still see the maps.

  41. Anonymous

    Well, I’ve tried WLS on a Windows Mobile 6.1 Phone and it’s a very nice APP (except when the GPS is locked >.<), it had a lot of really convenient mobile tools.

    I now have a Blackberry Storm and was hoping to install this on the Storm, however, no go. I’m also putting in my vote to hope Microsoft gets this working for the Storm.

  42. Anonymous

    I posted earlier today about the fact that like many others I have found the latest version 4 of Live Search to be completely non-functional on my Sprint Touch, when it worked perfectly for six months before on windows mobile 6.1.

    When I posted I thought it would be relatively easy to find somewhere that someone had posted the earlier cab for version:  3.5.8198.0.  After much digging, I cannot find it anywhere, and panic is starting to set in.  Live Search was the greatest thing that ever happened to my Touch, and without it I will be devastated.

    I saw that link earlier in the thread, but I am afraid it will kick me back to the very old 3.0 version.  As is documented in many places, the 3.5.8198.0 that was released around Aug-Sept of 2008 was FAR better than 3.0.  The maps were higher resolution, the response was far quicker.  

    If anyone can post here where I could find a cab for that specific version, I would be very grateful.  As more and more LS users do the upgrade to 4.0, the legions of unhappy people will become every larger.  Releasing broken software, and then not allowing folks to return to the working version, is cruel and unusual punishment!

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