eHarmony Locates Love with Bing Maps

‘Tis the season to find romance at one of the top relationship sites on the web today. eHarmony is now using Bing Maps to help you determine how far you’d be willing to travel to meet the highly compatible people they match to you.  When you choose your distance settings on eHarmony you can see how wide a radius that distance covers. Hey, if you’re tired of long distance relationships, or if you’d rather meet someone who lives further away, this is a great way to ensure you’ll be matched with people who are within the distance you’d prefer to travel!

eHarmony Vice President, North American Singles, Bob Holden, described it to me this way, “Distance is an important setting because it can limit your experience if it’s set too tightly or it can match you with people who live further away than you may be willing to go. We wanted to give our customers better visibility into what this setting was actually doing – so the map helps by drawing a radius around the area in which users will receive their matches.

Nice. Now, I KNOW all my single, geospatial peeps out there looking for some companionship will love this. And, hey, if you’re both commenting on my blog post well maybe I get to play Cupid! So, go find yourself someone nice…and potentially within driving distance.