’s Mobile Efforts with Bing Maps

For the past years, I’ve worked closely with Yellow Pages (owned by AT&T Interactive) getting Bing Maps onto their Yellow web site; however, they’ve also been working on some mobile applications that use Bing Maps. You can see the applications from your mobile browser at I was able to commandeer a video from them that illustrates all of the offerings from the mobile side of the house. Sorry, it’s a You Tube video. :-/

The Yellow Pages mobile site includes several features from Bing Maps – road maps, layering pushpins on the maps, aerial photos, traffic information and driving directions. Now, I just traded in my T-Mobile Dash for something else, but I will tell you that a site like this was critical to my WAP browsing experience. For those of you who rely on WAP, you will thank the AT&T Interactive for this. Super light weight, super simplistic – exactly what you’d be looking for when you’re using a WAP site for browsing for locations near you in real time.

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