Live Search Maps Update - 3D maps for Firefox, RSS collections, reviews and more!

Hi all,


This is no April Fool’s joke 😉  ;  the Live Search team has just released a dozen new enhancements for its Live Search Maps service available at!


Firefox users now have their own plug-in to use 3-D! Customers complained; we listened. Zooming around the virtual landscape is not just for Internet Explorer Users any more; users of Firefox 1.5 or later can click on the 3D button at and will be prompted to download and install the plug-in.


Get updates to your favorite collections via RSS! Say you’ve got one friend who is the designated “foodie” of your gang, who keeps you up to date on the latest places to eat around the city.  Before, you had to go to back the specific link that friend sent you, to get information about their updates. Now you can just subscribe via RSS and be notified on your desktop of the latest places to chow. And with new cities being added to the Live Maps site, you have even more locations to choose from!


See new ratings and reviews for businesses!  On detail pages for each business, you can now browse or input your own ratings and reviews for that business. Some businesses may have additional reviews from and Sign in to your Windows Live ID and contribute your own review of any business by clicking the ‘Write Review’ button.



Find out more on the Live Search Maps team blog post! 


Betsy Aoki, Live Search


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