Answers to your comments about the cashback blackout

We want to answer the most common questions that have appeared in the comments section in response to yesterday’s post about Friday’s cashback outage (Black Friday cashback blackout).

How do I receive credit for an order that is not showing the correct rebate in my Live Search cashback account?

All orders placed on HP Shopping through Live Search cashback on November 28, 2008 are eligible for a 40% cashback rebate. If your account is showing a 3% rebate or not displaying any rebate for an eligible order, please contact customer support with your Live Search cashback ID and order number to receive your full rebate: You can also contact customer support for assistance with your cashback rebate for orders placed through cashback on Friday with our other partners. We’ll do everything we can to credit your account as quickly as possible.

I placed an order directly through the store’s website. Will I be able to receive cashback?

Orders placed directly at the store’s website are not eligible for the Microsoft Live Search cashback program and terms. Orders must have been placed through Live Search to qualify. We are unable to give credit for purchases outside of our system.

Will the HP deal be restarted soon?

We’re working actively to determine next steps for any specific HP promotions. We regret that we don’t have more specific details at this time, but we can point customers to other Live Search cashback merchants with great deals on HP products, including eBay, which is currently offering 20% cashback.

Rajat Taneja, General Manager, Worldwide Commercial Search

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for the posting.  However, this is the same basic link that many people have tried to write to, but receive NO replies from Microsoft.  I have sent copies of each order that has not been credited (so far, 5 total, 1 from the Black Friday disaster), but so far nothing.  

    It is great to say that help is out there . . . but it is another thing to actually accomplish what is being promised.

  2. Anonymous

    Rajat, thank you for finally responding.  The obvious question is how long can we expect to wait for these incorrect amounts to be changed?  I am one of the people who has 3% showing in my cashback account for a November 28 purchase at HP.  I would think that changing that to 40% would be a relatively simple procedure.  But until I actually see it, it’s difficult for me to feel confident that it will happen.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for the update! Also, live chat would be a great idea.

  4. Anonymous

    great more words, but alas no actions.

    How about answering my emails with a personal reply not a canned and inappropriate response.

    Given how poorly this has been handled and how equally poorly Microsoft has handled the my ebay cashback transactions, why would I believe that it will be in my account 60 days from now, if you even credit it.

    How about instant credit? and I may call it even.

  5. Anonymous

    Placed an order through live cashback last friday, haven’t received any cashback or feedback from you guys.

  6. Anonymous

    I suggest you to finish this process soon.I am sure almost all customers have sent emails with their order number and email id to your customer support hoping for 40% cashback

    It is your side which has the backlog .Atleast you blogged this message.hope your customer support will clear the backlog soon and address the issues swiftly

    Otherwise i see HP getting lot of return laptops and desktop.Personally i would decide to cancel(return) if i dont get cashback confirmation before my laptop is shipped as i feel the HP products are overpriced without the cashback deal

  7. Anonymous

    I tried for a number of hours to get the link to work on the 28th.  I wanted to order a touchsmart PC, but was unable to do so.

    Sure would be decent to start the promotion, even for a short period of time for those that couldn’t get through.

  8. Anonymous

    Instead of telling the customers to approach your support personnel ,you must ask your support personnel to look into the already received mails and credit those buyers.

    If this is not going to happen,i can expect you come with a similiar kind of message tomorrow also asking to contact your customer support.

    I would not mind posting my customer service reuest ticket number and the date when i got the ticket here.ok?

  9. Anonymous

    Like we didn’t contact live search support… all the replies we got were to wait, wait, and wait.  Even we provided order numbers, none of the representatives could honor the 40% cashback.. NONE!

  10. Anonymous

    I did contact your support team!  Here is their answer:

    Thank you for that information.  As  previously stated, due to the Thanksgiving holiday purchases may take extra time to show in your account.  We expect many purchases should show in your account by December 2, 2008, but it may take longer for some purchases to show  We are researching technical issues as to why.  If your purchase does not show in three business days, reply to this email and we will research your situation further.

    You may receive a survey asking if your issue was appropriately resolved. Please disregard this survey until we’ve fully resolved your issue.


    Robert I

    LiveSearch cashback Customer Support

  11. Anonymous

    That e-mail is rubbish. It’s a single e-mail they copied and paste on there, not addressing anyone’s question.

    Microsoft is clearly losing the game. It is no wonder Google engineers are more productive than Microsoft overall. Rajat, I suggest you to resolve this problem, otherwise Steve will throw a chair at you next.

  12. Anonymous

    This new article hardly represents new information, and in fact wastes our time by answering questions I have never seen anyone ask, namely, can an individual get a Cashback reward for visiting the HP website directly.  It borders on insulting our intelligence to answer a question that is frankly non-germane to the underlying disaster that was the Black Friday Microsoft Cashback Promotion and the numerous unanswered questions swirling around it.

    Again, and I find it surprising that answering direct questions with direct answers is apparently impossible, so here again is a list of questions that I asked in the original thread.

    These questions come from both myself and literally thousands of consumers who attempted to participate in this promotion and have vocalized their ongoing disgust on various deal forums and blogs.

    The overall consensus is profound concern regarding Microsoft’s complete failure to properly manage the promotion and now the apparent abdication on the part of Microsoft to swiftly and clearly make consumers whole for this debacle.

    With just a few weeks remaining this holiday season, I implore Microsoft to allow consumers to obtain appropriate relief from this mess, and if the company intends to abandon its responsibility to customers, at least tell us now so we may make alternate holiday purchase arrangements.

    How Microsoft handles this matter will have a direct bearing on how many of us will consider using and your Cashback promotion in the future.  Once burned, twice shy.

    1) What concrete steps towards Cashback resolution will Microsoft make for those of us who participated within the window of the sale, went to the site and experienced all of the same problems trying to get Cashback activated, presumably succeeded if only because we didn’t get "Oops" and "Our tentacles are tangled" error messages, made the purchase successfully and got absolutely zero Cashback.

    You only answered the question relating to consumers who received a 3% rebate.  What about the thousands of us who participated in this offer through the link but whose Cashback tracking information was subsequently and apparently lost due to your server problems?

    It’s time for Microsoft to state, plainly and absolutely, that those who participated in this sale event during the window of opportunity who submit an order number and other pertinent information be given the benefit of the doubt and given the appropriate 40% credit.

    This does not suggest any individual purchasing any item on Black Friday be granted a credit.  But for those of us who entered the HP storefront via the promotional link, provisions to grant the 40% rebate must be made, even when your failing servers improperly registered (or subsequently discarded) the tracking information.

    2) The company has efforted to claim that one "make good" for this mess is the introduction of instant cashback for "select" customers who make new purchases on eBay.  

    A more appropriate response would have been that Microsoft will grant an instant rebate to ALL customers impacted by THIS promotion, including those who never received Cashback notification, as well as those who did (be it in the wrong or right amount.)  Don’t worry.  Those of us who received no Cashback notification will be in touch with you.  Almost nobody leaves several hundred dollars sitting on the table.

    3) If Microsoft’s servers become overloaded, perhaps dispensing with an unnecessary multi-step process to finally arrive at the storefront landing/home page would be appropriate.  Dispense with the captcha at least.  Also give customers peace of mind with a clearly visible frame at the top of the storefront informing them their Cashback is still active and functioning.  And let them know about any expiring cookies to make sure they know what window of time is available for them upon entry into the store to complete their transaction before Cashback’s tracking code expires.

    4) Schedule a repeat of this event, but extend it for a 24 hour window, and clearly indicate the times for the event.  There was considerable confusion over whether the last event expired at 7pm ET or PT.  

    The time for vague promises, inconsistent Customer Service e-mails trying to simply make the customer wait longer, and generic apologies are over.  In a rebate involving, for most, several hundred dollars, specific concrete information is required today, to allow customers to get some restored confidence from what has frankly been a colossal failure on the part of Microsoft which for me creates a foundation of serious doubt about my future belief in the Cashback business model and my participation in it.

    This latest response from Microsoft utterly fails to answer many of the most frequently asked, and important questions consumers are asking.

    My message took me less than 30 minutes to compose.  Please take at least as much time to prepare a more complete and clear response so that consumers can feel confident in utilizing the Cashback promotion program in the future.

  13. Anonymous

    What’s apparent is Rajat and Microsoft are out of touch with its customers. They choose to hide behind carefully crafted messages. When in fact they could just as easily post messages in the message boards at countless websites reassuring it’s customers of the plans going forward. Instead they choose to hide behind they’re e-mail address.

  14. Anonymous

    ‘We regret that we don’t have more specific details at this time, but we can point customers to other Live Search cashback merchants with great deals on HP products, including eBay, which is currently offering 20% cashback.

    Rajat Taneja, General Manager, Worldwide Commercial Search’

    Rajat , we’re not here to follow your wisdom and directions how to shop and where to find another cashback deal.. we have dedicated forums for that you can only dream about it.. , we never asked your help in that area, after all reread blog header if you’re not quiet sure where your posting goes.  Who is your boss? give me #..

  15. Anonymous

    Well I will return my four orders. Very dissappointed. It is even more sad that HP will suffer the consequences(pay roundtrip shipping). Microsoft could remedy the problem however, they remain silent.

  16. Anonymous

    "If your account is showing a 3% rebate or not displaying any rebate for an eligible order, please contact customer support with your Live Search cashback ID and order number to receive your full rebate"

    PLEASE let us know when this "backlog" of processing will be completed (again).

  17. Anonymous

    At least most of you can get into your cashback account.  I got in once after I made my first purchase and haven’t been able to access it since.  What a mess.

  18. Anonymous

    I got email from saying that they would credit all cashback by December 2nd. I have not got any confirmation email :( .  Rajat, please do something to resolve this issue.. please..

  19. Anonymous

    How do I receive credit for an order that is not showing the correct rebate in my Live Search cashback account?

    All orders placed on HP Shopping through Live Search cashback on November 28, 2008 are eligible for a 40% cashback rebate. If your account is showing a 3% rebate or not displaying any rebate for an ELIGIBLE ORDER, please contact customer support with your Live Search cashback ID and order number to receive your full rebate: You can also contact customer support for assistance with your cashback rebate for orders placed through cashback on Friday with our other partners. We’ll do everything we can to credit your account as quickly as possible.

    How to determine whether an order is "ELIGIBLE" or not.. You only agreed that you site was down and not working "properly". How can you say whether the someone placed the order through or directly at

    What to do if Microsoft denies cashback saying that I made the purchase directly at not through where actually I went through and made the purchase… Please clarify on how you are going to determine who is "eligibile"?

  20. Anonymous



  21. Anonymous

    Not only have you wasted our time by asking your customers to put together information to email that you should already have, but you’ve also wasted our energy worrying over this issue.  How many hours have been wasted on the slickdeals forums trying to find information about this fiasco that your customer service agents won’t give us?

    I got an email today telling me to wait another three days.  I leave the country on Friday and after that I won’t be able to cancel my order until it’s too late at HP.  Thanks a lot for backing me into a corner, along with everyone else who can’t spend hours a day babysitting you so that you don’t rip us off.

    Why don’t you have a phone number to call so that we can at least speak to someone?

  22. Anonymous

    Its pretty easy to guess why they don’t have a phone number… They’d actually have to staff “real” employees instead of the robots that answer the e-mails. Are we even sure Rajat is a real human? Or a robot programmed by Microsoft legal.

  23. Anonymous

    1. Microsoft promised a repeat of the promotion.

    2. Microsoft promised everyone who successfully completed an order would be credited.

    3. Microsoft claims to have answered our questions.

    Keep lying, and we’ll keep hounding you until you make this right!

  24. Anonymous

    First you say you’ll redo the 40% offer "within a day or so", now you lie and take that back? How can we ever trust Microsoft???????

  25. Anonymous

    It seems as though the answers to the first and second question are contradictory. If you know those who followed the why don’t they have their cashback already? I find it hard to believe that on business day number 3 of this fiasco that you are still unaware if a large subgroup of people actually used your search engine or not.

    Additionally, the idea that we should continue to use to other great shopping deals is laughable. For those of us who have received no cashback as of yet, how are we supposed to have faith in the system? For those of us who have received 3 or 25% cashback, how are we supposed to believe that the current 20% at eBay won’t turn into 6% once the transaction is completed?

    Please rectify this situation soon as I need to let HP know to cancel my order before it ships. I’d hate to put HP out shipping both ways (per their return policy) because you dragged your feet on a resolution.

  26. Anonymous

    It’s now the third day since you promised to restart the HP 40% promotion.  Another lie, perhaps?

    Call it LIE search- be HONEST.

  27. Anonymous

    Great news guys, I just received my 40% cash back! The patience paid off :)

    I sent email on Nov 30, got a reply to wait until Dec 2nd.

    Replied the email on Dec 2nd saying I didn’t receive 40%

    Got cash back today :)

  28. Anonymous

    A QUOTE from a Microsoft SPOKESPERSON "We deeply regret customer inconvenience with respect to the outage," Microsoft said in a statement provided to CNET News. "The spike in traffic in combination with a technical glitch led to the outage. The promotion will restart in the next day or so. Again, we apologize for our customers’ inconvenience."

    Well, make good on your promises, Microsoft!!

  29. Anonymous

    I just want this to be over.  Either give the discount or tell everyone you aren’t going to do it.  At the very least follow up on the emails that we followed up on as instructed in your generic email replys to our first email.

    I can not believe I’m actually losing sleep over this but I am.  My indecision over canceling the orders or sticking it out is overwhelming.

  30. Anonymous

    Just canceled my HP order and I am ordering a Mac.  This was the final straw, Microsoft.  Goodbye.

  31. Anonymous

    Hi Rajat,

    Like thousands of others I am waiting for SOME sign you will honor your cashback promotion.  I receive the same canned e-mails as others, no response is ever given.  Lucky for me I did receive your survey today.  Let me share one answer…consider it my Christmas gift to you in the form of "Free Consultation"

    How would you rate the overall quality of Live Search cashback?

    Gosh….I only have an MBA but I would start by having it actually work. I would do a little research and maybe have ample servers when I advertise the sale of the year. Maybe I would actually credit people with the cash back I promised instead of canned e-mails. Lastly I would invest in a telephone, no contact sends a message you have something to hide… this case you do!

    In your intro you say

    All orders placed on HP Shopping through Live Search cashback on November 28, 2008 are eligible for a 40% cashback rebate. If your account is showing a 3% rebate or not displaying any rebate for an eligible order, please contact customer support with your Live Search cashback ID and order number to receive your full rebate: You can also contact customer support for assistance with your cashback rebate for orders placed through cashback on Friday with our other partners. We’ll do everything we can to credit your account as quickly as possible.

    How about a timeline for credit?  

  32. Anonymous

    i contacted CS by email (the only option I could find) 8 days ago regarding issues with cashback account, have not received any response!

    3-5 days is too long to wait for a reply, but over 5 days is piss poor service!

  33. Anonymous

    Just received the cashback in pending status, think MS will solve all the problem in a few days.

    Good luck!

  34. Anonymous

    Weihus – How much did you receive?  Did you receive 40% for a HP purchase?

  35. Anonymous

    I made a purchase on Thangs giving through and still haven’t receive any notification on my 40% cash back. I got a response to my mail to saying i didnt purchase through the below login ID. I do not have screen shot of my transaction or anything to prove that i did go through I spent almost 5-6 hrs trying to get through and feel really bad being denied. I just think i will have to cancel the order

  36. Anonymous

    to ASDF:

    Yes, it’s HP 40% off by MS Live Cashback, so just keep calm and wait :)

  37. Anonymous

    "Yes, it’s HP 40% off by MS Live Cashback, so just keep calm and wait :)"

    Or better yet, buy something that doesn’t have a garbage OS from a company that actually seems to care about their customers.

  38. Anonymous

    Rajat…I have your solution!  Award an extra one% off for every day a customer goes without getting cash back.  Now we will be upset when the money hits our account as opposed to being mad when we see all zeros day after day…

    Your thoughts- This is a way to say sorry and reward those who wait!  If not, what are your ideas?

    Please answer I really would like to know your view!

  39. Anonymous

    In Massachusetts, small claims court can award triple damages for deceptive advertising claims (Chapter 93A). $800 order, should have been $320 cashback, should become $960 in small claims court. Maybe this will be worth it.

    But this was quite the introduction to Live Search. I’d never heard of it before Friday, and now I’ll actively avoid it.

  40. Anonymous

    Like so many others I had nothing, not even the 3% to prove that I went through the Live process.  I just know I did.  I wonder how many returns HP will get because of this.  Don’t forget, HP has free return shipping.  Make them use it.  

  41. Anonymous

    For those of you that are counting on Microsoft to pay your rebates- don’t hold your breath.

    Once you get to the point I am at, you begin to realize that this entire program is grossly under/mismanaged. Microsoft is in over their head and won’t admit it.

    The "cashback" department can’t seem to get five transactions that I made over four months ago straight.

    Five legitimate ebay buy it now transactions made over a period of two days are sitting in limbo. Based on what has happened so far, I don’t expect to ever see the rebates.

    Chats (when they had them)- unresponsive

    Email- unresponsive

    bbb complaint- unresponsive

    I wonder if the marketing departments of advertisers know what a  mess this promotion is?

  42. Anonymous

    Hi everyone- my readers on are up in arms about his issue as well. While this isn’t the best answer MS could offer, at least they’re on the record stating that everyone will get the 40% Cash Back eventually.

    HP tracks the sources of each visit/sale. I imagine MS has access to this data and they are working together towards a resolution.

  43. Anonymous

    Where do you want to go today?

  44. Anonymous

    Well I got an email from Joel of cashback department telling that he will active resolve the 405 cashback issue.  He asked for my HP order email which I sent just now.  Lets see what happens.

  45. Anonymous

    The same problem occurred with a lot of people purchasing from Circuit City. advertised 20% cashback on Nov. 26, and a lot of people who purchased big ticket items like HDTVs (>$1000) got only 5% cashback.  I wanted to purchase a TV at Sears because it was cheaper without the cashback, but ended up buying it at Circuit City because of this cashback. I now see only 5% cashback credited to my account, meaning that the TV actually was much more costlier to me and I lost out on all other deals because I purchased one from Circuit City.  

    On contacting, I was told that the issue would be resolved by Tuesday, which has come and gone. I contacted them again and was told to wait 5 more days.

    This is basically false advertising. Because of this fiasco, I not only lost money on this TV, but also lost out on other good deals. Microsoft needs to correct this issue and post correct cashback amounts to everyone ASAP.

  46. Anonymous

    I’ve had the same problem with the Circuit City crediting only 5% when it clearly stated 20% for purchases made around Black Friday.  After emailing cashback support numerous times and waiting patiently, the only responses I’m receiving is the generic:


    Thank you for contacting Live Search cashback Customer Care.

    We are aware of the issue and we are working diligently to resolve this problem.

    Thank you for your patience while we fix this issue.

    Live Search cashback Customer Support"

    This is ridiculous.  It SHOULD NOT take so long to resolve such simple issues.  I have heard cases where others were requested to forward their receipts to cashback to get credited.  I do not see a point in this since each cashback account lists each transaction including the amount and place purchased.  It all seems they are just wasting our time and prolonging the situation.

  47. Anonymous

    ^ Well, the longer they prolong this, the less chance you’ll have to return your items since HP and CircuitCity will not accept returns on electronics after (usually) 15 days.

  48. Anonymous

    I’m still trying to get to respond to my missing 20% cashback from circuit city.  I’m losing my confidence in this process.

  49. Anonymous

    Just received this email from  Seems like a step in the right direction:


    Thank you for using Live Search and for your recent cashback purchase on Microsoft regrets that you experienced difficulties placing your order due to our limited site availability on November 28th and apologizes for any inconvenience that this caused. Your purchase (order number ———-) received a 3% cashback reward because it was completed after the end of the limited time 40% cashback promotion. However because of the issues with site availability earlier in the day, Microsoft will honor the 40% cashback reward for your purchase eligible transactions.

    Within a week, your cashback account rebate will be corrected. You will see a cancellation for the original 3% cashback followed by a new purchase with a 40% cashback reward. At that point, your purchase will be processed in the same way as all normal cashback sales and will stay in “pending” status for a period of up to 60 days, to account for returns. After this, all eligible purchases will be marked as "available" in your account and the associated rewards will be available for redemption.  To view the details for this purchase or your other Live Search cashback transactions, sign into your Live Search cashback account. Please refer to complete program terms and conditions located here.

    We appreciate your patience as we resolve this issue.  If you have other questions about cashback, please visit our FAQ. You’ll also find a Help link on the FAQ page to contact support.


    Angus Cunningham

    Sr. Director Live Search cashback Operations

  50. Anonymous

    You promised to offer the promo within "a day or so"- it’s been that timeframe.  So many people spent all day trying to get an order placed.  Make good on that promise!

  51. Anonymous

    ac, I received the same e-mail.  Too late, I already canceled my HP and ordered a Macbook Pro.  MS botched this entire promotion, and I have no faith that when it comes time for my refund that they’ll do the right thing.  I can’t afford to take that chance.

    Microsoft needs to downsize in a big way to be an effective company.  Allow me to make a contribution by taking my business elsewhere.

  52. Anonymous

    Well, I waited another day and surprise, nothing has happened.

    All sarcasm aside, I do feel for the CSRs that are stuck trying to fix this mess.

    Something tells me that HP is going to be getting a bunch of hardware back from many folks.

    Somewhere Steve Jobs is laughing…

  53. Anonymous

    I’m also waiting for any sign that Microsoft intends to credit me the 20% cashback from Circuit City which I’m entitled to. I took plenty of screenshots proving the existence of the offer in anticipation of Microsoft pulling a fast one on me.

    I love the TV that I bought, but it was purchased with the idea that I’d be getting back $260 of the total price. Without the cashback, there’s no deal. Circuit City’s gonna love me when I show up wanting to return the open-box TV (thank gawd there’s no restocking fee).

    Microsoft needs to pull they sheeit together. Honestly, unlike almost everyone I know, I’ve always paid the retail price for MS software… knowing that I could have easily visited the pirates and gotten it for…. aaarrrgghh, I don’t know… FREE?!

    How about you return the favor and actually follow through with your advertised promotion?

  54. Anonymous

    So I buy during the timeframe, through live search, through the cashback link, signed in etc.  No 40% back for me.

    Now I’m seeing on all these other forums that there are people that acknowledge they ordered after 7pm PST, got 3%, then sent in a work ticket, and now have received an e-mail stating they would be credited with the full 40%.

    I haven’t received not one freakin reply since my initial work ticket was opened on the second.  These people sent one in after and had it resolved before.

    I’m so mad I can’t stand it.

  55. Anonymous

    I too bought a TV from thinking i am getting a 20% cashback, but I got an email for 5%. I have saved the screenshots while I was doing this. Sent couple of emails, but all i get is the standard message that everyone is getting. I hope this is resolved as soon as possible, else Circuit City will end up with lots of open box items.

  56. Anonymous

    I also received the "wait 2 days before contacting us again"…so I waited, replied to the email, and haven’t had a response back in the last 2 days. Very frustrating.

  57. Anonymous

    Please o please increase it to 35% or 40%. I was just waiting for Christmas but it the discount seems to have peaked around Black Friday instead.

  58. Anonymous

    I for one would like to be informed by MS when we can avail of maximum discount at sites like eBay. It keeps changing every 2 days.

  59. Anonymous

    I lost out on the deal and think that MS should have had a working system for the deal to be meaningful. But this discussion here is filled with irony.

    MS has said that it intends on bumping folks who got 3% cashback to 40%. So, my humble suggestion might be to wait. This is a MS hosted blog and any promises here would probably hold water in any court. If you don’t trust, then stop crying and return your laptops! But, I know that you won’t do it because deep down u know that you will get the money and you WANT that money! Free money for which u did nothing!

    MS seems to be paying the cashback from its pockets and doing us shoppers a benefit. We seem to ask for promo reruns, etc as if it is our constitutional right and demand that the promotion be turned back on. I am sure it costs a ton of money to give back 40% on the price of a laptop. The cashback site states that any deals could be turned off anytime… BTW, do u have any alternatives? Is anyone else giving you 20% cashback on EBay? I don’t think cashback is helping MS’s search query, so at this time all this is free money! So, eat it while it lasts and stop crying!

  60. Anonymous

    I’m another person who was supposed to get  the 20% Circuit City cashback that you promised but only delivered 5%.   I drove 40 miles to pick it up on Weds wait in a long line and then return home to find out that I was only credited 5%.  Emails sent only get an automated response of a promise of resolution within 3-5 days and now the time is up and I don’t even get a followup response?    

    AT this rate Microsoft is going to have to rename Cashback program to some other name to avoid the stink.

  61. Anonymous

    Received an email from Cashback group that my order was out of the promotion window and therefore I received 3% cashback.  However, Microsoft will offer 40% cashback because of the problem with the site availiability during the day.  It seems I will see the 40% within one week.  It would have been nice if MSFT issued a statement and caused less aggravation to everyone.

  62. Anonymous

    Thanks for the listing of the most common questions in FAQ. That helps a lot and saves the time for us.

  63. Anonymous

    Day four- still don’t see a repeat of the failed promo.

  64. Anonymous

    People, the lesson here is to use real cashback sites like, and Moral of the story is if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. I know that won’t be fooled again.

  65. Anonymous

    I realize now there isn’t anything ‘live’ about ‘live cashback.’

  66. Anonymous

    Yesterday I received by Live Cashback for only 25%.  I went through the Live site on the 28th during the promotion window (It took me 6 + hours).  So I write back to Live telling them the amount was wrong and I should have received 40% cashback.  So later inthe day I get an email saying I cancelled my order (Which I did not do) and they took back the 25% so now I’m back to nothing.  What is going on here!  How difficult is this to get right.  I tried to reply to the e-mail and the mailbox is full!!!!!

    This is crazy.  Microsoft at least send me an e-mail with my order number on it and the correct dollar amount.  This way you can take a week to fix it and I’ll have something to hold on to.


  67. Anonymous

    While it is true that it is not our constitutional right to have sales and deals whenever we want it, when a company advertises a promotion, induces people to make a purchase based on that promotion (most of us factored in the Cashback amount to decide if the purchase we were going to make was the best value), and then the company refuses to pay, that is a basic example of fraud.  

    I have sent numerous e-mails to Cashback, and received the standard reply "We want to assure you that your issue is very important to us.  Our agents respond to all service requests in the order in which they are received."  I have faxed my e-mails to Microsoft’s corporate office, and have yet received a reply.  This weekend, I will escalate the issue to the BBB, FTC and Washington State Attorney General’s Office.  I would recommend that others do the same.  Just a quick Google search (a reliable search engine) reveals hundreds of websites with people who have been cheated by Microsoft’s cashback program.

    Sad, but all we can do is keep pushing to get back what has been offered to us.  While some have said this is "free" money, a contract is a contract.  If you read the business deal that Microsoft has with their clickthru partners, you can see that Microsoft makes some money on each of our clicks.

    Whether the server problems (designed by Dell) were  intentional or unintentional (negligent?), each person who was offered a cashback incentive, and then accepted that incentive by clicking on the link and making a purchase – a contract was formed.  Microsoft needs to fulfill their part of the bargain.

    In the meantime, join me in calling Attorney General Rob McKenna at 1-800-551-4636, or contacting Microsoft at the number in my previous posting.

    Good luck!

  68. Anonymous

    This entire charade is designed to string customers along until past the return period, past the credit card chargeback period, past when we can do anything about this cashback scam. MS and HP are hoping you’re too stupid to realize that.

    I’ve started returning my HP order today. One item at a time, one each day. All the finger-pointing between MS and HP is a distraction from the reality that this was a joint promotion by both companies. HP paid for overnight shipping to get the items here, and they’re paying for each item to come back on separate labels. I’ve lost a bunch of time, HP has lost a bunch of money, and MS has lost a reputation (and probably a bunch of money once HP totals up their losses and has a little chat with MS). Too bad MS and HP didn’t want a better solution.

    I’m typing this on my new MacBook, and in my other browser window I’m searching for a new non-HP laser printer for my office. No more MS and HP in my office as long as I’m in charge of purchasing. It’s just not worth being treated this way.

  69. Anonymous

    I am so sorry that I didn’t get any cashback on my laptop. If I can’t get it, I want to cancel my order. I have sent three emails to your customers, but I didn’t get any reply on it. So could you give me any reply as soon as possible!

  70. Anonymous

    What about the Circuit City 20%?

    I’ve sent several emails, received the automated reply and yet to hear. When are you going to correct the Circuit City fiasco?

    I can’t wait to see how many open box Sony TV’s Circuit City winds up getting from all the people who are going to return TVs.

  71. Anonymous

    I am also on the fiasco-boat.  Like most, I wouldn’t have ordered my item if it had not been for the 20% savings,  I made the purchase on the morning quoted 20% drove 35 miles to the nearest CC picked it up later that day (through rush hour traffic, mind you) returning to find that I would only be credited  5% the following morning.  Fix this or I, and many others will pleasantly leave an open box hdtv on CC’s front door. I’m sure they’ll love that.

  72. Anonymous

    I was trying to complete my order most of the day Friday for the 40% off promotion, which didn’t happen and I am concerned with how this is going to be resolved.  If this online services business is supposed to be "building trust" with the customer and "delighting" them one experience at a time, then they need to reissue  the 40% off promotion once they correct the amounts credited to customers who already made a purchase.  

    The idea of them just thinking this will go away or not be on every news channel is not the smartest move.  This is killing their combined ad spending this half to gain goodwill and enable trust and show percieved value in their search engine.  

    Also, the amount they will need to credit HP for their ad buys/cashback promotion and the impact that will have with their long standing partnership alone should have motivated a more substantial and resolute response.  Anything short of fully honoring and rerunning this promotion as promised earlier this week and credited all purchases made on Friday with the 40% is sure to not only spurn consumers but business partners as well when weighing upcoming opportunities to partner and/or contine long standing arrangements given the decreased brand value of live search and the online services businesses at Microsoft.  

  73. Anonymous

    Got my 40% cashback just this afternoon.  I hope you all get it soon.  I believe MSFT should have given something extra to placate the customers for handling this crisis in such unprofessional way.  

  74. Anonymous

    I am in no rush here – if MS does not keep its end of the bargain, I will return the product to HP – I am sure HP will not want this and will make sure MS does its end and neither will MS as they will loose out on booking a whole bunch of revenue. Good luck!

  75. Anonymous

    I am another one of the MANY who spent many frustrating hours because of this promotion and have absolutely nothing to show for it.

    If this is not resolved (ideally with either a 40% coupon for those who tried but weren’t able to access the website, or with another day of this promotion) I will be spreading the word that both Microsoft Live and HP are apparently in the business of bait and switch tactics and enjoy wasting their customer’s time.

    Unfortunately most people who were affected similarly won’t read or post here, but there are most certainly thousands of angry customers.

  76. Anonymous

    Im on the same boat with all of you folks. I haven’t received any cashback and I’m e-mailing MS every day, and even trying to call them. Still no luck, I think they’re even tired of sending automated e-mails at this point. I really don’t know what to do besides return my product at this point.

  77. Anonymous

    I was an HP shopper on Black Friday who went through all the necessary steps for 40% off, yet nothing showed in my cashback account. After sending the Cashback team an e-mail on Dec. 2nd with all the information they requested, I received a canned response. I sent another on the 4th, and received the same canned response.

    This morning I received an e-mail that I was credited with my 40% cashback. Patience goes a long way. Although I believe the Cashback team could have handled this better, they did come through on their promise…at least in my case. If you legitimately qualified for cashback, just be patient. And good luck.

  78. Anonymous

    Nice Clinton impression, Rajat.

    You need to stop all this mumbo jumbo doublespeak and make good on what was offered — even for those frustrated F5ers who spent their day off with Live, all to no avail. In my case, I got to the greenlights twice, but couldn’t get past the captcha. Though interestingly enough, your system had no problem offering me the chance to complete the Live registration process.

    There is only one correct and acceptable response here:


    Anything short of that is BULLoney!!  

  79. Anonymous

    Although I was skeptical at first, I just received an email saying that I got my 40%.  The delay was frustrating but in the end, MS came through.  Thanks to Rajat and his team for making good (at least for my situation).

  80. Anonymous

    i have been email them for the past 1 week and there is no response…

    is there a way reaching the MS people directly instead of thro CSR??

  81. Anonymous

    I have waited patiently after my initial email on Saturday that said that i need to wait till Dec 2nd. Despite waiting till 2nd and since then sending a bunch of email,  i have not got a single response that addressed to me that made me feel that some one was actually looking at my email.

    I am so disappointed with not seeing the Cash Back. Spending more than 6 hours on Friday without having fun and in the end not seeing Cash back is so disappointing.

    Without the Cash back i would have gotten better deals from other vendors for the laptop and i missed those opportunities too. Whos to blame?

  82. Anonymous

    is there any chance of ms responding to the emails i have sent?   i placed an order at 4:50 pm pst on friday nov 28 through the link and i still haven’t seen my cashback nor is microsoft replying to my emails despite them telling me to email them on the 2nd if my issue was not resolved.  my order has shipped as well, and i want to return it if they aren’t going to honor their promotion.

  83. Anonymous

    I got my order in before 7:00 pm on Black Friday, cashback account doesn’t show it.   Sent at least 5 emails to MS, no response yet other than unattended mail response.   It seems that MS is helping the people got 3% cashback first.  It is so unfair that MS helps them ahead of the people like me who made the purchase in time.  I am so mad.

  84. Anonymous

    Rerun the 40% cash back for hp shopping ASAP as promised, you will not get away with just correcting the few people’s cash back amounts who got through in the few minutes of the 12 hour promotion that it actually worked.  YOU NEED TO RUN THE 40% PROMOTION AGAIN for the amount of time advertised and actually have it work.  Anything less than that is not truthful and a horrible blow to any goodwill you might have had with the end user.

  85. Anonymous

    I just read on live search’s blog "we have now reached out to all affected customers whose email addresses and purchase details we have on file." …. is this TRUEEE…!!!!!

  86. Anonymous

    Please tell me that is not true that you have reached all the affected customers!  I have sent 7 emails with no responses after a week of constantly checking my email!  I don’t know what’s up with you will receive a response to your feedback in 3-5 days but maybe it should be changed to you may receive a response and then again you may not.  Patient only goes so far.  If you offer a promotion than you should honor it!  There was a mistake on your company’s end.  If you need to bring in extra staff to correct the people and respond to people.  That is what you should do.  Customer service and satisfaction should be number 1.  Please resolve this situation so we know if we need to return the products that are on their way!

  87. Anonymous

    I am so frustrated with the lack of responses from MS.  This sediment seems to be spreading through the forums that I visit.  If MS doesn’t get a handle on this soon, customers will stop using the service.  Why would you use it if you can’t trust it and never get support?

  88. Anonymous


    I also have been having problems with the Cashback program.  I have been waiting now for 5 months and still not received the Cashback.  Some how my account was deleted and their is no way to log into that account and click the Cashback icon so Microsoft can deposit the money into my Paypal account.  I even have all the original emails sent me and the Ebay files that show as proof I used the Cashback program.  If anyone knows a telephone number I can call I would appreciate.  Thanks

  89. Anonymous


    I purchased a laptop from Hp, through your cashback referral follwoing the procedure to the boot, within the time frame the 40% cashaback was allowed on Black Friday. I can not afford a full priced item.  Cashback was was shwon for a couple of days, and then upon writing emails, I was approved a cash back of 5% for a computer configuration I didnot purchase on a date I didnot purchase; where as they have denied the real 40% cashback today, saying that they have no records of my going through their referral program! They have a record of a purchase I did not make! ROFL.

    I sent them the order confirmations ane the details showing of my order but I still do not get the cashback! I am utterly disappointed and it is hurting my wallet.

    Please make the situation good. Thanks

  90. Anonymous

    Emailed twice, both time automated replies telling me to wait in line and they will get to me in the order the email was received. It has been 9 days since I sent my first email and so far absolutely no response from MS. Does anyone know how long it will take MS to get through all the cashback issues, or are they effectively done and those who haven’t heard back are screwed? I guess I have until Christmas to make the call on a return (i.e. if no cashback refund, then HP computer, printer, and accessories all get sent back to HP). What a shame that customers who got through on this deal are still being left in the dark.

  91. Anonymous

    What is your service request number ackmiller?

  92. Anonymous

    On 11/28 I ordered ~$1,000 worth of computer, monitor & accessories through the 40% off Live Cashback link.  Nothing showed up in my account.  Waited 2 business days (per MS’s website instructions) still nothing, then I emailed cust. service.  Waited 5 business days, per the instructions in the automated email response, still nothing.  Day 5, also got a survey requesting feedback on the customer service I never received.  Resent my request, referencing my CS request number, only to get another automated response with another CS request number.  Day ?, still waiting for any kind of response, and wondering just how long I can wait before I am forced to return everything to HP.

  93. Anonymous

    What is going on with customer support? I have emailed them numerous times regarding the cashback that is still shows as processing in my account for a month and half. I opened atleast a dozen tickets, no reply to any of them. Is the BBB only way to talk to them?

  94. Anonymous


  95. Anonymous


  96. Anonymous

    Well, I had three orders that had CB issues and all denied. No rebuttal, all final. Email to them have no responses. It’s been 5 days and no replies.

    CB is a hoax. Another way for MS to stick it to us again. This is getting bad. They use us to drive business to live and they get all the benefits. FAKE

  97. Anonymous

    I am a very dissatisfied Microsoft customer!  I purchased a laptop on Black Friday after trying to get on the site all day, making 5 calls to HP about being able to purchase, and trying to contact Microsoft.  I clicked on the cashback icon that showed 40% cashback for a set period of time.  I went into the site, set up a cashback account and purchased my product.  I was sent an email finally last week.  It stated that I clicked in the wrong place to make my purchase.  I think that is really crappy of Microsoft!  I clicked where it said 40% cashback, on Microsofts gold dollar sign icon!  If I did click the wrong place I think it was very misleading and that I should still get my 40% cashback!  I made every effort all day to take advantage of the promotion.  Now I can not even get an email response from Microsoft.  I need to know if I need to be contacting HP to pick up my products.  I think it is unbelieveable how long it is taking for their customer service to get back to people.  I tried to be very understanding at first because of all the people they had to contact but now after telling me I did not click the right place and not replying to my e-mail to resolve me issue in almost 3 weeks is just too much.  If I don’t get a response from them in the next couple of days I will have to contact HP to return my item and will never purchase another Microsoft product again!

  98. Anonymous

    Microsoft CashBack Program is a fraud.  I have lost $350 in cashback bonus.  FRAUD and I still get no contact after 5 months from representatives!!

  99. Anonymous

    I guess you are right.  I thought they would want to please their customers so they would have return customers but it looks like they are going to lose many customers over this black friday mess!

  100. Anonymous

    I had made an HP purchase via the Live cashback link on Nov 25.  By Nov 26th I had seen the note about the newer 40% cashback (even made a screen print of the promo).  I had contacted HP to try and get a credit for the difference between the 2 cashback amounts but was told it is a MS problem.  So, all day on Black Friday between 7 AM PST and 7 PM PST I tried unsucessfully to access HP thru the Live site.  I was going to re-buy the same item at 40% cashback and return, or cancel, the identical HP item I purchased the day prior.

    Since then I’ve sent numerous emails to HP and Live Cashback support with no resolution.  

    My situation is no different than what people do when they purchase something at one price, then see it at a lower price the next day and go back to the merchant for a price adjustment.  It happens all the time and I’ve done it many times.

    I wish I had a postal address of someone in MS Cashback that I can send all of my documentation to.  Does anyone have that information?

  101. Anonymous

    I made a purchase and was upposed to have been issued a check on November 7, 2008.  Still not recieved it.  Customer service has not been helpful at all.  Sent them numnerous complaints with ho update.  It really sucks as they have no live support.

    I would not recommend anybody to go with Microsoft cashback

  102. Anonymous

    If they do not contact me I am also going to tell everyone I know not to use or cashback!  

  103. Anonymous

    I opened an account to make a purchase.  I could see my account balance ($0 at the time).  I was able to access my account (n fact, I seemed to be always logged on).  Then, one day later, I made my purchase.  I received an email regarding my cashback.  Yet, I cannot log in into my account!  The support center keeps responding to my queries in an unhelpful, basically automated way.  The told me: your ID is not a valid ID.  That’s exactly the problem; do something about it!  There is (was?) money for me, and, if by mistake or glitch or whatever, Microsoft messed up my access to my account, the money should still be mine (if nothing else given Microsoft’s email telling that I had earned that amount).  I asked the support people to reinstate my account with the $ credit on it.  I’ll doubt they will do it: they will probably send me the 6th automated message.  If anyone can give a MAILING ADDRESS, I’d prefer to write them a letter at this point.  Others may also find it helpful, I am sure. Thanks!

  104. Anonymous

    Why is it that I cant get on the Misrosoft Cashback account site to view my cashback?  Did I just get screwd?  I only had a couple of days left to get close to 500.00 in cash back and now I can’t even access the web site.  Does anyone know whats going on?

  105. Anonymous

    This is a warning to stay far away from this shady service. At the beginning of this week, I had nearly $150 is my Live cashback account. Today I have ZERO. Not only that, I don’t have any account history. It as if like my account never existed. What a disappointment. I was looking forward to having a couple extra bucks at the beginning of year.

    As a summary, STAY AWAY FROM THIS SERVICE. If it sounds too good to be true, it is!

  106. Anonymous


    I also have been having problems with the Cashback program.  I have been waiting now for 5 months and still not received the Cashback.  Some how my account was deleted and their is no way to log into that account and click the Cashback icon so Microsoft can deposit the money into my Paypal account. I previously  added my PayPal account to my account.  I even have all the original emails sent me and the Ebay files that show as proof I used the Cashback program.  If anyone knows a telephone number I can call I would appreciate.  Thanks

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