Recap: Bing Maps at //Build/ 2015

First off we would like to say thanks to those who attended the Bing Maps sessions during //Build/ 2015 in person or online. We would also like to say thanks to those who came by the Bing booth and to ask us questions or to just try out the our new 3D maps on a Microsoft Perceptive Pixel device (large touch screen, predecessor of the Surface Hub).


Bing Maps made its way into lot of presentation at //Build/. In this blog post we want to highlight the two presentations that were delivered by the Bing Maps team and provide links to the demos and resources that were referenced in these sessions.

Leveraging Maps and Location Across Phone, Tablet, and PC in Your Windows Apps

Speakers: Mike Ammerlaan, Rohan Thakkar

Video recording and slides:

In this presentation Mike and Rohan introduced the world to the new map control that is built into Windows 10. With this single map control you can create Universal Windows apps that target phone, tablets and PC’s. In addition to this the maps provide immersive 3D cities, offline road maps, and StreetSide imagery. This map control is built into the Windows 10 SDK.

Useful Resources:


Visualizing Business Data on any Device with Bing Maps

Speakers: Ricky Brundritt

Video recording and slides:

In this presentation Ricky started off by showing some tools that can be used to easily visualize business data on Bing Maps without having to write any code, such as the mapping tools in Microsoft Power BI. Next we he showed various common techniques used for visualizing business data of all shapes and sizes. From there he dove into different method for integrating Bing Maps into cross platforms apps and demoed how easily it can be done using the Apache Cordova tools in Visual Studio 2015.

Useful Resources:

Additional Sessions

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post there were a number of other sessions that mentioned Bing Maps. Here are a few we recommend checking out:

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