Subaru Canada and Virtual Earth

imageSubaru Canada just launched their new dealer locator and it’s pretty great white north! Their new dealer locator features a Microsoft Virtual Earth map with Subaru branded icons for highlighting their dealerships. Check out the slick navigation bar, eh?


Opaque grey with all the controls needed to navigate the map and change map styles, they even kept aerial view! The cluster of pins represents the locations I searched for (British Columbia, below). For each pushpin that represents a dealer, the left menu has contact information, a small button for driving directions and a link to the dealer page. The dealer page has detailed information about the dealer and the models available.


For each search result you get a list of nearby locations around what the center of your entry point (up to 300KM). There’s a nifty experience here. As you scroll the result list, the map will re-center on that location so you can see where it is. Kind of jarring at first, but after playing with it, I like it! Also, my favorite feature is included navigating in the map, updates the results. It’s just a must have. All in all, a great dealer locator site coming from our partner to "The North".