Announcing the Integration of Bing Maps for Enterprise and a Special Offer for Esri Customers

We are excited to announce that Bing Maps for Enterprise is coming to Esri platform in the coming months. And to celebrate this, we will be providing Esri customers with a special, limited time offer of 180 days of free usage and up to 250,000 transactions using Bing Maps for Enterprise. With Bing Maps integrated into Esri platform, customers will be able to experience and enjoy the many benefits of Bing Maps services, which initially includes Base Map, Geocoding and Routing. 

With stunning imagery, world-class maps, reliable services and around-the-clock support, Bing Maps platform provides a beautiful backdrop for customers to build inspiring solutions. Integration with Microsoft’s comprehensive developer tools such as Visual Studio and other products and services such as Windows, Azure and Office allows for rapid development and deployment. In addition, we are working on making more exciting features available to Esri customers such as elevation data.

For more information on the Bing Maps platform and to watch for updates regarding this offer, visit


-The Bing Maps team



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