Meet Robb Anderson - UX Designer for Bing

 I joined Microsoft over 11 years ago – and have been in love with the company and the products we create ever since, especially my current team here at Bing!

I wrapped up design school quite a few years ago, and afterwards bounced around at some local design agencies and worked in a range of design mediums from print and branding to interaction. I ended up contracting here at Microsoft where I worked on User Experience for online games, back when online was considered a new platform and online multi-player gaming was uncharted territory. Once I got a small taste of the potential here at Microsoft I was hooked – where else in the world would I be able to help shape the future of how people interact with software on such a broad and impactful scale? I loved the idea of being able to design the experience of consumer products that everyone uses, especially over a longer lifespan than just a single release or client review.

One of the great assets that we lean on constantly here at Bing is the immense level of desire, passion, and drive from every member on the team to get our experience right for our users. From gathering data in user studies by working closely with our user research team, to collecting data on how our product is being used real time the real world – we’re constantly collecting information, synthesizing concepts based on what we’ve retrieved, and then working extra hard to build what we’ve learned into the Bing User Experience. What we are making is an experience based on more than just one person’s personal preference, or a single client’s expectations – it’s a dynamic, active and living entity that is truly transformed by the people that are using it.

The potential here at Bing is huge – and the opportunities still as exciting as when I joined years ago. I get to help evolve and improve the way that people search and explore their worlds – with their help. J

-Robb Anderson