Three Career Quick Picks from the Seattle Seahawks


If you’re like me you just watched Monday Night Football and now you’re watching SportsCenter or the evening news. I am long overdue with this blog post. Since Russell Wilson became starting QB for the Seattle Seahawks, I have blogged about his performance each year.  As this young man develops, matures, and gains experience it is evident that he is surrounded by the best staff, coaches, and teammates which allows him to excel in an exponential way. Watching Russell play either in person at CenturyLink or on television, I always walk away with insights for my own life – especially my work life.


10X, Quarterback 2.0, Wonder Kid – Call it what you want. I believe that Russell never stepped onto the field to be exactly like the QB’s before him – he made a conscious decision to not be bound by the culture of QB’s before him. It is clear that he redefined the role and never let social norms (in terms of being a QB) rule the way he thinks, plays, or puts himself out there.  Russell has the unique ability to partner with any person on the field to score resulting in some pretty sensational plays – the kind of plays and 10X thinking that make you stand up and cheer in a dumbfounded way.  Every day you go to work, you have the ability to redefine yourself as a Software Developer 2.0 or 10X Parent. What can you do that may be a little outside of the norm that would change your life, change your work, or change your level of happiness in a measurable way?


Team Player – This can get buried easily since football is a team sport. However in this role, Russell and the coaching staff have found ways to utilize every player.  The number of eligible receivers in a game and how each how every player is utilized brings a new definition of versatile.  Punters make first downs, Quarterbacks rush for 122 yards, and kickers block (last season).  Are you limiting yourself to just one role or have you scoped your own job so much that you are creating invisible boxes, rules, or procedures? 


Attitude through adversity – Russell and team faced such adversity today with penalties, hard hits, and emotion having had three touchdowns turned back.  It is so easy to lose your cool, get spooked, or get derailed by setbacks at work.  I think I have personally learned to take a cue from Mr. Wilson and team by staying calm, very calm – understanding what is expected next and how to complete and execute ultimately getting the job done.  Their attitude demands respect.  In some cases roadblocks happen in threes as we saw tonight however you can win through clear headed perseverance. 


Impressed to say the least – examples and motivators for sure. #GoHawks #BingHawks #Dangeruss