Bing Maps Imagery Release, November 2009

A bit of an early surprise for my friends who are at Tech Ed Europe 2009 with me. In this special drop of imagery for Bing Maps we focus on, guess where…Europe! And, mostly Eastern Europe. Yesterday, while at Tech Ed Europe, I met with journalists from Norway, UK, Czech Republic, Spain, Croatia, Russia and Austria and most of them asked when we’ll have better imagery / photography in their respective countries. Well, at least I can make a few of them happy. Below, you’ll find the information for this release…all 178,720 square kilometers of it.

And, as always, check out the full details on the Bing Maps web site.

  • Bulgaria (1,225 sq. km)
  • Czech Republic (10,808 sq. km)
  • Estonia (1,418 sq. km)
  • Hungary (23,840 sq. km)
  • Latvia (12,763 sq. km)
  • Lithuania (9,681 sq. km)
  • Poland (24,912 sq. km)
  • Romania (24,435 sq. km)
  • Russian Federation (15,636 sq. km)
  • Slovakia (2,018 sq. km)
  • Slovenia (314 sq. km)
  • Switzerland (6,227 sq. km)
  • Turkey (45,443 sq. km)