Referendum 71 and the Search Wars by Jenna

In the battle for Search market share, a small war was being waged over at local newspaper “The Stranger” when local  columnist David Schmader reported that due to Microsoft’s 100K donation to approve Washington’s Referendum 71, he was switching from Search giant Google to rival Bing. And as a continuing show of support for the largest single donation to the Ref. 71 cause, other readers backed the grassroots movement and also announced their switch from Google to Bing. 


It’s difficult to say if this move had any bearing on the fact that today Google raised its hand in a show of support (although its fair to note that Google didn’t open it’s wallet).  Google has now joined the other companies who have already shown support: Boeing, Nike, Inc., Puget Sound Energy, RealNetworks, and Vulcan Inc.


I used Bing before the donation announcement, but would have been one of the ones to make the switch. Few things make me as proud as bravery and the desire to do the right thing and make a stand.  Good Work.