Bing Coding Challenge Round 2!

Developers – It’s round two of Bing’s Coding Challenge! This time we have three opportunities to showcase your technical skills through three original coding challenges. Choose carefully as you can only submit one entry!

  1. Microsoft News Experience Coding Challenge
  2. The Bing Apps Coding Challenge
  3. The Bing Phone Apps Coding Challenge

Start marinating over the challenges and when complete, submit your entry or entries to no later than 5:59pm PST, December 13, 2013. Please see official rules on how to submit your entry, prizes, and eligibility.

Submission – submit your answer by email to with a subject line of: Microsoft Coding Challenge. Entries close at 5:59 p.m. PT on December 13th, 2013

Grand Prize: A meeting with Microsoft employees and personnel in Redmond, WA, to answer questions about your background, career, expectations, aspirations and employability. Winner will receive the standard Microsoft recruiting travel package including

1) Round trip coach airfare from major airport closest to winner’s home to Seattle, WA

2) Two night’s standard hotel accommodations

3) Rental car for duration of stay

4) The opportunity to meet with Microsoft recruiting staff

5) $75 per day meal allowance

Microsoft News Experience Coding Challenge:

Assume that millions of news feeds, from thousands of news partner’s worldwide, are processed every day. This includes RSS feeds as well. Most news feeds do not follow any one (or two) schema so the first hurdle in processing these feeds (one at a time) and convert them to an internal canonical format. Next, one needs to verify that mandatory fields exists and for feeds with well-known schema (some partners well-known schema), the values are correct (or in range). Once the validation is complete, the meta-data about the news story (e.g. Source, Dateline, Headline, keywords etc.) is kept in a database whereas the story itself is kept in an XML format in a (distributed) file store. At this time, news index is also updated with this processed news story.

On the consumption (of news) side, the news is rendered via sites/pages, Bing Apps on Windows and Phone. These applications make a REST-based call to the backend services to fetch a specific news story (by ID) or search by a given page grouping (e.g. entertainment entity in Thailand showing headlines with an image). The editorial team curates the experience by attaching a set of news story (e.g. by using keywords) for a specific market (e.g. French Canada) to a specific Bing App (or site) visible entity.


Keep in mind that the experiences (Windows 8 Apps, Windows Phone Apps, sites) have to work for hundreds of millions of users consuming news in over 100+ languages in 200+ countries and regions. Similarly, news feeds could contain news in any of these languages and meant for all regions or a particular region. The experiences need to rendered in sub-seconds.

As part of this coding challenge, you are invited to design any or all parts of the end-to-end data-flow/experience, and write code for a specific component or app. For example, you could submit a Windows 8 app mimicking the UX of Bing News App OR a web app displaying news for a given market (e.g. Israel) OR a Windows Phone App OR a newsfeed ingestion pipeline. You are also welcome to submit code for application or backend services built on non-windows/non-Microsoft platforms, if that is your current expertise.

This challenge is open to industry veterans to seniors in a college and to candidates around the world.

The Bing Apps Coding Challenge:

First head over to Microsoft Channel 9 site and learn how to build Windows 8 Application using WinJS or C#. Next find a Windows 8 machine and run Bing News Application.


Build your application to mimic the user experience of Bing News Application especially in the following area:

  • Have the default news come from
  1. A RSS feed (e.g. New York Times). User can override the default by providing a new RSS feed source OR,
  2. A RESTful backend service which provides the news stories.
  • From navigation point of view, implement (minimum)
  1. “Top Edgy” which comes up upon right click near top of the application (or touch near the top on Surface devices)

(Add picture of Top Edgy)

  1. “Bottom Edgy” which comes up upon right click near bottom of the application (or touch near the bottom of a Surface Device)
  2. User is able to swipe right to left to read pages of the articles
  3. User is able to go different sections of the news by clicking on a Table of Content (or via Top Edgy)
  4. User is able to mark an article to be saved on local disk to be read during offline mode.
  5. On a normal network setting (11Mbps on 802.11b ), the app launches in 2 seconds and each news page renders in 1seconds or less


Considerations and constraints

Here are some aspects to consider:

  1. Locally cached articles can be rendered on launch but app must fetch new updates and refresh the pages. Look at Bing News App behavior as template.
  2. The App must run on Windows 8 system, Surface will be ideal.


1) Design of the application. Be explicit about the assumptions you make.

2) The Application Code

3) Performance (Time to render) measured using Stop Watch, ETW will be ideal


Stretch goal (bonus points)

  • Implement Handling multiple news sources
  • App follows Windows 8 guidelines for Snapped View
  • Enable Semantic Zooming


The Bing Phone Apps Coding Challenge:

First head over to Microsoft Channel 9 site and learn how to build Windows Phone Application. Next find a Windows system which is supported by Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Phone and start building the News Application. For UX, either download Bing Phone News App for Windows Phone or get schematic at this blog.


1) Design of the application. Be explicit about the assumptions you make.

2) The Application Code

3) Performance (Time to render) measured using Stop Watch, ETW will be ideal.

The MSN Web App Coding Challenge:

For building your Web site/App, you can leverage Microsoft platforms (e.g. ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft Azure) or non-Microsoft platforms (e.g. Apache).

For engineers familiar with Windows platform, first head over to learn about MVC platform. Then, create a RESTful service around a real RSS feed or a local file – to get news story for your web site. Then, build the Web UX mimicking a news site for your (or nearest) region e.g. US Site.


1) Design of the application. Be explicit about the assumptions you make.

2) The Application Code

3) Performance (Time to render) measured using Performance Counters.

Stretch Goals (Bonus Point):

  • Design the application such that the same code can be leveraged to render local (to a region) news story around the world
  • Design the application such that editorial team can add news clusters after the application is live in data center
  • How would you design the system for ensure high availability (e.g. 99.9%)? What design change would you need to make to get to next level (e.g. 99.99% or 99.9999%)?
  • Design points around scale. What would change if you have 100 times more feeds? 100 times more stores? 100 times more users

The Bing News Processing Service Coding Challenge:

For engineers fascinated with building massively scale-able systems like news ingestion pipelines (or indexing systems), design the backend system. Remember that data is consumed (via RESTful APIs) around the world (where the users are). Clarify the assumptions you are making as part of the design and then code up one portion of the design and submit both the design and code. You are welcome to assume all services running on physical machines or Cloud-based systems (e.g. Windows Azure, Amazon AWS, or Google Cloud). For building the code, you can leverage Microsoft .Net or Java or any other stack that you are most versatile in.


1) Design of some or whole pipeline. Be explicit about the assumptions you make.

2) The Service Code

3) Performance (e.g. # of ingested feeds per second per system, # of news story indexed per second) measured.

4) Design points around scale. What would change if you have 100 times more feeds? 100 times more stores? 100 times more users


Stretch Goals (Bonus Points):

  • Design an end-to-end monitoring solution which tells in real-time if ingestion pipeline is working correctly
  • Design a dashboard which shows data flowing end-to-end in this (distributed) ingestion pipeline
  • Design an indexing solution which can handle hundreds of millions of news story coming in every day from around the world.









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Grand Prize:  A meeting with Microsoft employees and personnel in Redmond, WA, to answer questions about your background, career, expectations, aspirations and employability. Winner will receive the standard Microsoft recruiting travel package including Round trip coach airfare from major airport closest to winner’s home to Seattle, WA

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