Update: 48 States in an '84 Scirocco Guy Stops at Microsoft

imageTim McConnell (see 48 States in an ’84 Scirocco post) made his cameo appearance agreeing to swing north to Redmond after hitting Olympia, Washington. As you may recall, Tim is hitting all 48 US capitals in his ’84 Volkswagen Scirocco and blogging about it the whole way while using Street’s and Trips to navigate. He even posted about his lunch meeting with us – Visiting Microsoft Streets & Trips team.

Well, we found out quite a bit about his trip including the best state capital building thus far (Des Moines, Iowa), cheapest gas (Oklahoma City), and longest stretch of billboard advertising for a single place of interest (“The Thing” in Arizona – 250 miles of enticing billboards). Tim was even nice enough to give me a ride in the Scirocco which is stripped down on the inside with all kinds of custom electrical gear and stuff, but we won’t talk about that.

We found he was running S&T 2008 on his laptop, but his hard drive crashed and he didn’t have an install so he fell back to S&T 2007. Not acceptable. We hooked him up with a bunch of Streets and Trips 2009 evaluation DVDs and a brand spanking new copy of MapPoint 2009 fresh in the box. Plus, we got him some magnetic stickers to put on his car so everyone knows his navigation is powered by Microsoft Streets and Trips with GPS. 31 capitals down, 17 to go. Good luck, Tim!


























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