Gaurav Sareen: Development Manager for the Bing Search Platforms team

Gaurav Sareen is the Development Manager for the Search Platforms team. The mission of the Search Platforms team is to “accelerate the Bing team,” providing a platform for building the best in class search and directly focusing on the challenges around scale, performance, reliability and cost. Gaurav and his team works with all other teams in Bing, to provide the foundation for all the relevance and feature work.  


Prior to joining Microsoft, Gaurav was part of four unsuccessful startups, working in the areas of security, telecom billing and systems optimization. He began his tenure of over 10 years at Microsoft as an SDE/T in 2001. Soon after, Gaurav decided to go back to his developer roots and joined the fledgling web search team. As an Individual Contributor, he designed and implemented the core index, as well as participated deeply on the design of other parts of the search engine. He led the index serve team as the dev lead during the launch of the first version of our search engine in 2005. After the launch, Gaurav started the Search Platforms team as the development manager and has been in the current role since, as the platform has gained both in depth and coverage. Gaurav holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.


Gaurav is married and a proud father of a two year-old son. Outside of time at work and family, he likes to read and watch movies. Recently he has been trying to pick up Yoga, and diversify reading beyond philosophy and technology.


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