Meet Eric MSN Principle SDE Lead by Amanda M

My last blog post was about resume tips for developers.  Since I am a technical recruiter, I spend a lot of my time talking with candidates, hiring managers and reviewing resumes.  As a recruiter at Microsoft, you juggle the precarious task of candidate experience, hiring manager experience, diversity and inclusion and striving to find the right talent.  We are serious about all areas.  So what better way to enhance the candidate and hiring manager experience than sharing with you a story about one of my hiring managers?  I spoke with Eric Askilsrud about his experience at Microsoft.  My goal was to share his story and let the world know why his team is a destination spot for the best talent we can find. 

Eric is a Principle SDE Lead for the MSN Core Platform team.  His team focuses on the rendering tier of the MSN Homepage and he’s tasked with scaling the ASP.NET MVC model.  At Microsoft, our mission is to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential.  What does that mean to Eric and his team?  MSN is Microsoft’s portal that offers, MSNBC News, sports, MSN Money, games, videos, entertainment, celebrity gossip, weather shopping and more great content, as well as featuring Bing Search.  His team focuses on getting closer to users.


Eric’s career with Microsoft began right out of college.  When reflecting on what he thought about Microsoft prior to joining, he said he felt Microsoft had some really cool products, but he was a reluctant user…..obviously that has changed.  He originally joined Microsoft in Windows during the excitement surrounding Windows 95.  Like most softies, his career has taken him to new teams with new opportunities to learn.  Why join Eric’s team?  His team is developer focused and they get the unique opportunity to work closely with customers.  When talking with hiring managers in MSN, there is a lot of enthusiasm about MSN customers, and Eric feels his team embodies this spirit.  You can view Eric’s job here.   Eric and I are looking….we are looking…for talented developers who have passion for customers.  Help me spread the message.