Qi Lu Visits Stanford and Berkeley by Jenna

With all the stir this week about the Bing/Facebook/Twitter announcement at Web 2.0, most people don’t know that Qi Lu (President of the Online Services Group) also spent his time in the Bay Area meeting with students from Berkeley and Stanford.

Qi chatted with a group of about 150 students, and then headed to dinner with many of them. You might think that in a company of this size that Qi doesn’t spend time on the little stuff, but in fact he is one of the most down to earth approachable execs I have ever met at the company.

A few bloggers “in the know” have commented about it : http://www.bayjinger.com/2009/10/20/career-advice-from-qi-lu-president-of-microsoft-online-services/

Qi spoke about his background and experiences that led him to Microsoft, about the different business divisions here, and about the Online Services Division.  He really focused on People, Opportunity, and Impact, was not a technical talk by any means, but more a very honest conversation about his experiences, lessons learned, and about the opportunities for the future.