Bing Maps Now a Component on to Help Protect and Empower Refugees

This week, a Bing Maps mash-up developed by ShootHill was launched on to show geographical information on refugees, refugee assistance offices, and refugee-related stories from around the globe. Since 1950, “UNHCR has protected refugees and other uprooted and stateless people worldwide by: ensuring their basic human rights; providing life-saving aid such as shelter, health, water, education, and other assistance; ensuring their protection through registration, prevention of sexual and gender-based violence, family reunification, and other programs; improving access to education and livelihoods; and helping them find solutions to their plight through voluntary repatriation to their homeland, or integration into countries of asylum.” Microsoft also has a strong relationship with the agency.

Shoothill’s blog described how they used the Bing Maps platform and Silverlight technology to create a strong mapping element highlighting country-specific refugee information. A coloured heatmap allows users to clearly see the locations of each camp, internally displaced people, returnees and asylum seekers, as well as UNHCR office locations. “We’re really pleased to have been approached by an organisation engaged with such vital work,” says Rod Plummer, Managing Director of Shoothill.

Also, a few week ago we blogged about an interactive timemap about the Battle of Britain that was built by Shoothill. This application recently was featured on BBC. Excellent work Shoothill!


Brian Hendricks
Bing Maps Product Manager

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