Three New Bing Maps Web Modules

By Ricky Brundritt, EMEA Bing Maps Technology Solution Professional

In September of 2011 we started the Bing Maps Samples Project. The purpose of this project was to create a centralized location where developers could find and share useful modules that expand the functionality of the Bing Maps Web SDK. Since the start of the project, we’ve had 12 modules submitted and a handful of new modules currently in development. It’s safe to say that this project is absolutely worth looking into.

Today I would like to highlight the "drag" related samples that were added to the project:

Drag samples

Bing Maps Samples ( include:

Bing Maps Dragging sample   Get Dragged Route Waypoints This sample shows how to use the directions managers getAllWaypoints function to retrieve all the waypoints used to generate a route
bmv8-geojson-la-1.jpg   GeoJSON Drag & Drop This code examples shows how to enable drag and drop a local GeoJSON file onto a map.
screenshot-3.jpg   Draggable Pushpin This sample shows three pushpins. The green pushpin is draggable and has events attached to it.

Draggable Shape & Toolbox Samples

screenshot-1-(1).jpg   Draggable Shapes This sample shows how to drag a shape by pixels or geo..
Bing Maps Fully Custom Drawing Toolbar   Fully Custom Drawing Toolbar Create your own fully custom drawing toolbar and controls.

Find all of these and more at along with the link to the GITHUB Repository where the full source for all of the samples can be found.