You asked for it: instant cashback!

When we asked users about the improvements they’d like us make to Live Search cashback, many said they want to receive cashback instantly instead of waiting for 60 days. Well, I’m happy to announce that we’ve just released the Instant cashback feature with eBay. Instant cashback will be eligible for some, but not all users. Eligible shoppers will be notified online after completing a purchase on eBay.

Here’s how it works

  1. When you search for a product on Live Search — say an Xbox — within the results returned you’ll see an eBay ad with the gold coin cashback icon Image of cashback icon and “Live Search cashback.”
  2. Click the eBay ad to go to and make your purchase.
  3. After completing the payment with PayPal, you’ll receive a message saying you’re eligible for “instant cashback.” Yippee!
    Image of instant cashback message
  4. The cashback amount is automatically deposited into your Paypal account and posted to your cashback account.

This new Live Search cashback feature ought to make your holiday shopping all the more rewarding. I look forward to sharing many more improvements with you in the coming months.

Happy shopping, everyone!

Kok Waii Wong, Group Product Manager, Live Search

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  1. Anonymous

    Please post an update here on what Cashback plans to do about the Black Friday HP-fiasco.  There seem to be thousands of people who attempted to use the 40% cashback deal, but only received 3% cashback (or have received no notice at all), and some communication from about what the company plans to do would be very helpful so we know whether to cancel our HP purchases and look elsewhere for Christmas computer sales.  Talk to us!  Thanks.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m glad you see you’re implementing this, what a great way to make Live Search cashback even more useful!

  3. Anonymous

    Do we know it will be instant cashback prior to checking out?  What makes a purchase eligible for instant cash back vs waiting for 60 days?

  4. Anonymous

    Your complete and utter failure in Black Friday was rediculous. I cannot believe it was allowed to continue all day. You guys couldn’t figure out what was wrong? You looked like a mechanic who couldn’t get his own car started.

    Yes, please post something about how you are handling the people that purchased from HP, since HP is playing dumb. You would think by today that the folks at HP would have some type of script or something, seeing how they "teamed up" with you, other than to direct us to the site again. It probably crashed again today since they were sending everyone there!

  5. Anonymous

    Please please bring Black friday HP deal again!

    I waited for this since it was announced, had not been any where to shop

    waited for this thing to go live so I can make purchase for my GF and Me!!!

    I do not know where to go?

    was a bait and switch?


  6. Anonymous

    Hmm.. I wonder how we know which of us is "elligible" for instant cashback?

  7. Anonymous

    Please provide some information regarding this incident, as many have not yet received confirmation of cashback.  Thank you.

  8. Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure random eligibility is not what us user had in mind when we asked for INSTANT cash back! If you aren’t going to make it instant for all purchases then why not give a notification or some guidelines for what will and won’t be eligible and then cut the wait time down to less than 30days for the rest of the cash back rewards. Why the heck was 60days chosen anyways, most eBayers don’t offer returns after 14days let alone 30-60.

  9. Anonymous

    Please offer some information on what purchases qualify for instant cashback.  You announce that it is implemented, but then put caveat that not all purchases qualify.

    Please clear this up.  Why the smoke and mirrors?

  10. Anonymous

    Will you guys offer this retrospectively to past purchases made?

  11. Anonymous

    After receiving a 30% coupon from e-bay, I attempted to create a cashback acount. Several frustrating hours later, I still don’t have one. After filling out all my info, I get a "connection failed" notice. Will e-bay users get another chance at this?

  12. Anonymous

    Bring back – HP 40% cashback offer. I tried all day long to grab a HP product, but was disappointed to view the ‘oops’ page every time I clicked on the sponsored link.

    Please bring back the offer again. Thanks.

  13. Anonymous

    Thanks for the update and looking forward to more improvements.

  14. Anonymous

    "I’m happy to announce that we’ve just released the Instant cashback feature with eBay. Instant cashback will be eligible for some, but not all users."

    why "some", who are these "some", when will this be pusehed to everybody?

  15. Anonymous

    Your cashback on black friday was an utter disaster.  I am a college student and rather than being able to concentrate on finals i am instead wondering if my $800 laptop purchase is going to be a disaster as the HP computer i bought while a very good deal with the cashback is horribly over priced compared to other BF deals that i could have got in on.

    I have received no email both to my question sent in and the automated email i should be getting to confirm my cashback.

    But you have instant cash for ebay.  I’m sure thats what everyone wants to hear about rather than if they will actually be getting the hundreds of dollars they’re entitled too on computer purchases.</sarcasm>

    MS you have dropped the ball on this badly.

    And i find a nice blog where the company should be communicating with it’s customers.  It’s even recently updated… with information no one cares about.

    -Ben B

  16. Anonymous

    I too would like some attention where attention is due.  I made a purchase on Friday with the HP 40% deal.  Finally got in, did everything right and now am waiting for a cashback email.  I expect MS to come through and honor everyone with an order from that day.  It’s the only way to make good on an awful situation.

    Take a look at your customer service records and do the right thing.  Now. Not in 1 week, not in 3 weeks, not with a 60 day waiting period.  Don’t mess around with this.  Stand up and be a respectable company.

  17. Anonymous

    I purchased as product on e-bay today, before ordering it I signed up for a cashback rebate from microsoft.  I do not see it in e-mails or nothing.  The product said that it was a$75.00 rebate, the product was TomTom XL 330S item number 110317931473- I am signed up in live search cashback.  Please advise

  18. Anonymous

    Yep. What a disaster on Black Friday with the HP 40% deal. Can’t believe MS was unable to fix the problem ALL day.

  19. Anonymous

    Why don’t you clean up your house first. I’m still waiting for my 40% Cash back from the HP black friday and 25% cash back from the days before on HP/


    I would love to have seen Bill Gates trying to use on black friday.

  20. Anonymous

    BringBack  regarding – HP 40% cashback offer

    "Please bring back the offer again. Thanks."

    You’re joking, right? Good luck getting the money. There’s an army waiting for the money back from that fiasco.

  21. Anonymous


    I hope someone can clarify the HP/Live cashback situation. I ordered a computer that was overpriced with the thought that I would receive 40% cash back. I have yet to receive the cash back e-mail, and need to know whether this will be honored. Can someone please notify us or post a message about the fiasco? If nothing will be done, I need to cancel my order. Thank you.

  22. Anonymous

    Wow, that’s nice.  Too bad -I- still have to wait THREE MORE WEEKS for the $200+ I have coming in cashback.

    Damn shame, I could have put that into more Christmas presents.

  23. Anonymous

    I would also like to be on record as saying that the 60 day wait is ridiculous.  As several people have pointed out, you’re lucky to find an eBay seller that will take returns after one or two WEEKS, let alone 30 days…  So 60 is damn-near onerous.

    Kickitback only makes you wait 30 days.  I wouldn’t presume to suggest that someone should go through and check the return policies on every transaction…  But generally speaking, 15-30 days is longer than most return/refund periods on eBay items.  (Assuming there even IS any kind of return policy available!  Most of the stuff I buy is AS-IS!)

  24. Anonymous

    Your BF offer of 40% cashback is a real disaster. I wasted one full day in my life because of this offer. Finally I was able to go through the site after NINE hours of refreshing and made the purchase. I have not received the cashback confirmation email till now. I have email to and received no useful answer. Its not just me, there are thousands of people like me suffering because of your incapability. My final word is MICROSOFT SUCKS BIG TIME!

  25. Anonymous

    Words can not describe how disappointed I am with your 40% cashback on HP from Friday November 28th.  I wasted all day trying to get through, finally it says my cashback has been activated and takes me to the site, then I order a laptop.  It took HP almost 8 hours to send me a confirmation email.  Meanwhile I got in again and ordered another laptop, both before the deadline, well before the deadline.

    So here I am 3 days later having sent two e-mails, one to HP, one to MS.  HP says they can confirm my order, and then tries to sell me a bunch of printer ink.

    MS says wait until December 2nd.

    Meanwhile MS sends out press releases stating the people that got 3% will get the 40%, but due to server issues the others may be SOL.  But hey!!  It will be alright because they will offer the promo again.

    So my choice is to wait and hope they give me the 40%.  Or return the laptops "$2000" worth to HP for a full refund.  Meanwhile maybe I can get in on the new offer so I can get burned again.

    Aside from the consumers, HP is going to take a beating on this from all the returns that they will have to sell as refurbs and you guys will get off with a profit for all the click throughs you had on your site.


  26. Anonymous

    I still can’t believe what happened on Friday. You guys suck big time. I haven’t received any cashback yet, so if I don’t get my 40% back, I am definitely returning the laptop that I ordered from HP. Also, like so many other people in the same position as me, I am filing complaints with BBB and my local state authorities.

  27. Anonymous

    Thanks Microsoft so much for the cashback! Way better than google.!!! Unlike some of the posters I am just grateful for the cash back option. I am not going to complain about how much. Come on it is free money.

  28. Anonymous

    A purchase I made earlier on ebay was qualified for instant CB. Later on I made two other but I am not qualify for that. I am confused. Why suddenly I am qualified and later on I am not? What’s the terms and condition on that instant thing?

  29. Anonymous

    I agree with Ryan.  At least they tried to give us the 40% cashback, and people start whining and yelling when things don’t go their way.  Such drama!  Don’t they know that unforeseen technical glitches do happen in the real world?  No matter how prepared you are, something can always go wrong.  I’m not surprised though with the Black Friday mob mentality.

  30. Anonymous

    It only took me 30 min to figure the cashback thing for HP Microsoft…

  31. Anonymous

    So you’re saying it only took you 30 minutes to write a script to get in then.

  32. Anonymous

    I can’t believe that the same guy posted 40 messages whining about what happened to him on Friday.

    Dude. You hit a bug, or you purchased something from one of the merchants on eBay in one of the sales that wasn’t actually covered by the cashback program.

    Deal with it, and next time read the details before you make a several hundred dollar purchase so you don’t rely on a flawed understanding of what’s being offered.

  33. Anonymous

    Wasted my time trying to use your 10% plus 30% ad.

    Microsoft—-Make it right

    Fix your mess

    Reoffer it in a manner that consumers can use

  34. Anonymous

    YOU NEED to tell us BEFORE the payment is made, IF it qualifies for cashback instantly! otherwise it feels like the Lottery ticket.

    It’s like buying a hamburger, not knowing if you’re going to get to eat it now, or in 60 days!

  35. Anonymous

    i also was suckered by the hp black friday fiasco

    microsoft when will you man up and award the 40% cashback to those who went by your rules and shopped for computers at hp, well im one of the thousnds who will be returning my purchase,i doubt after hp takes a hit on shipping costs and selling all these as refurbs ,that they wont ask for some sort of settlement from you

  36. Anonymous

    I purchased a TV  on circuit city on seeing advertise ment on 20% cash back on search . every thing looks good at booking .. but they sened an email stating that you earned cash back 5%. you advertised 20 %  cash back and you are giving 5% cash back .. its cheating customers .. i am trying to contact support they are saying they looking this issue. i dont know when they resolve this issue.

    at this i am trying to reliaze that these cash back is just for cheap publicity and not for rel benefit to customer . if it is they need to fullfill promise as they advertised ..

    any how i will wait for another week if the issue is not resolved i will return my product to circuit city

  37. Anonymous

    what the hell people stop making this about the damn black friday mess!!! you’re cluttering up a post that’s about the new instant rebate plan.

    i, like everyone else here, would like to know who/what qualifies for this instant rebate? you can’t say you don’t know yet because the instant rebate plan has already been implemented. i just made an ebay purchase for 250, used the buy it now option, and it said i didn’t qualify for instant rebate….what is the deal?

  38. Anonymous

    eBay/Microsoft cashback is GREAT. Period.

    (Btw, I received my first instant cashback today. I still have many pending ones, but I’m not complaining).

  39. Anonymous

    To TheBakachan  Every purchase made by you on ebay is returnable refundable for 45 days (forced by paypal if payed by paypal) so it goes well to have live force a 45 day wait or more to cover the fact of a claim filed on the 45th day.

  40. Anonymous

    How about improving your customer service? I’ve filed 3 support claim tickets and have not received a response to any of them. You are holding $51 that I cannot get paid for. Please get it fixed! Also, how about eliminating the waiting period on all past eBay purchases?

  41. Anonymous

    Just answering your support emails would be nice.  So far sent 3 emails none of which received a response.  And my purchase was made on Thursday on a 15% cashback offer at Tiger Direct.  So it wasn’t just the HP offer "overloading the system" that was a problem.

  42. Anonymous

    Thanks for the great work Live Search, I love the cashback functionality I’ve used so far

  43. Anonymous

    Thanks for the cashback program.  I really appreciate the deals I’ve been able to get, through online stores and ebay.

  44. Anonymous

    The program is great. But, you really dropped the ball on the 40% off HP store on Friday. I’m sure a lot of people stayed in to get that deal and were really dissapointed when things crashed. How about doing it again?

  45. Anonymous

    I bought stuff on Ebay back in JULY and haven’t been paid yet!  I filed with the BBB in September, went back and forth with your BBB department all of October, you agreed I was right on November 6th, and agreed to pay me then   – guess what?  STILL NO MONEY!!!  

    "Instant cashback" my butt!!!  You guys are FRAUDS!

    Here’s an idea, how’s about you guys pay the people you owe money to before promising others "instant" cash?  

    Y’all are long overdue for a class action lawsuit because of your FRAUDULENT activities.  

  46. Anonymous

    I asked for instant cashback, and, um, I didn’t get it on any of the orders I made yesterday.  What’s the point of this blog post?  What a waste.  

  47. Anonymous

    MS does NOT have to offer this kind of deal. I’m personally very glad that they have and have made numerous purchases that I would otherwise have never made.  In this economy, I think that is a tremendous statement.  

  48. Anonymous

    Live cash back denied all of my payment requests by "reseller" excuse, even though it was their mistake that wrongly counted multiple cash back notifications for a single transaction! For example, I just bought one item, and their website was not stable (Microsoft tradition, you know), so live cash back counted the purchase for 3 times. Then, when I tried to get my cash back, Microsoft said "we consider you as a reseller because you bought 5 same items". Isn’t it funny?

    I’ve emailed, online chatted (not available anymore), BBBed, and still haven’t got even a single response.

    Guys, let’s meet Microsoft on court.

  49. Anonymous

    Well for all of you that got screwed by MS Live CB with doing nothing to violate their TOS there IS hope at least through small Claims. Like others,  I got the usual canned BS from them in response to missing transactions, transactions denied because of the bogus product retuned reasons , reseller etc… ALL of which were NOT true.  After repeated failed attempts to resolve the issues with MS I filed  a small claims suit with MS on 10/19/2008.   I live in Western NC but had to file my small claims suit with the magistrate in Raleigh NC because Microsoft has a business presence there and according to NC law that is where the small claims case must be filed.  My case was heard this past Friday( 11/30) and I won easily. The buffoon of a lawyer MS had as a representative for them in the case did not even know what MS live CB was letalone how it works or in this case did not work  The magistrate could not believe MS would send someone who was totally clueless but I knew better but just kept my mouth shut.  I initially filed for  $1200 in unpaid Live CB some of which was for purchases from HP where HP/MS Live CB clamed I returned the items and the others were for eBay purchases where MS claimed I was a business and I was reselling the items I purchased off eBay which violated the MS Live TOS. I did not purchase ANY items for resell and their claims as I proved was NOT true in the first place. The eBay terms for the MS Live CB promotion explicitly state they don’t exclude purchases for the reason they were acquired (ie reselling)  and that the retailer terms for the MS  Live CB promotion overrule the general terms of the promotion OK.  For my case I printed out all the MS Live CB confirmations promising me MS Live CB 60 days after that confirmation, the subsequent rejections refusing payment based on bogus reasons and my follow-up emails to MS with no response,  my BBB complaint where MS promised to pay me for their error and did not, the MS Live CB TOS and the eBay specific Ms Live CB TOS. In addition to my losses I requested $1500 in damages because in their BBB response to my complaint they stated that PayPal was the party who did the auditing for ALL  MS Live CB rejections and they (MS Live CB) have nothing directly to do with it . Well that got me to thinking.  Most of my MS Live CB purchases and subsequent denials had nothing to do with eBay purchases and did not involve PayPal at all. Plus there is NO requirement that I use PayPal to get my money from non-eBay purchases. The fact that MS Live CB was sharing my non-eBay purchase information with eBay/PayPal was a clear violation of the MS Live CB Privacy policy so that was my basis for collecting damages. The magistrate agreed 100% and awarded me to my surprise 2x my asked damages for MS’ blatant disregard and violation of their own privacy policy . In  the end the whole case took less than 15 minutes due to the fact my case was basically made documents resubmitted before the  small claims case was called. Most of that time was the judge literally yelling at the MS lawyer ( at least I assume he was a lawyer) and his lack of preparation. In the end I ended up with a $4200 judgment which MS has 10 days to appeal but I heard yesterday afternoon I heard from the Wake county magistrate office MS agreed to paying no later than  a week from this Friday.

  50. Anonymous

    great story Stefan. Its nice to win in court, especially against an attorney when you are not one.

  51. Anonymous

    Way to go Stefan, thanks for the great story and giving hope to the rest of us that are getting screwed out of some cashback.  It’s ridiculous that a corporate like Microsoft lets it get to court rather than fixing their system and being responsible with customer complaints.

  52. Anonymous

    MS has really been giving me the runaround with this too. This week makes my 60 days to clear and they still haven’t fixed $400 in transactions for me. Christmas is here and that isn’t a good thing. Why did they bother with a promotion like this if they weren’t going to make good on their promises? It was supposed to be incentive to try – and I would have continued to use it too – but all it has done was made Microsoft look bad in my eyes, and me hate If this is the kind of support we should expect out of them, why should we buy ANY M.S. products?

    What do you guys think about a  class action suit?

    How many people are there out there which Microsoft has denied?

  53. Anonymous

    I am in the "made a 20% cahsback purchase from Circuit city but received a email about only 5%" category.  Emailed them and the response was that this should be resolved by Dec 2. Its Dec 3rd and no resolution. Any one who gets this resolved please post it here, so atleast we will not be in a fix about returning what we bought.

  54. Anonymous

    I was one of the first lucky ones to get in on the HP 40% cashback on BF. Place my order, got a confirmation from HP, but no cashback email. It’s now Wednesday, 12/3, and still no email. I’ve sent several emails requesting an update, but nothing. I’m canceling my HP order this afternoon. I’m surprised HP is not pushing MS to get this resolved, since I would expect HP’s going to get a lot of return merchandise in the next few weeks. Nice work MS!

  55. Anonymous

    It is a totally unacceptable  level of customer support from Microsoft and Similar to another comment, I ordered from through a 20% link but only received 5% in my account. Numerous contact to support were not replied.

    It is absolutely unacceptable to not having a phone number for support. This will back fire. Microsoft try to use this blog to serve the ‘support’ purpose and it does not cut it!

  56. Anonymous

    Well Gang,

    You don’t really expect answers to your questions….do you…?  From Microsoft?  

    They don’t give a rat’s butt about any of us.

  57. Anonymous

    As has been said before in this thread, why doesn’t microsoft clearly state the criteria used to determine eligibility for instant cashback? Why doesn’t microsoft indicate prior to payment whether the purchase is eligible for instant cashback? This microsoft employee, Kok Waii Wong, triumphantly started this post and titled it "you asked for it…". I don’t think users asked for this kind of vodoo, secretive process.

  58. Anonymous

    i did purchase a TV from with 20% cashback program, but i just receive 5% instead 20% cashback which is NOT acceptable at all! sent couple email to cashback support and no responds. I don’t know why. i know many people have same sitatuation as me, and we just want the 20% cashback which we SHOULD get, NOT just 5%

  59. Anonymous

    i did purchase a TV from with 20% cashback program, but i just receive 5% instead 20% cashback which is NOT acceptable at all! sent couple email to cashback support and no responds. I don’t know why. i know many people have same sitatuation as me, and we just want the 20% cashback which we SHOULD get, NOT just 5%

  60. Anonymous

    This is like throwing us a bone.  If you really want to make this right, let us know before we commit whether we will get instant cashback, rather than forcing us to submit to the vagaries of eBay, PayPal and Microsoft rules.  At present, no one can be sure they will actually get the promised money, and you have been woefully inadequate at following up on consumer complaints.  You’ll get the traffic while the promotion is ongoing, but you are making lots of enemies with this promotion.

  61. Anonymous

    i purchased a TV from with 20% cashback program, but i just receive 5% instead 20% cashback  After sending couple email to cashback support and no responds. I would like to find out what happe, and i know many people have same case as me, and we just want the 20% cashback which we SHOULD get, NOT just 5%.

  62. Anonymous

    You sure instant cashback??? I didn’t see any instant cashback and i did buy it now on eBay yesterday.

  63. Anonymous

    what makes you a ‘eligible’ shopper that will receive INSTANT cash back? I made a few purchase and only receive the instant CB on 1.

  64. Anonymous

    I purchased rockband 2 from with 20% cashback program, but i just receive 5% instead 20% cashback which is NOT acceptable at all! I sent couple email to cashback support and no responds. I don’t know why. i know many people have same sitatuation as me, and we just want the 20% cashback which we SHOULD get, NOT just 5%

  65. Anonymous

    So I see Microsoft has quietly reduced the cashback now to 20%! Now what? 10% it’ll go? Please increase the cashback. Earlier it had reached 40%!

  66. Anonymous

    Heck I would be happy enough with 60 days as long as you pay the 20% Circuit City cashback that you promised but only delivered 5%.   I drove 40 miles to pick it up on Weds wait in a long line and then return home to find out that I was only credited 5%.  Emails sent only get an automated response of a promise of resolution within 3-5 days and now the time is up and I don’t even get a followup response?  

  67. Anonymous

    Still waiting for 20% cashback for my purchase on 11/25 from Circuit City.  Why is it taking so long to get this notification?

  68. Anonymous

    I am waiting for 20% cash back for my purchase on 11/26 from too. It showed 20% off when I was transfered to from However, I only got 5% cash back showing up in my cashback account on 11/28. What a hell! I emailed MS cashback customer service several times but only got automatical response. No live person is handling this till now!!!!

    I am telling my friends to be careful when using MS cashback because it is not reliable! Some fraud advertisements are floating around MS live search website and MS will not honor what it promised!

  69. Anonymous

    Woohoo! Good idea. A bit like the 40% HP cashback on BF.

    Most likely this is only a gimmick to boost traffic until those gimmicks finally turn off people enough to not bother checking live search again.

    Expectations: it’ll work like the HP cashback deal. If you try your luck a million times, maybe you’ll get picked for instant cashback. For the rest of us, it’ll be (no) business as usual and waiting 60 days to maybe get what we were promised…. after another week validation. Color me very skeptical on implementation considering the track record here.

  70. Anonymous

    I am also waiting for my 20% for my CircuitCity purchase. I only saw 5% in my account currently. I have the screen shot for the 20% cash back transfer. This is a fraud!!!!! I sent a couple of emails with this screen shot and got no answer yet except the autoreply. If I don’t get reply or see the 20% in a couple of days, I will probably file with BBB for fraudulent advertisement with the hard evidence of my screen shot!

  71. Anonymous

    I requested a check for over $600 months ago and not only have I never received it- no one answers my inquiries. I am fed up with the program. What kind of an operation are you running where you do not pay and have not support to assist? The only thing I can do is fill out another online form and wait for you to not answer again. I made these purchases based on your cashback offer in good faith. Evidently it was misplaced.

  72. Anonymous

    Everyone here who’s having a problem should file a complaint with the BBB that covers the state of Washington (Microsoft’s location).  I got my denied payment reinstated that way.  The more complaints that get filed, the better it will be for all of us.

  73. Anonymous

    Instant cashback is not user specific.

    My girlfriend bough an item and after payment she got the message stating she had earned cashback and it was in her PayPal account.  

    I then had her buy an item for me under her same eBay account. She paid with the same PayPal account and it says she was eligible for CB…meaning wait 60 days.

    In both cases where she received ICB the BIN was very low.  Only received $2 CB $4 in total.

    It can’t be specific to category either.  As the item she purchased for me(BIN was 170) was in the same cat. as one of the items that she received ICB for.

    Which leads me to believe that CB will only be instant, if, the price of the BIN is low.

    If you have received ICB of a high dollar amount please post.


  74. Anonymous

    I have made 8 purchases in the last week, 5 of them came through instantly and 3 are still pending.  I am just as clueless as to what is instant CB vs. the 60 day wait.  It seems to have nothing to do with price.  I have gotten back $200 instantly and have $6.50 pending, so go figure.  Has anyone else noticed the Ebay CB has gone from 30% on Monday to 15%  CB today?  I think this good deal may be dying.

  75. Anonymous

    What happened to the eBay cashback?  It looks like eBay has been removed from the store list.

  76. Anonymous

    I saw that too – no more eBay cashback, it looks like.  Where am I going to get my $500 gift cards for $400?

  77. Anonymous

    Well I got 2 items purchased with cashback. One has the 60 day wait and other was instant.  Now Ebay is off the program list.  All those Ebay sellers will need to drop the Buy Now prices-No cash backs.

  78. Anonymous

    Great program. I got 25% off from 3 purchases I made on ebay before and after black Friday. I can wait for 60 days. Much better than mail-in rebate programs. It was quite easy to setup.

    But I don’t see any cashbacks for ebay items anymore. Is this deal over?

  79. Anonymous

    Seems like e-bay is no longer on the cashback list.  Has it been dropped or is this something temporary.  I’ve asked ebay "help", and they seem to think that ebaby is still a part of this cashback program.  What is the real situtaiton??

  80. Anonymous

    I have noticed that the cashback program has been suspended over the past 2 days. Something similar happened a few weeks back — not sure why. I do know, however, that the % back does seem to vary from time to time.

    I did benefit from the instant cash back on a couple of occasions, but have had to wait 60 days for the most part.

    As an aside, I was completely appalled to read some of the comments on this site. The recent election results are no surprise when it’s clear that our country is full of self-entited idiots. If you don’t like this program, don’t use it. If you don’t know how to use it, you’ve got no one to blame but yourself for not researching the terms and conditions.

    I, for one, am grateful to Microsoft for giving me "free money" for no other reason than using their search engine. This will certainly help when I have to give up my hard-earned money so some self-entited lazy "victim" can sit on his porch all day, drink beer and collect welfare.

  81. Anonymous

    I for one love that Microsoft is offering cashback, if anyone can back up their funding it is them.  I just got a new reason to use Live search for shopping instead of Google.

  82. Anonymous

    I have been using MS Cash Back since July and have not had any problems.  $$$ appearing in my account as scheduled.  Keep it coming!

  83. Anonymous

    Dear Dan,

    Either you’re a total idiot or you work for MS.  For you to assume that everyone who’s been screwed over by MS (with respect to the cash back program) simply didn’t know how to use the program is absolutely ludicrous.  And since it takes (in most cases) at least 60 days before a user of the program is notified that there’s a problem, there’s nothing we can do at that point to "not use the program because we don’t like it" as you suggested.  Opinionated know-it-alls like you should learn to keep your mouths shut in order to hide your stupidity.

  84. Anonymous


    I’m a seller on ebay.. and I wrote down specific step-by-step instructions on how to avail of cashback when purchasing a item. 90% of customers still couldn’t figure out how to do it – then we proceeded to record a video.. and posted it. After that, we would still receive a few queries like ‘Are you going to give me cashback after i purchase?’ or ‘I just bought the item, my cashback is not showing up in paypal – give my money now or i will sue’

    I’ve made a few purchases myself, have received cashback from MS in 67 days (60 days waiting.. and 7 days for it to be posted to paypal) No problems here.

  85. Anonymous

    Here’s the deal, folks – if you’re on the receiving end of a technical problem (wrong rebate %, rebate not showing up, mistaken return claim, payment delayed/missing) then you’ve got a legitimate beef.  But keep in mind what’s causing the huge customer service delay – scammers who are purposefully abusing the system.  Hooking up with their buddies to "sell" merchandise to one another on ebay and "earn" rebates, creating 20 accounts to try to side-step the maximum rebate rules, buying 200 DVDs in violation of the no-resellers rules, etc., etc., etc.  If everyone could play fair, then all MS would have to worry about is getting the technology right – instead, they have to spend time and money on customer service agents, fraud inspectors, and the like to try to keep the program afloat for the good customers.  Everyone with legit cashback earnings will get paid, so if you’re not getting paid…ask yourself why not?  Perhaps you just got caught?  I got my $500 cashback with no problems at all.

  86. Anonymous

    So the Cashback percentage seems to keep decreasing.  i was browsing for items at 20%, Then 15%, now 8%.  Anyone have an idea if it just keeps decreasing?

  87. Anonymous

    Some luck at last!  I patiently followed up with HP and microsoft about my 40% cashback.  HP says contact Microsoft who didn’t respond to my three emails in 10 days.  This time I requested HP to contact microsoft directly while I am on phone.  With few call escalations to supervisors, this happened.  To my surprise, people are very friendly and supportive.  They took all the details apologized for the delays, put the cash back in my account within 3 hours.  They also called me back to personally tell me they fixed it.  This restores my confidence again in microsoft and HP.

  88. Anonymous

    I did not have any problems figuring out how to use the cashback…but I’m curious to know if they are going to increase the cashback (now at 8%) or if the fun is over!

  89. Anonymous

    Live cash back is nothing more than a fraud.  I order 3 laptops individually from a established trader for my family and myself.  We are using them right now, not resale.  Everything was in accordance with ToS and now live is saying that they will not honor my purchase and shutting down my account.  What ToS did I violate?  A class action lawsuit is coming.  You may get away with screwing a few hundred people but not thousands.

  90. Anonymous

    I would also like to know if there are plans to raise the percentage back up.

    While 8% is good, it’s not great!!

  91. Anonymous

    Reading some complaints from people calling MS – SCAMMERS and screaming BLOODY MURDER!!! is both amusing and sad to read.

    So let me get this straight…you’re mad for paying the already low cost of products sold on eBay and not receiving the %30 cashback you claim Microsoft owes you?

    It’s amusing to read how some of you assume that MS OWES you money. What exactly did you do for them?

    Oh…you went through their advertised eBay link?

    Oh…you support them by using hotmail? That must have cost you so much stress and anxiety…

    This is the only company I EVER seen that actually gives rebates for no gain of their own – in a very intuitive way.

    When I was building my last PC, I had over a thousand dollars I could have saved by mailing out all the rebates. With my experience, every rebate I ever sent either gets "lost" or mysteriously disappears before fulfillment with me having to wait 2-4 months.

    THAT to me is a scam…I’m talking here about companies that are actually offering rebates on THEIR OWN PRODUCTS and then not honoring them.

    Microsoft, has nothing really to gain with their rebate program. The products you buy are not THEIR products. The money you make is not EBAY’s money…This is all just them trying to give back to community and fans for using their system.

    I’ve been using this program since it started and got money as promised EVERYTIME.

    I got brand new PS3 with 4 games, 2 controllers, HDMI cables and blu-ray remote for $250 thanks to MS!

    This is a competing product to their X360 yet they still give free money just for using their search system.

    AGAIN, this is not Sony giving Microsoft money to give to me…this is their way of saying thanks…and you people actually have the nerve to complain?

    I got a top of the line consumer camcorder (sony SR12). On sony’s website listed at 1399. On ebay – brand new listed at $950. With MS Instant Cashback + 15% ebay coupon I bought it for $650.

    I got the new Sony T700 digital camera – $250. Since I know how to use the program, it was all instant cashback…

    I could tell there are some issues with this technology…Sometimes even though the ebay link shows up in, when you get to ebay the cashback service sometimes isnt activated. I’m sure some of you missed that…

    Also, they really need to find better ways to prevent scammers from milking this program dry.

    Giving %30 off for gift cards? Come on…are you serious?

    I actually saw some sellers selling $100 Home Depot and Target gift cards on ebay for $125 – stating…"Buy this gift card through and only pay $87.50"…

    MS will run out of money within months on sales like that!!! I know many other scams I’ve seen people run with this program as I used it since the beginning, but I don’t think anyone cares.

    Whether they bring it back to what it was or not, all I can say to Microsoft right now is Thank You! And you definitely gained a customer with me.

  92. Anonymous

    To Alex:

    Do you really think what you bought from eBay was an "already low cost"?

    I don’t think you know eBay very well. For example, the price for a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS lens on Amazon is around $1500, but on eBay, most of them were set to more than $1600. A buyer would expect to buy from eBay and get $200 cash back, so the total could be $1400, which is a better deal than buying from Amazon for $1500. However, Microsoft doesn’t like to pay so much, so they uses any excuse (like "resale") to deny the $200 cash back, usually after 60 days. So here’s the point: the buyer bought this lens for a much higher price on eBay, just because he/she believed Microsoft’s bullshit. Even worse, Microsoft doesn’t know what’s the problem with their poor system (multiple cash back, missing, wrong return, etc), just like their Vista (a piece of "shoot", you know).

    And more, Alex, don’t compare MSRP with the real market price, that will make you look stupid. If you don’t know how to find a real market price for a camcorder, I can show you.

    Seems like you never use any cash back services before. FatWallet, Ebates, Cashbaq, etc. Even live cash back was from Jellyfish, a cash back website in the past.

    You should really learn more about almost everything. And welcome to the Earth!

  93. Anonymous

    To Alex again,

    I can’t help LOL! You simply know NOTHING! LOL!

    MS pays you for FREE? Absolutely NOT! They just wanted to improve their live search (but still a piece of shoot as of today), so they attract you to make purchases, then get data (both for analysis and their report). You are used as an animal (your purchase interest & behavior will be recorded in their system)! Then you get paid, it’s just business.

    And, if MS doesn’t provide cash back, you might not buy anything. This is not good for economy. But we will, because we know there are more cash back providers over there. For example, a few days ago, Lenovo was offering 50% off, and was offering 10% cash back, so you could get 60% cash back (even more, because Cashbaq also provides refer bonus, which means if your friends buy something, you’ll get cash back as well! As I know a smart guy earned more than $2000 refer bonus just in that day!). And Cashbaq doesn’t limit purchase quality, and there isn’t any resale limit. The max cash back of live cash back for Lenovo was 10% too, but if you bought more then 1 or 2 computers, you will be considered as a "reseller", then you got nothing, and your account will be closed, all other cash back gone.

    You wanna "thank" Microsoft? You are very funny, that’s the only comment I could say.

  94. Anonymous

    Alex, I want to remind you again, that there is a thing called "associate market". If you don’t know what it is, just google it. Microsoft doesn’t pay by itself.

    If you don’t "google" it but "live" it, you might not get an answer. LOL!

  95. Anonymous

    The first of my cashback purchases reached the 60-day milestone the other day. Guess what? It still shows as pending. "You can request your cashback reward in -2 days" it says now. It was "0 days" on the 60th day, then "-1 days" (that’s NEGATIVE one days) yesterday and -2 days today.

    Does anyone know how I can request the cashback?

  96. Anonymous

    Well I cant help but LOL at your sad yet meaningless rants but I will entertain myself and explain to you simple facts.

    First on Ebay…

    I’ve been buying online probably since you were still learning your ABC’s.

    I buy from Amazon and many other popular sites just the same…It all depends on the deals.

    Ebay is by far one of the best sites to get a good deal. Obviously, it’s not always the case as you’ve pointed out (photo glass one marketplace sells for less than the other).

    You have to shop around if you’re looking for the best deal…

    I just bought the SR12 camcorder for $979 on ebay. Free Shipping, No Tax. This is BEFORE any cashback rebates from MS or ebay coupons that I used. After the instant cashback and the coupon – the camera ran me $679. Now find me ANY site that can sell this camera at this price (with any promo, cashback, etc)

    Obviously there’s a limit to how much you can save…You brought up a photo glass that costs thousands…Who in their right mind would give you 50% cashback for $2000 equipment? You’re joking right? They dont offer jack for any popular marketplaces…Try looking for amazon, ebay,, overstock, etc…I would be stunned you find any rebates > 1%.

    The only point I need to make on MS Cashback is a very simple one, so I’ll need you not to ADD on me and use all your strength to focus on the facts.

    I dont know what planet you’re living on but Ebay is the biggest Marketplace on planet Earth. Amazon is right up there because they do have their own superstore but their auctioning system is weak.

    Microsoft, for no (monetary) gain of their own, decided to offer 30% instant cashback for ALL purchases made on ebay.

    This means anything you buy on ebay (if you know how the system works), you can get INSTANT 30% rebate just for using their search system.

    Now, you keep pouting because you didnt always get the 30%. Since everything in your transaction is digital, the burden of proof is on YOU to prove you got screwed. And 99% of the time you’re gonna be SOL.

    This cashback requires NOTHING…no surveys, no contract, no commitment, no money, no service,  no fancy forms to fill out, no 20 letters to mail out. Worst case scenario, since you bought it online, you significantly paid less than at a store…Get over it.

    But I’ll make this even easier…If you still wanna tell me how much MSCB sucks, show me one other cashback site that offers 30% instant cashback on ANY major marketplace like ebay, amazon, etc and I’ll agree with you that I’m a noob :)

  97. Anonymous

    Sorry to know that you are so old, now I know why there is a knowledge gap between us – poor Alex.

    We started to use live cash back since day 1 (June 2008, 35% at that time, $250 cap, not $200 cap), and you are just a newbie who recently found this suck service. Instant cash back was just launched recently, and the service of live cash back still sucks.

    As I’ve said before, you could find cheaper price on eBay, but after June, the price went higher than market price – the sellers wanted to make more profit from live cash back. You bought that crappy camcorder just because it’s to crappy to buy, and there are more than enough crappy ones over there. For those really good products (the lens I bought was even much more expensive than your crappy camcorder, LOL), you will find a higher price than Amazon.

    Besides, live cash back contains two sub programs – one is the normal cash back, the other one is eBay cash back. They have different policies, since eBay cash back doesn’t limit resale, while normal cash back does. You don’t have any problem just because you only bought a crappy camcorder from eBay. If you bought 2 TVs using normal cash back (e.g., from CircuitCity) for your family, Microsoft will deny your cash back and say "you are a reseller because you bought 2 TVs, and we cannot honor your cash back". Don’t believe that? Just try, newbie.

    You just bought some crappy stuff and now you can’t help "thanking" Microsoft, or shall I say "begging"?

    You know nothing about cash back. None could give cash back for Amazon, because Amazon doesn’t allow anyone to do so. Actually my own website earns ref fees from Amazon, but I cannot provide cash back for my visitors – it’s not allowed by Amazon. You think you know cash back well? LOL, you definitely don’t have a website…

    Again, you are so funny Alex.

  98. Anonymous

    Alex, you even don’t know there is normal cash back other than eBay cash back. LOL! They are totally different programs! Try to use normal cash back to buy 2 or 3 laptops for your family, and after 60 days Microsoft will surprise you. Thank them at that time, not NOW. Maybe you are too old to understand what I’m talking about. LOL!

  99. Anonymous

    Unlike you (Funny Alex), when I’m buying a laptop I’m not looking for 50% off refurbished Circuit City deals…I’m looking for top of the line product.

    If you’re trying to save on top of the line products, you have to spend a lot of time shopping around…

    It’s pretty obvious you know nothing about buying on Ebay…maybe its ignorance, maybe its a personal problem.

    I already told you multiple times how much that camera (which is top of the line) costs in stores…When you show me someone else that sells it for under $700 then we can have an intelligent conversation, till then your rants are nothing more than an amusing way to pass my time :)

    Ebay is not focused on photo lenses or cameras…they sell everything on Ebay. From movie tickets to real estate. Obviously there’s a cap to savings…I can only imagine how much money MS is burning through giving ungrateful chimps like you savings.

    Obviously they get ebay and other sites to cover some of the cashback, but I can guarantee you that it’s not 30% LOL. More like 2-3%.

    I do know about their regular cashback, however I dont care about any other cashback other than Ebay cashback…No other cashback was ever offered at a rate like Ebay’s…

    Circuit City laptops? who cares…I dont know if you watch the news Circuit City is going under so anything you buy from them now you will most likely not be able to service through them.

    I think your real problem with MS is you got spoiled of the 35% they originally offered and now you wont settle for anything less than 100% off your fancy newbie photo lenses. Keep trying though…I give you 6/10 for effort.

  100. Anonymous

    Talking about top line products? You know nothing about deals, LOL! As I’ve told you, Lenovo was offering 50% off, plus 10% cash back from, just a few days ago, so I got 60% off on X series laptops. I didn’t need to worry about my cash back, since none of the other cash back providers suck as Microsoft does. If you don’t think ThinkPad is among the top line products or you’ve never heard about it, you are too old…

    You mentioned "refurbished" crappy just because you bought them before, but I always buy brand new items, from everywhere (eBay, Amazon, Newegg, Buy, Frys, ZipZoomfly, etc). I seldom buy from local stores (BB, CC, OD, OM, etc) or their online store, since the price is much higher and tax applies.

    Alex, try to buy some really top line products (obviously not your crappy camcorder)! For example, Canon 5D Mark II body, I know you can only get it for around $3000, but I’m able to buy a brand new one for only around $1000 from J&R, NOW. Don’t know why? Because you know NOTHING about deals! Microsoft made you so happy just by their suck cash back, while we (real deal hunters) know how to combine cash back, gift cards, coupons and rebates.

    When you can find a brand new 5D Mark II body for only $1000, you have the credit to talk then. But long way to go, newbie Alex.

    The problem I have is nothing about eBay cash back. I’ve told you that if you buy 2 or 3 laptops for your family but unfortunately used their regular cash back, they will definitely deny it, and the reason is "we consider you as a reseller".

    This will bring them a class lawsuit, I’m pretty sure.

    You feel so far so good just because you didn’t buy many items. If you buy top line products frequently just as we do, Microsoft will feel bad and let you know well about their cash back program even if you don’t break a single rule, then you will grow up and become a lawyer.

    Again, I was always talking about their excuses to deny those regular cash back, but you only see the money in you PayPal account. I guess it’s better for us (real deal hunters) to keep the real world out of your sight, hope this will make you happy. LOL again!

  101. Anonymous

    Is it over on ebay? or is the program still going on? I cant get it to show up in

  102. Anonymous

    I have keywoeds that show in but does not show up in ebay. At 25% off I’d like to buy a few more things.

  103. Anonymous

    what happened to the cash back for Ebay?? tried searching and nothing pops up?

  104. Anonymous

    Their head of live search has quit, and I guess their bullshit live cashback team would be cut also. That’s good for both MS and us.

  105. Anonymous

    Microsoft went overboard with Live Cashback, and now it can’t stand up to its legacy.

  106. Anonymous

    Oh, and as of right now eBay cashback is completely DEAD. Not 8% not 2%, nothing, nada, zip!


  107. Anonymous

    But the game is not over – Microsoft will definitely pay much more for the incoming class lawsuits, as a result of the "efforts" made by their live cashback team.

  108. Anonymous


    I also have been having problems with the Cashback program.  I have been waiting now for 5 months and still not received the Cashback.  Some how my account was deleted and their is no way to log into that account and click the Cashback icon so Microsoft can deposit the money into my Paypal account. I previously  added my PayPal account to my account.  I even have all the original emails sent me and the Ebay files that show as proof I used the Cashback program.  If anyone knows a telephone number I can call I would appreciate.  Thanks

  109. Anonymous

    Why this web site do not have other languages support?

  110. Anonymous

    Hey There Microsoft… Interesting promotion + I for one am just grateful for cashback.

    Will you be offering cashback on ebay again, ever?


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