CARFAX Buys Smart with Bing Maps

CARFAXCARFAX recently added Bing Maps to their online application to so carbuyers know where the dealership that’s selling a specific vehicle is located. For those who don’t know, CARFAX provides information about used cars in an easy-to-read report. They have more than 7 billion records in their database!. Now, as part of their “SmartBuyer Checklist” users can visualize the location of the car they’re researching or a possible visit to the dealership and test drive. The application uses a static map from the Bing Maps APIs and plugs it into their application. For additional navigation, search and driving directions the site links off the Bing Maps (.com) web site with the respective address populated into the destination field for driving directions. How did they do that? Well, they used the Bing Maps (.com) custom URL which is essentially a list of parameters that can be passed into the domain to present users with additional information.