Yes! We're hiring! By Matt

A recent visitor to my LinkedIn page asked me if Microsoft was really hiring at the moment or if we were just collecting resumes for future roles.


I responded YES we are hiring! We here in the Bing Staffing groups are very active and have a ton of roles to fill! The success of the Bing launch has been tremendous and our software engineers, program managers and test engineers are hard at work adding features and improving the experience.


The big challenge for the teams I work on is how do we take advantage of all the new eyeballs on Bing and translate that into revenue. The big focus for the Microsoft Advertising organization is adding development resources to help us scale up our Ad Platform to handle the increased traffic, as well as making sure the right ad gets to the right person at the right time.


To this end we have a lot of opportunities working on various stages of the Advertising workflow. There’s a need for database developers to help build next generation data processing and billing technologies. There’s a need on the API team to help build a platform allowing advertising agencies to manage their advertising campaigns. In addition, we’re also on the hunt for people interested in working at the heart of online monetization, focused on developing large scale systems for quantitative analytics.


Given the global reach of internet advertising, having experience with highly scalable online systems is a huge benefit to anyone joining our team. While previous Adverting expertise would be a plus, the scale challenge associate with growing our search market share is more of a pressing need than domain specific development.


If these sound like the kind of problems you either have been or are interested in solving, take a look at our jobs page and help us build the Decision industry!